Roses in the Rain

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I took these pictures of my garden on a cool rainy day in Spring.

I’ve been saving them for a day when the summer heat is unbearable.

If you are in a part of the country suffering from extreme heat and/or drought, I hope these pics give you at least a moment of cool respite….


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6 responses to “Roses in the Rain

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Oh, Eowyn, they’re gorgeous! I’ll do a little video when I have more free time.

  2. These are very beautiful. I love roses but I don’t have any.

  3. Eowyn, I want to say, “So beautiful,” but then I hear, “My precious.” You know of what I speak. 😀 So refreshing, a breath of cool air, I can almost feel the crispness.

  4. very refreshing Eo!

  5. Just gorgeous, especially the pink and yellow roses! The misty rain is so refreshing! Thank you for the cool respite!


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