Russian parliament simplifies annexation of new territories in move to take over Crimea

6,000 Russian troops have invaded Ukraine’s Crimea on the coast of the Black Sea where Russia keeps its all-important Black Sea Fleet. The Russian parliament has a bill to simplify the annexation of new territories, preparing the way for Russia to take over Crimea.

Meanwhile, although the CIA and NATO reportedly had funded and encouraged the massive protests in Ukraine which brought about the crisis that brought down its government, leading to Russia’s armed intervention, Obama skipped the meeting of the White House national security team on what to do about Ukraine.

Just Standard Operating Procedure from President Lucifer.

Chaos for the hell of it. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Joker chaos

As for the Ukraine protesters, please look up the meaning of “useful idiots“.

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6 years ago

Hey, everything Hitler did was officially legal, too…

6 years ago

Given that the CIA et al. and the U.S. Govt. are shills to the satanists, I don’t know that it isn’t better to let Russia undo the U.S.’s plotted coup, if that is indeed what they are doing. Although the truth of the matter is likely that this is another staged “show” for the “world theatre” and the only ones that lose are the Crimeans themselves, since both the former soviets in the form of Russia, and the soon-to-be soviets in the form of the U.S. would be two different servants, of the same evil.

6 years ago

Looks to me like Vlad is moving to re-create the empire, which ought to have the communist left positively orgasmic, as they have never gotten over the (temporary) fall of their beloved USSR.