Rural Virginia town divided over court ruling that transgender student can't use the boys' bathroom

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Special snowflake demands her way or face a lawsuit.

Gavin Grimm

Gavin Grimm

Daily Mail: Amid the cornfields and marinas dotting this conservative tidewater Virginia enclave between the York River and Mobjack Bay, people are divided over what one local pastor calls ‘the civil rights issue of this generation’ – how to deal with a transgender student’s demand to use the boys’ restrooms at the local high school.
‘If they’re not fixed like a man, they should not use the men’s bathroom,’ Gary Pilkinton, a 56-year-old movie special effects worker, told a reporter recently outside the local Wal-Mart. Another shopper, Cheryl Walker, took the opposite view. ‘I don’t care what bathroom he uses,’ the 71-year-old retiree said.  ‘Just don’t go potty on the hallway floor.’
Gavin Grimm, who was born female but identifies as male, sued school officials over a policy requiring him to use either the girls’ restrooms or a single-stall, unisex bathroom open to all students.
The 16-year-old Gloucester High School junior claims it’s stigmatizing and discriminatory. Some classmates and their parents argue that his presence in boys’ bathrooms would be disruptive and a violation of privacy.
It’s a new and decidedly modern issue for this rural eastern Virginia county that dates to 1651, promotes itself as Daffodil Capital of the World and takes pride in its history: home of George Washington’s grandmother and the Indian princess Pocahontas.
But the dispute, which unfolded in heated school board meetings and spilled into federal court, is not unique to Gloucester. A transgender student’s use of the girls’ facilities in a Missouri high school triggered a late-August backlash by parents and a protest by nearly 200 students.  Last year, Maine’s highest court ruled that a transgender fifth-grader could use the girls’ restroom.
Grimm said he’s not surprised by the division in Gloucester County. ‘There’s the side that’s like, ”Wow, Gloucester is really in the Stone Age with this one” – (they should) just let you pee and be yourself and be happy”,’ Grimm said in an interview this week. ‘And there’s a lot of people from Gloucester who are like, ”It’s the Bible Belt and Satan is in our town”.’
Grimm, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, says in the lawsuit that he started refusing to wear girls’ clothes by age 6 and told his parents he was transgender in April 2014 – a year before Caitlin Jenner made an international splash by publicly divulging her transgender status.
Grimm’s parents helped him legally change his given name and took him to a psychologist who determined he has gender dysphoria, characterized by stress stemming from conflict between one’s gender identity and assigned sex at birth. Grimm began hormone treatment to deepen his voice and give him a more masculine appearance.
During the last school year, Grimm was allowed to use the boys’ restrooms and did so without incident until some parents complained. Amid the ensuing turmoil, the school board voted 6-1 for the policy restricting students with ‘transgender issues’ to the single-stall facilities or those corresponding to their biological sex.
Gavin Grimm

Gavin Grimm

Grimm complied, using a restroom in the school nurse’s office, but found the board’s solution unbearable. ‘It’s humiliating, it’s ostracizing and I don’t want to take that walk of shame to the unisex bathroom and know that everyone who saw me go in there knows why I’m in there – because I’m different, and I’ve been marked different by my school and publicly. I’m not comfortable with it whatsoever. I’m not an ”other” and I’m not unisex, I’m a boy,’ Grimm said.
Some have used other words, including ‘it’ and ‘freak,’ Grimm said – dehumanizing insults that sting, even though he believes deep down that they stem from ignorance. He recoils at public discussion of his genitals and disputes suggestions that he is just seeking attention.
Gloucester, a community of about 37,000, voted nearly 2-1 for the Republican candidate in the last two presidential elections in a state won by Democrat Barack Obama. A recent random sampling of local opinion there yielded a variety of outlooks.
Some are mostly concerned about Grimm’s well-being. ‘I think it’s a hard situation, especially for somebody so young,’ said Marcella Randal, 68, during a smoke break on a bench outside the senior center on Main Street.  ‘It could also be dangerous. You know those young boys in high school aren’t going to understand that.’
Kim Williams, owner of the Short Lane Ice Cream shop down the street from the high school, said she doesn’t hear much about the dispute from students who drop in. She wondered if the controversy could have been handled by letting the students decide.
Even among the student body, however, there is sharp disagreement. ‘The way I look at it, gay, straight, transgender, hermaphrodite – I don’t discriminate,’ Gloucester High School senior John Pence said. ‘I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.’ Pence said it seems older people have raised the most ruckus.
However, student Scott Williams told the school board that other teens who don’t want to run into Grimm in the restroom would speak up if not for the fear of being labeled intolerant. ‘My friends and I are uncomfortable with co-ed bathrooms and locker rooms. Don’t we matter too? How is it fair to advance the rights of one by violating the rights of a thousand? The unisex restroom isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option,’ he said.
Williams was among about three dozen residents who made impassioned two-minute pleas to the school board, whose meetings often draw no public comments at all.
Local pastor Ralph VanNess asked, ‘Where does it end?’ He added, as the audience applauded, that the rights of ‘the other young men in Gloucester High School’ should be respected. But another clergyman, Fred Carter, told the board: ‘The issue we are talking about now is the civil rights issue of this generation. Who are we to judge?
Cheryl Walker sympathizes with Grimm’s plight, but isn’t ready to elevate it to that level. ‘In Gloucester, we have so many issues,’ she said outside the Wal-Mart, citing drugs as an example. ‘Let’s get on with more important stuff.’
Most school officials have clammed up about the dispute, citing the ongoing litigation. The exception is Kim Hensley, the board member who voted against the policy. ‘I think this is a civil rights issue,’ she said.
The school board defends its policy in court papers. ‘To respect the safety and privacy of all students, the School Board has had a long-standing practice of limiting the use of the restroom and locker room facilities to the corresponding biological sex of the students,‘ the board says, adding that it believes the policy ‘is in the best interests of all students.’
Professor King knows better than you...

