S1867's Bad vs. Good Senators

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Last Thursday, December 1, 2011, by an overwhelming majority and bipartisan vote of 93 vs. 7, the U.S. Senate passed S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
In so doing, the Senate gives authority to the President to have the military arrest and detain U.S. citizens deemed to be enemy combatants (called “covered persons” in Sec. 1031 of S.1867) without charge or trial.
In so doing, the Senate also legalizes sodomy and bestiality in the U.S. military, by repealing the Uniform Code of Military Justice’s Art. 125 (see S1867’s Sec. 551(d)).

These are the senators who are mainly responsible for S1867:

1. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Michigan), who is the sponsor of S. 1867 and the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The committee had approved and recommended S. 1867 to the rest of the Senate.
2. Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), who is the minority leader of the Armed Services Committee.
3. The other members of the Armed Services Committee:

  • Democrats:

Joseph I. Lieberman (Connecticut)
Jack Reed (Rhode Island)
Daniel K. Akaka (Hawaii)
Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
Jim Webb (Virginia)
Claire McCaskill (Missouri)
Mark Udall (Colorado)
Kay R. Hagan (North Carolina)
Mark Begich (Alaska)
Joe Manchin III (West Virginia)
Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)
Kirsten E. Gillibrand (New York)
Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut)

  • Republicans:

James M. Inhofe (Oklahoma)
Jeff Sessions (Alabama)
Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
Roger F. Wicker (Mississippi)
Scott P. Brown (Massachusetts)
Rob Portman (Ohio)
Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)
Susan M. Collins (Maine)
Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
John Cornyn (Texas)
David Vitter (Louisiana)

These are the seven senators who voted against S1867:

Here’s Sen. Jeff Merkley explaining why he voted against S1867:

H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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9 responses to “S1867's Bad vs. Good Senators

  1. Wow, the two D’s from Oregon voted against this? You know it’s bad!
    Should be interesting to see the text of the final bill.

  2. I’m really confused. I keep hearing that Obama is threatening to veto the bill, but I heard Sen. Carl Levin say on the floor of the senate that the bill was drafted with language approved by the administration. If this is true, then this is probably exactly what the administration wants – more power.

  3. Why was it necessary to pass this bill? Is our country under attack from terrorist? Have they infiltrated our country?

  4. at the very least 1031/1032 should be a separate bill not included with defense appropriations

  5. Where is the outrage? This bill should be condemed by all citizens! We will find ourselves detained without due process and seemingly for any reason. Write to your senator and tell them how this bill is destroying our constitution!! If it passes, all the senators who voted for it should be held without habeas corpus and see how they like it!!!

  6. I pay taxes. the government used my taxes to support osama bin laden himself. does this mean I have given substancial support to the taliban?
    if the senators have declared american citizens enemy combatants, does that mean that the united states senate had in fact declared war on the people of the united states of america? does not not perfectly match the constitutional deffinition of treason? does that charge not warrant execution?

  7. Do you people even understand this bill. Beastility. In the military is now legal. They are only trying to cover this with the detainee part of the bill. This is an outrage and the president has already signed it. Oh may goodness.

    • According to the Family Research Council, the legalization of sodomy and bestiality in the military is gone from the final version of S 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act — due no doubt to the hue and cry bloggers raised, including FOTM.
      What did you do, other than come on this blog to ridicule us with “Do you people even understand this bill”? I suggest you take a look at our posts on S1867, which you can find on our “Police State/NWO” page.


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