Ron Paul's New Ad Showcases The Plan

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0 responses to “Ron Paul's New Ad Showcases The Plan

  1. the man is right,this country is out of time and options.

  2. Sage, I’m not 100% in agreement with any of the candidates; but, Ron Paul’s plan is the one that addresses my concern about Agenda 21 and getting back on the solid Constitutional ground of the founding fathers. Therefore, he’s my pick. I don’t live in one of the critical early primary states who will caucus or go to the polls in January. If I did, Ron Paul would be my only choice. No doubt about it.

    • Sage, have you considered how much Israel has had to knuckle-under to milquetoast American diplomatic edicts because of the foreign aid issue? The two-state solution BS, giving up Gush Katif aka Gaza and being told they cannot build new housing on their own land is a high price to pay for the largess of the American government. In my opinion, American foreign aid is a shackle on Israel.
      The Jewish people of Israel are so innovative in emerging technology their products command good prices in a free market system. If I were an Israeli, I’d relish the opportunity to get out from under the oppressive diplomacy of the U.S., elect some solid conservative leaders who fear God and don’t cave into the demands of “The Quartet”.
      BTW, I frequently listen to Israel National Radio, especially Jay Shapiro. As he often says, “The Middle East is not like the middle west.”

  3. I want a president who will secure the future for my 1 kid and 2 grandkids. Therefore, I’m voting for Ron Paul. If we don’t elect him, there won’t be much of a future for them.


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