Ron Paul's Latest Ad

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I’m LTG and I approve this message!  ROFL

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5 responses to “Ron Paul's Latest Ad

  1. ” Ron Paul or NOT AT ALL”, I will write him in just like I have in the past! Just because the rest of America is STUPID, I’m NOT, QUIT VOTING FOR THE MONKEYS ON CHAINS, the handlers tell them what to do and they hate us! Can’t get any better voting for MORE OF THE SAME! Semper Fi.

  2. Those five Federal Departments he targets for destruction happen to be the ones instrumental in the implementation of AGENDA 21/Sustainable Development.
    If you’re fighting Agenda 21, Ron Paul is the only candidate addressing our issue.

  3. At 80, Ron Paul has more brain working than any ten competitors put together. He’s a Constitutional Conservative –NOT an opportunistic war-monger reactionary as too many already are– and that’s enough reason for me to support and vote for him. He cares about vets, money won’t sway him, and is unlikely to be corrupted by any of the usual means.

    • I believe you, but that’s a sad commentary on voter sentiment, based on sex appeal. Thank God RP doesn’t have any! Or maybe that’s a negative factor now, as you say. So sad, so easily manipulated. People MUST take a longer range POV than what’s in it for them in the next six months. I recall pathetic videos of usually black voters saying the Fraud was going to move Heaven and Earth and make everything right. Uh huh. Some moves!!

      • Spoken like a true virago! Don’t be offended, I’m one, too! ROFL!
        I think most women are vapid, venial bores except for the highly discerning ones who post and comment on blogs like this. LOL
        I watched the Ken Burns documentary on PBS about the 18th Amendment and Prohibition. It was spearheaded by a bunch of liberal, do-gooder women and was a disaster leading to greater consumption of alcohol, greater government corruption and kick-started organized crime.
        So much for liberal women!


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