Russian nuclear bombers within 50 miles from California coast

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What is the message? Do the Russians still harbor dreams of world conquest? I hope not. If I were President Putin, I would be reminding President Obama at every turn, that one false move could be fatal.

And if I were flying an American F-22, that would be my message to the crews of those Russian bombers.


I’m not bothered by this in any way, as it is nothing more than the air version of what has been going on beneath the waves between American and Russian subs for the last 60+ years. Putin is toying with Barry Insane Obastard, and probably laughing his ass off in the process. And if the Russians ever do decide to hit us with nukes, they won’t be delivered by hoary old Bear bombers that don’t have the speed to get out of their own way. The Russians aren’t that stupid. Of course, had I been in command of the F-22s,… Read more »

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Well now, isn’t this just what we get for having a POTUS who is perceived by the whole world as being weak!!! It is just a cryin’ shame.