Sad News: Doritos Creator Dead at 97


Doritos are to be sprinkled over the grave of their creator during a graveside service later this week.
Arch West, of Dallas, is credited with creating the iconic snack chip after a family trip to San Diego in 1961.
According to West’s daughter, Jana Hacker of Allen, her father was a Frito-Lay marketing executive when he pitched the idea for Doritos after seeing fried tortilla chips in San Diego.
Hacker said the pitch received only a lukewarm response, but that market research supporting West’s hunch eventually put the chips on store shelves.
West died last Tuesday at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. He was 97.
A graveside service is planned for 10:30 a.m. Oct. 1 at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.
Hacker told The Dallas Morning News that before putting dirt over her father’s urn, they planned to toss in a few Doritos.

Yes, this is sad news for all of us sports fans out there, especially those of us who tailgate at the stadiums of America, and cannot watch a football game at home without firing up the grill, popping open a cold one, then flopping down on the couch with a big bag of Doritos and a huge bowl of our favorite dip.
Thank you, Mr. West, for being the kind of person that helped make this country a great place to live. And to think you did so without any help from the government.
In fact, in todays America, I’m not sure he would have even been allowed to manufacture or sell Doritos, as the food police would probably send a SWAT team after him.
No joke.

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8 years ago

Thank you, Arch –
I’m glad you’re going to have some Doritos to take on your trip. Dad didn’t like Doritos, but he loved fishing, so we buried him with one of his rods so he’d be ready to go.
You have given me great happiness through the years, as I loaded my Doritos with Pace thick hot sauce and munched away. Even the dogs liked them. I can’t use football as an excuse. I don’t watch it. I never knew your name until now.

8 years ago

I had Doritos at lunch today…and yesterday during football. Always a staple! Glad he lived a long life 🙂

8 years ago

RIP Mr. West.
Lesson Learned: Innovation and Government Are Mutually Exclusive

8 years ago… love me some Doritos! 😉 One of THE best snack chips EV-ER…My hat is off to you Mr. West, may you RIP …..