S.F. postpones Nude Valentine Parade because of weather

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You can’t make this stuff up.

It is 47°F in San Francisco. The forecast is rain showers and a high of 51°F.

Organizers of the Nude Valentine Parade 2019, scheduled at noon today in San Francisco, had to postpone it:

“The parade has been postponed because of bad weather during Valentine’s Week. It will be scheduled for a weekend when warmer, drier weather reaches San Francisco — probably in early March.”

Here’s the original announcement:

2019 Nude Valentine Parade

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019 – 12 p.m.

Parade starts at Jane Warner Plaza, corner of Castro and Market streets, San Francisco, CA

From Fans of Urban Nudism:

“In San Francisco we celebrate Valentine’s Week – the week of love and friendship – with an annual Nude Valentine Parade.

“Why nude? Because it’s much more interesting and fun that way, and because nudity and love go well together. Furthermore, this is a way to reduce the harm that prudishness does to our society.

“The parade is free for anyone to join, to follow, or to watch. Anyone can participate – visitors and locals, all genders, all ages. Any degree of nudity is legal at this event, and many participants will only be wearing shoes.

“The 2019 Nude Valentine Parade will take place on Saturday February 16 — the Saturday following Valentine’s Day. The parade route starts in the Castro District – once famous as the center of gay love — and ends in the Haight-Ashbury District  — where the Summer of Love took place in the year 1967.

“The parade starts at Jane Warner Plaza (corner of Castro and Market Streets) at noon on Saturday February 16 (not the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day).

“We will walk from the plaza to Haight Street via a fairly level route.
The parade ends at Haight and Stanyan Streets.

“It will take about an hour to reach Stanyan Street. Those who wish to remain for awhile on Haight Street will then disperse along the sidewalks and stay for as long as they wish,  chatting with friendly visitors, and posing for pictures.”

Poor St. Valentine, a martyr. This is what the Left have made of his feast day.

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17 responses to “S.F. postpones Nude Valentine Parade because of weather

  1. Oh rats! And I was SO looking forward to attending this year.😢

    p.s. The people in that picture are cheating…they are wearing shoes.

    • And hats!

    • San Fran citizens really should read the account of Sodom in Genesis. They need to know that their behavior will not go unnoticed by the Most High. We all need to keep that in mind, and constantly apply God’s remedy of the human condition, the death of Jesus on the cross for our salvation.

      As St. Patrick said,

      “I bind this day to me forever
      by power of faith Christ’s incarnation,
      His baptism in the Jordan River,
      His death on cross for my salvation.
      His bursting from the spiced tomb,
      His riding up the heavenly way,
      His coming at the day of doom,
      I bind unto myself this day.”

  2. Their minds are just as barren as their bodies.

  3. It is frightening that we have demented people who wish to participate in this disgusting event . . . but even more disturbing is that SF evidently has a city council that would approve of this! This is just as depraved as Portland’s nude bicycle marathon. These types of events are occasions to cram the abandonment of morals and common sense down the throats of society. A pox on all their houses!

    • Auntie Lulu, Key West, Florida, the capital of depravation, lewdness and home of the gay community, and golden boys Ernie Hemmingway and non other than the drunken Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett, is no different than San Francisco, where the police stand guard so that the gay parade runs as smooth as a baby’s butt. Is not frightening, is the way of the world today.

      • Alma . . . I know it is the way of the world, but it shows that society as a whole has jumped the tracks. What a shame that the “city fathers” do not protect citizens from acts of depravity. There are more than enough “clubs” where those who wish to go nude and display all their bits n bobs can do so . . . the difficulty lies in the face that they deliberately wish to cram this down our throats. I for one think the human body is a masterpiece, but that having been said–I don’t want to have other’s force their nudity on me, or other’s who do not wish this intrusion.

  4. “Straight” parties in apartments with a view of San Francisco’s homo freak shows used to be where the real fun was, maybe still is, with contests for discovering the worst of unmentionable distinctions among the freaks helping to keep the partygoers from hurting themselves laughing too hard.

  5. And I thought it was canceled because the parade route had too many sudden turns, trying to avoid all the biohazardous waste (needles, #1, and #2 laying around on the ground). ☠💉💩

  6. Sodom and Gomorrah is exactly right. As they blissfully skip into Hell. The new “non-society”. No dignity, no manners, no ambition, just “do as thou wilt”.

  7. Libtards always love to twist words….what they call prudish some might call modesty.

    But at least they are consistent in their narcissism…

  8. First prize is treatment for needle punctures and HIV. Go ahead, sit right down on the brown-stained bench over there. I wouldn’t walk through San Francisco in a biohazard suit, yet alone nude.

  9. Great parade for a gas powered weed eater

  10. “Make love naked”. Well, that’s certainly edgy. I mean most people do as far as I know (except Irish Catholics). The self-worshiping sodomites need new material. I sense that normal people are tiring of their exhibitionism, nobody cares.

  11. WIMPS. Can’t walk naked in rain. Whatever. Can’t be too serious then about their cause. A true case of “Fair Weather Friends.”

  12. Having visited San Francisco many times, I don’t think that anything I could see or hear about happening there could surprise me.


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