Rosie O'Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game

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trump off a cliff
Why is this womyn still living in the USA?
From USA Today: Actress Rosie O’Donnell certainly knows how to push conservatives’ buttons. And now she is drawing their ire by pushing her own button: one that makes President Trump jump off a cliff. 
“Push Trump Off A Cliff Again,” O’Donnell tweeted Saturday in an apparent play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. The tweet links to a game in which the player can, as O’Donnell says, make the president jump off a cliff, again and again. 
Conservatives expressed outrage as O’Donnell’s weekend tweet came to their attention. Sean Hannity’s blog referred to the game as “gross” and “sick.”
“Sadly, violence has become an acceptable form of dissent for liberals these days,” said a post on Young Conservatives.
h/t Drudge
As of this morning, more than 4¼ million people had “played” it.
The homicidal “game” was invented by Justin Hook, whose Twitter account @justinhook identifies him as living in East Hollywood. IMDb says he is a writer (“script coordinator”) of the Fox TV series “Bob’s Burgers,” as well as several other TV series.
But liberals continue to portray themselves as tolerant and caring “bleeding hearts” when they are anything but.
Just ask the souls of the millions of unborn babies they’ve killed.
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0 responses to “Rosie O'Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game

  1. The rhetoric doesn’t even make sense. As Don never went off the cliff in the first place. I would say “Poor Rosie”….But I lost all compassion and patience
    for goofs like her.

  2. The mindless hate that the Left always exhibits demonstrates why progressiveness is a mental illness. Take pity on the mentally and morally handicapped.

  3. There she goes again.
    I used to give Rosie the benefit of the doubt. Years ago when she started up with Donald Trump, I used to take her side of the story, given Donald Trump was a famous New York bloviator. Then I figured it was all a ratings game—you pump my ratings, I’ll pump yours.
    But then I recalled that Rosie pushed her own “wife” off the cliff. She admitted she was jealous of her “wife’s” breastfeeding of her own baby.
    In fact, I used to give lesbians the benefit of the doubt. My former landlady and her “wife” just sold the house, and she gave all of us the shaft (no pun intended).
    Maybe Rosie can marry Arnold Schwartzenegger, and they can push each other off a cliff!
    Hey, Rosie! Goodyear called! They want their blimp back!

  4. If this ol battle-ax wants to push President Trump off a cliff why doesn’t she try doing it instead of trying to get OTHER people in trouble. Answer, she is probably as close to the line as she wants to be without causing the Secret Service to visit her!!

    • I’m sure her and Barbra will be too busy getting ready for their move out of the country. I don’t know who’s more fascinating, her or “Honey Boo Boo”. These days we are assaulted by fat, ugly attention whores.
      Let’s see, we aren’t allowed to compliment a beautiful woman any longer. How does one greet one of THESE things? “Wow, I love that cellulite”? “Nice flab, you should get another piercing”?
      It’s all hate and self-loathing. They’re really into it. That’s why laughing at them is so much fun.

  5. Progressive left/liberals again– Tucker Carlson takes on them being this way:

    • I liked Carlson’s last remark;”They’ve (Democrats) unleashed forces they can’t control,and I’d be very scared.”

      • When you condition weak-minded, sheltered people, who haven’t been exposed to any real moral compass, to be total joiners, this is what you get. This is what the early Marxists depended on.
        They are getting these spoiled, sheltered college kids and doing a 21st Century version of the pep rally with them. Everything is emotion, not logic. They are hare-trigger reactionaries.
        I doubt if there has every been a less intellectual bunch. I’m including the peasants of the USSR. Their parents have gone into debt to send them to these hotbeds of communitarian indoctrination.

  6. Why should we expect sane behavior from crazy people? Just look at who is front and center in the Jew News. Every nut job and pervert they can find. Who cares what they say?

  7. The low life LESBIAN trash is at it again. This the best WHALE look in recent times that you are sporting and in reality nobody wants to hire “a blimp” and so, you want to call peoples’ attention to a doll looking like President Trump jumping off a cliff, well Fat ass, if the figure is jumping off is because you are already at the bottom, and he wants to make sure it is you, and use your fat as a spring back cushion to resume the business of government.

  8. She’d be high on my list of Liberal “Government Subversives” who need to be expatriated,minus their US Citizenship,to whatever Country will have them,never more to cross our Borders.

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  10. This is so stupid- I just don’t have any words—

  11. ManCavePatriot

    Please follow the money. This person, Rosie [I’m trying to be nice], can’t do anything without explicit direction. Last time she was involved in anti-Trump postings, she was being funded by Oprah and Mitt.

  12. Jackie Puppet

    Rosie hasn’t been paying attention to what reddit & 4chan can do when they get pissed at someone/something.
    I bet we’ll see several similar games where Rosie goes off a cliff or something like that, within hours. Maybe the Trump at Wrestlemania gif will replace the CNN logo with Rosie’s big fat pumpkinhead!

  13. Rosie needs to room with the delusional and stupid Sally Kohn from CNN in a mental facility for an extended stay. You would be hard pressed to find more damaged deviants than these two.


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