Sacramento gets a ‘D-plus’ in small business survey, and it’s an improvement

You get the best thing on earth when you consistently vote democrat.
lauren bacall
Sacramento Bee: Sacramento earned a “D-plus” grade in an annual survey measuring small-business friendliness among cities nationwide, an improvement from the three previous years, when Sacramento received an “F” grade.
In a report released Tuesday, Sacramento ranked 85th among 95 U.S. cities, according to San Francisco-based Thumbtack, an online marketplace to help consumers hire professionals for special projects.
This year, Sacramento received failing grades in seven of 10 categories, including employment, regulations and health/safety. Sacramento’s top grade was “C” in the training/networking programs category.
“Sacramento small businesses tell us the regulatory environment is one of the worst in the country and needs to improve if the city wants to be a great place to start and run a small service business,” said Jon Lieber, chief economist of Thumbtack.
As it did last year, California received an “F” grade in 2015. The survey ranked the top five most business-friendly states as Texas, New Hampshire, Utah, Louisiana and Colorado, respectively.
Thumbtack’s results were based on interviews with nearly 18,000 small-businesses owners nationwide, including 209 in Sacramento.

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I am thinking Bacall is delusional. Welcomes all, has she not seen the treatment of Conservatives? They give more, never has there been such a stingy group of people walking the earth.
No small minds, of course, as long as you have the same thoughts and beliefs and liberals.
Why these towns keep allowing for small business attacks is beyond me. They accomplish nothing but shooting themselves in the foot. Killing jobs and tax bases.


Yup, reminds me of Phil Ochs’ song “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” (updated here by Evan Greer):


Why city leaders don’t view our consistent low rankings a problem is one of the cities great mysteries .