RX-7 Wipes Ass @ 225 MPH!

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All I can say is, just wow!
(h/t: My brother)

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0 responses to “RX-7 Wipes Ass @ 225 MPH!

  1. Very inspirational story for me. As someone who’s been in a wheelchair for the past month, he’s achieved speeds I can only dream of! LOL

    • LTG,
      Hope things are getting better for you, as being even partially immobilzed ain’t no fun a’tall.
      Trust me, as I’ve been there.
      More than once.

  2. If I had been that guy, I’d hunt down and kiss whoever it was that designed the roll cage, as that is probably what saved him from becoming a blob of human hamburger. 🙂

  3. I’ve got two braces with a new custom-made one in the works. All things considered, I’ve been very blessed. There are many more critical items that could have been broken! I’m following doctor’s orders and the trust the Lord to do the rest.

  4. Now, that’s quality television! 🙂

  5. whoa….can’t imagine what that felt like for him. Lucky he survived!

  6. All I can say is…wow!

    • Will,
      LOL – That was all I could say, too.
      Must have been a heck of a ride.
      Surprised he had the presence of mind to hit the fire extinguisher.
      Not sure I would have in that situation.

  7. this guy must have 9 lives-too fast for me lol!

  8. NO WAY!… LOL
    That’s taking ‘living on the edge’ to an extreme…whew!


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