Russian bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico

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Putin is systematically rebuilding Russia’s military into a world power again, including sending strategic bombers to the shores of America — in the Gulf of Mexico.
Meanwhile, Obama continues to fire officers, erode the U.S. military, and corrode our military’s morale.

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0 responses to “Russian bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico

  1. Who cares what Russia does, we got transgenders to worry about in the military!!

  2. Let’s not forget the Russian ballistic missile submarine recently operating for at least 2 weeks in the Gulf of Mexico before being detected or the Chinese ballistic missile sub launching a test missile just off the coast of Los Angeles a few years ago. Those who would do America harm really cannot be blamed for their bellicose behaviors, they might never have another opportunity like this again after Barry is out of office, America might never be a Progressive sitting duck again. Vladimir Putin’s ability to recognize and exploit weakness is to be admired as is his extraordinary restraint in being satisfied with only the Crimea, I would think that he’d have re-established the USSR all the way up to Berlin again by now, The Beatles were right, we don’t know how lucky we are.

  3. Putin had better watch his step,or Obama will-uh-say MEAN THINGS to him!

  4. Obama: “Stop! Or, I will say STOP again!!!”

  5. obama is like Rodney Dangerfield “I get no respect, no respect at all”

  6. I was in high school during the Cuban missile crisis; churches were SRO and people were asking God’s forgiveness and protection. It’s a bold new Zionist NWO Cuban Missile Crisis, the sequel….but this time nobody is praying to the one true God, they’re all putting their faith in pResident Lucifer’s wisdom and strength ……we are all doomed.
    Load all of our bombers with trannies, the ghetto rats who are screaming for extermination of whitey and drop them over Russia and China, then carpet bomb ISIS with pork chops and ham hocks

  7. American bomber should partrol the waters in and around Russia, more
    than normal. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. PUTIN
    is scared shitless that he is going to lose what he maintains, therefore, a
    show of force is a wake-up-call, or so PUTIN believes. It is nothing more
    than saber rattling. PUTIN is the only worthless premadonna that is showing
    an increase in force. It is therefore a clear indication that there is some-
    thing incorrect under PUTIN’s dictatorship. Before the commencement of
    World War I, there was a lot of saber rattling, but today, with our nuclear
    capability and PUTIN’s inability to wage a full-fledge war on the U.S., he is
    just mouthing off once again to make Russians feel good about how well
    he is governing, but if the truth be known, Russia is in the shits again, while
    China continues to be the business man with a sounder economy.

  8. Willow Desautelle

    What is that 666 on Stoltenberg’s shirt?


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