Rotten fruit of Europe’s open-door policy: New Year’s Eve riot in EU capital Brussels

For some time now, Fellowship of the Minds hasn’t posted much on Muslim shenanigans in Europe, but that doesn’t mean all is peaceful and quiet.

Here’s a recent whopper of an incident when some 50-60,000 people took part in the New Year celebrations at the Atomium, a landmark building in Brussels, originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Expo. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the de facto capital of the European Union (EU).

Sarah Crew reports for The Bulletin that on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2019, “disturbances” in Brussels involved:

  • The throwing of projectiles.
  • A tram that had its windows broken.
  • A damaged bus shelter.
  • 82 bins, 19 cars, two mopeds, and 9 apartments set on fire.
  • A collapse balcony in Schaerbeek while people were standing on it.
  • 165 emergency calls for medical assistance; 50 to homes and 115 to public streets.
  • A 21-year-old man with a serious knife wound.
  • During the firework display at the Atomium, there were 23 responses and 10 ambulance transfers. This was in addition to 60 interventions and five ambulance transfers during the celebrations at Palais 10 and 12 in Heysel.
  • Police made 185 administrative and 26 judicial arrests.
  • By the next (New Year) morning, six people were charged by the Brussels prosecutor — three were accused of theft, the other three were charged with domestic violence.
  • Police had set up a taskforce to identify the perpetrators of the “disturbances” and called on the public, media and local businesses to share any images they have. Spokesperson Denis Goeman said, “The aim is to identify as many rioters as possible and to prosecute them in order to send the message that such acts are unacceptable and will not go unpunished.”

The New Year’s Eve violence was actually better handled and coordinated by the police, after criticism of police handling of New Year’s Eve violence in 2019, which included riots in Molenbeek.

Brussels-Ixelles police spokesperson Olivier Slosse said police coordination worked well, “Fire services were able to work in total security. These are dramatic figures, but police quickly intervened in very different areas. The situations did not have time to gain momentum in the same place. We have the impression that we managed to prevent the situation from escalating to the point of last year.”

@DVATW tweeted this video of the New Year’s Eve “disturbances” in the EU capital:

The tweets in response to the video all say the rioters were Muslim “immigrants”. Below is a sample of the comments:

“When this same Mob were at the gates of Vienna in 1529 & 1683 it was called INVASION. Now it’s call the Diversification of Europe. Wake-Up!!!”

“Invite the 3rd world…….”

“Europe will crumble Europeans will perish Stringent border controls are a necessity in order for any chance of survival.”

“It is a problem all across Europe, and North America unfortunately and people need to reclaim the rights that are being eradicated by Globalist Government Officials by voting them out at each and every opportunity. The next step they will use against us is ‘declaring martial law’.”

“No doubt the MSM will be all over this tomorrow, no? Oh well”


Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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9 months ago

I just can’t imagine why these one-world-boneheads can’t see the PROBLEM with their embracing a “religion” that preaches,right there in its Koran,to DESTROY its opponents. Sorry,but in MY opinion,that’s not a Religion,it’s a DEATH CULT,and as such,needs to be shunned at the VERY least,and eradicated at best.

9 months ago

Bitch slap those bastards with a pork loin! Gotta love the Liberal mindset of inclusion. They are going to let them all in and make us support them while they ruin America

9 months ago
Reply to  Watertender

“Bitch slap those bastards with a pork loin!” I’m down with that but you have to be careful now. A couple years ago some guy, in Washington I think, put strips of bacon on the door handles of a mosque and was sentenced to 15 years. Seems kinda harsh but..hate crime you know

Jackie Puppet
9 months ago

Europeans need to drag out & expel their leaders like Merkel by the hair, and put in people that have their countries’ and citizens’ best interests at heart.

9 months ago

If the UK can’t come to grips with the foolishness of welcoming so many muslims, then that country is doomed to ruin.

9 months ago

“..such acts are unacceptable and will not go unpunished.” Sure, that will have them trembling in fear. Somehow they jam 300,000 people or so into Times Square every New Years to watch the ball drop with only minor incidents. And New Yorkers are not know for their civility. But these refu(se)gees use any occasion to revert to their wild and savage natural state. The difference between civilized humans and a cult-driven mob

9 months ago

Say, we have our own problems with the cockroaches, let them get rid of the sand fleas one way or another.

9 months ago

You bought it, you own it.