Room With a View

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The view from my bedroom window this morning….

The view, in reverse…

God is good!


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11 responses to “Room With a View

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, as only God can make it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love flowers they are a constant reminder with many wonders of the True Beauty of this World regardless what the human beings do.
    I posted on my blog two photos one of my garden and one the view on the small lake at the bottom of the hill. Best

    • OMG! You live in the South of France !!! How blessed you are. 😀

      That lake view is priceless, and your flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us, Bold!

  3. @Eowyn
    Yes I live in the South of France but I am french so it helps lol. I feel fortunate to be next to the sea and next to the ski resorts and countryside. Very expensive to live here but then again nothing is free in this world right? Best

  4. Thank you for posting these
    As a currently gardenless gardener I appreciate pictures of such floral profusion, God’s grace, color and Love so VERY much!
    I bet the scent is simply wonderful.
    I used to have 40 Angel’s Trumpet and Datura plants in pots and a huge bed of lilies ( casa blanca ) and come evening the perfume was astonishing!
    thanks again : )))))

  5. Again, thank-you for sharing your beautiful surroundings. It is a ray of sunshine amidst all the negativities we must deal with.

  6. Thanks to all people here and to the owner of this blog for caring and loving the beauty of Nature. Best of all of you. God Bless! If anyone comes to the South of France please contact me.

  7. the flowers here are blooming like crazy also.. white roses, red roses, peonies, a bunch of little flowers before watering the flowers i put a new chunk of suet in the holder for the birds (cream corn cookie dough) anyway the woodpecker and a couple of nuthatches going absolutely crazy chipping off pieces flying away eating and flying back over and over the stuff must be addictive.

  8. The photos are breathtaking. Our hearts are in despair with the political situations so it is very comforting to cherish these visual gifts of God. My rhododendruns were great this year. They’ve died off but the hydrangeas next to them are coming out. God is good. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Dave has a black thumb. L-(

    LOL – But I can grow weeds with the best of ’em.

    The rule in my yard is, if it’s green, don’t kill it, just mow it.



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