Russia’s mounting internal crisis: declining population, radical Muslims, and China

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Russia’s overall population is declining, but not its Muslim population. By the end of the decade, 1 in 5 Russians will be Muslim, increasing to 1 in 2 by the middle of the century. Already, Russia capital, Moscow, is home to an estimated 2.5 million Muslims — more than any other European city except for Istanbul, Turkey. Even worse, Russia’s Muslims are becoming increasingly radicalized and jihadist.
~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Russia’s mounting internal crisis: declining population, radical Muslims, and China

  1. Clearly this is not a welcome trend, if we in the West wish that Russia remain a Western-oriented nation in our community. However, what all of us need to ask ourselves in the most searching ways possible is one simple question:

    What is it that makes Islam so attractive to people of Western culture and heritage?

    I for one cannot fathom anything about it that has any attractive power for me, although I’m quite willing to give it its due in the world community of nations. It is only one member, and I’d not switch allegiance for it any more than I would for becoming a Russian, which I consider to be a Western-European nation and culture, and superior to any Muslim nation I know of at this time.

  2. The idea of sin and having to accept the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the cleansing agent for our iniquity and our sinfullness is something that many wish to avoid. To realise that our sin put Jesus on the cross and have your heart broken on that account and to confess our sin and be baptized in the name of Jesus in water to be in a position to receive the precious gift of the Holy ghost, Acts Two, verses thirty eight o and onwards is certainly something that many would prefer to resist and or ignore or replace with something less radical. To be baptized in water and have the name of Jesus Christ evoked over you and submit to the death of Christ that is to die with him and be buried with him in the waters of baptism and to rise with him in newness of life so as to be redeemed is only possible if your heart is actually broken because of the enormity of Jesus’s sacrifice and the awesome wonder of the Plan of Salvation and the way that God revealed himself to his people first and then to each one of us individually and to surrender to the will of God and have his word become so close that it becomes part of you. j

  3. Islam doesn’t hold Jesus in very high regard so the Truth is not a problem.

  4. The real Russians know the threat posed by islam. Like America, they bought into the lies about the “Population Bomb” and limited the number of children they brought into the world. Unlike the Russians, the muslims literally use the birthing of children as a method of conquest (same as is happening in the USA). It is hard to fathom the depth of wickedness in muslim culture.

  5. The more I read and hear about the spread of Islam the more I ponder history repeating itself.


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