Professor King knows better than you…

Barbara J. King, who’s an anthropology professor at the College of William & Mary and a Gloucester County resident, said the community backlash reflects a lack of understanding about what it means to be transgender. ‘A lot of this is based on fear – that changes happening nationwide are not always known and understood in smaller communities,’ King said in an interview.  ‘It seems to be a continual discussion of privacy. I just have a hard time understanding what the big harm is and what the big danger is. I’ve never had that explained to me.

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0 responses to “Rural Virginia town divided over court ruling that transgender student can't use the boys' bathroom

  1. Often these posts are just way too long to tell a simple story. Some one is screwed up in their mind and insists on exposing their delusions to the light of reality and presumes to demand that we all play. Actually resorting to hormone treatments and surgeries to alter reality rather than seeking the most logical course of mental assessment and adjustment, and gender acceptance.
    I think it sad how parents always seem to be so supportive of their troubled children’s mental anguish, as if to allay their guilt of perhaps being a major contributor to the confusion they suffer.
    Any how, forcing the indulgence of us all does nothing to solve or cure their delusions.

  2. I think this kid is a pervert and wants access to the mens’ room so that she can longly ogle what she can’t have.
    If her physical gender is female that she shouldn’t be allowed in the mens’ room and the community should stand firm and tell her toughskishitski.

  3. The rights of the majority should trump the wants of one girl that loves cross dressing.

  4. This should prove that the movement isn’t concerned with having a bathroom, since the unisex one is provided, but is about trying to force it’s will on others and to destroy gender entirely. The 16 year old, I’ll call her gabby, since she is a girl, is either a troll, or a shill… or both. I find it difficult to presume she isn’t working for someone intentionally, given the level of stink she is raising.
    A few other notes: she was 15 in 2014… hardly in a mental or emotional capacity to make decisions about “gender identity” in the first place (some 14 year olds will insist they are vampires or werewolves, 15 isn’t much beyond that.) and that age group is especially known for being emotionally unstable. Finally the addition of hormones (if we are to presume testosterone is one of them) may have an effect of making her have a much much higher libido/sex drive as well, which may make her a liability or danger to one or both genders of students, depending on if her sexual attraction is normal or corrupted.
    She does need help, but not to sue the school etc… she needs help in coming to terms with the fact she is a female and should accept that there is nothing wrong with her being such, before its too late and she tries to have some ugly meat tube stitched onto her (after being cut from somewhere else) that requires an implanted hand pump to inflate. Simply put, she is under attack from the devil, and not from “discrimination” by the school or the boys, but by believing the lies whispered to her that she may well think are her own thoughts, though they really be words of devils.
    I’d suggest praying for the kid, if she continues down that course and serving the evil agenda, her life will most assuredly be ruined and unhappy.

  5. Match the plumbing to the bathroom. All there is to it.

  6. ” ‘It’s humiliating, it’s ostracizing and I don’t want to take that walk of shame to the unisex bathroom and know that everyone who saw me go in there knows why I’m in there – because I’m different, and I’ve been marked different by my school and publicly. I’m not comfortable with it whatsoever. I’m not an ”other” and I’m not unisex, I’m a boy,’ Grimm said.”
    And I’M a Giraffe-does that make what I SAY the truth?
    Until she can change her DNA codes,SHE’S A GIRL.

    • “Until she can change her DNA codes,SHE’S A GIRL”
      I am certain there are some “scientists” who are working on just that… 🙁

  7. safety, not coddling the mentally ill, should be the first concern….respective genitalia for respective bathrooms…
    maybe if the girl opened her heart to Jesus and lost some weight she would feel better about herself

  8. It sure wouldn’t hurt if she dressed a little more like a girl, fix the hair, apply a little make up and start acting and walking like a girl, she might start attracting guys and finds she likes it.
    Sometimes I think this is a defense mode. Boys won’t accept me, so I will change my behavior to save face.

