Russian troops are in Syria to help Assad regime

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“The board is set… the pieces are moving” -Gandalf, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

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0 responses to “Russian troops are in Syria to help Assad regime

  1. No no no….. just let Russia have it!!! We shouldn’t be there anyway! The public spoke very loud and clear on this issue. The ONLY reason we would allow troops into Syria, would be to kill off the ISIS terrorist. But since Obama has such a bug in his butt about Assad, he would never go for that, so the people just want us to stay out of it.

  2. Great quote from Tolkien!

  3. We go from a fabricated narrative of phony Russian tank columns in Ukraine and the phony Russian Air Force and ground operations in Syria from sources that can’t be named….yeah, like the CIA.
    The neo-cons in Washington are dead set on invading Syria, or bombing it to smithereens. Hopefully Vladimir comes up with a “better solution,” than American and NATO soldiers wielding bloody bayonets.

  4. Wasn’t it not so long ago, Putin talked BO out of going into Syria and now he is there? How does this even make sense?
    And why a few years back, BO was all complacent in giving Putin some Alaskan Islands and tried to hand over our Treaty of the Sea Rights to the UN, only to be stopped by the right.
    And why is BO tolerating Russian subs on our East Coast and in our Gulf of Mexico. Are they actually working together? Or is Putin taking advantage of a worthless make believe leader?


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