  9. LOL – Probably the only chance it has at ever seeing an actual Mikey in real life.

  10. IMHO…it is very revealing that this particular student presses forward on a case where she/he has been offered full opportunity to use a “unisex” single use bathroom, but prefers to sue over the issue of not being offered the use ADDITIONALLY of a bathroom where she/he could expose her/his genitals to others who might also be exposing genitals to her/him while in the act of performing a regular/life-sustaining NON-ELECTIVE, NON-NEGOTIABLE act that involves their private, sexually-maturing members. In other words….just to keep it simple, she/he doesn’t want to piss alone in a restroom that is provided for EVERYONE, no matter gender or the gender that they “feel like” they are: but wants to piss in public, with the boys, while observing all boys and their sexual members…..because she “feels” like a boy. Have I gotten this straight…..or is there something I’ve missed?
    So, while I am on a roll here…..was not REASONABLE ACCOMODATION offered this student? The ADA Laws in this country state that if a reasonable accomodation has been made available…in this case, it CERTAINLY was…..providing for the rights of EVERYONE—not just the transgender claimant…the school has done due diligence in accomodating the needs of this child/student.
    I can’t help but remember that my dear departed Dad taught me that my “right” to swing my weight around, or my fists…ended where the next guy’s nose began. In other words….in this particular case, where reasonable accomodation has been offered and provided, the person who refuses it in favor of swinging his/her weight or fists into MY NOSE or my kids’ noses…or my grandkids’ noses…..should NOT have a case in ANY venue…..
    But, then….that was before Obama and a Supreme Court that ruled “love” is a Civil Right protected by our Constitution…..among other things…..

  11. This case in a mirror image of the case in Missouri , except in the Missouri case it s a boy wanting to use the girls facility, & in both cases, the individual involved was offered the use of a gender neutral restroom., but turned it down,..
    In both case reason for the rejection of the gender neutral facility, was the same, in that the person, involved, said that they did want want to be made to feel stigmatized. And in both cases the individual claimed to identify with the gender that was ‘opposite’ their biological gender,..& in both cases, there is significant opposition to allowing the ‘transgender person to intrude themselves into the facility of the gender, that was opposite of the biological gender of the individual involved,..
    To ,my way of thinking,.. sooner or later this issue will come up before the supreme court, & the court will decide, whether or not, trans gender persons will be required to use the gender neutral facilities, or on the other hand the court will decide that, in effect, ALL facilities will become, in effect,, gender neutral.
    And what I mean by that, is that once a law is passed, allowing, ‘transgender’ persons to use the facility of their, choice, than you will need to define, who is a transgender,.
    .I mean, will transgenders need a note from a doctor,..or will they need to cross dress,..or maybe they will need to wear a little lapel pin, something like the stickers in a car that shows that it can use the parking spaces designated for disabled persons,.Or maybe they should have a little card, like a driver’s license,,..
    And if a lady goes into the ladies room, & a guy, or 2 or 3 guts follows her in could she ask to see their, transgender I.D.. card,. or should she just take it on faith that they were transgender,.?
    .Or could a female with size 34 double ‘D’ boobs, who identified as a boy, then go topless at the local swimming pool, like the rest of the ‘boys’,.?
    If a family is at the local park, & the father sees a person appearing to be a man, follow his 6 year old daughter into the ladies room, can he go see what’s gong on,.,? AND since the father is not transgender, then must he wait outside while his 6 year old daughter is alone inside with a strange man,.?
    Should, all lady’s restrooms be required to install stand up urinals, for those ladies that were equipped with penises
    Should all men’s restrooms be required to have Kotex dispensers .? For any of the ‘guys’ who are having their period,.?
    Can a transgender woman, with a penis go swimming on the ‘Ladies only’ nights that are set u at some pools,.”
    Can a Transgender woman, with a penis, get into a ‘Swinger’s club” that does not admit single males,.?
    Can a Trans gender boy (?), who has a vagina, be prohibited from using the stand up urinal at school if he (?) constantly piddles all over the floor,.?.Or would that be discrimination,.?
    Can a transgender woman (?), who has a penis, insist on being sent to a women’s prison,.? If convicted of a crime,..
    Can a transgender male (?) who has a vagina insist on being sent to a men’s prison, if convicted of a crime,.?
    Can a transgender woman (?) who has a penis be a girl scout leader, & go on over night trips with the girls,.? And, if not, the why not,.?
    The point of the above is that some very fair questions will arise, (IF) people are allowed to legally, change their sexual designation.
    So, clearly, for all legal purposes, a person should be, required to conform their actions to their biological body type,..& to that end, ALL transgenders should be require to use the facility that matches their plumbing, OR they should be required to use the gender neutral facilities,.. to do otherwise just opens up a whole new can of worms,.
    But that having been said, I do have an idea, for a way around this issue,..
    What could be done, about this issue, is to get away from these signs that say, gender specific things like boy/girl or men/women, & do away with those stick figures, showing figures in skirts or pants, & we replace those signs, with signs that have a symbol for either a penis or a symbol for a vagina,..& so in that way, since everyone in a given facility will have the same plumbing, nobody will needs to feel separated out, Because nobody will have any idea what the gender is of anyone else in the room Because, by ‘transgender’ logic, ones sexual identity has nothing to do with the shape of their body parts,..
    So, there you go, who could have a problem with that idea,.? .
    . ,…


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