Ron Paul quits, or maybe not

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Congressman Ron Paul surprised everyone this afternoon with his announcement that he will not compete in the remaining Republican primaries.
Grace Wyler reports for The Business Insider that Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton insists that it does not mean he is dropping out of the race.
“No, not at all,” campaign manager Jesse Benton said, when asked if today’s news meant the race was over. “We will focus all of our resources on winning delegates and party leadership positions.”
In many ways, today’s statement is merely the formal acknowledgment of a strategy that has actually been in place for several weeks. Paul and his advisors have known for some time that it would be virtually impossible for the candidate to win the nomination, and have focused the bulk of their efforts on promoting Paul’s movement at the local and state party level.
That strategy has had surprising success, netting Paul a disproportionate number of RNC delegates at state conventions across the country.
Senior campaign advisor Doug Wead told Business Insider: “We are in the process of remaking the Republican Party — and it has been more successful than we ever expected. It is truly a movement.”

But not everyone in Paul Land is down with the new program. Crushed Paul fans flooded the Ron Paul blogosphere with reactions that ranged from disgust to denial and disbelief that Paul would ever betray his loyal army this way. Perhaps predictably, a few media conspiracy theories are already starting to gain some traction among Paul’s online following.

And so we are now down to just one candidate, Mitt Romney.
Surprise! Not….

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0 responses to “Ron Paul quits, or maybe not

  1. Not surprising.
    Anyone but Obama!

  2. onceproudamerican

    Your conclusion in the last line, ignores what was written above it. Ron Paul is still actively accumulating delegates, and it is delegates, NOT PRIMARY VOTES that select the Republican nominee at convention. Further, since under the RNC rules delegates cannot be bound, the ‘totals’ you have been hearing about on the ‘news’ are utterly meaningless…

  3. There’s a chance here and a hope there…its all crap. We’re gonna end up with Skippy beating Mitt and his magic panties…and then of course waiting for the FEMA Camps, agenda 21 urban ghettoes and the “invited” Russian troops to herd us all up in front of open trenches as target practice for their glut of a half billion .40 caliber rounds our tax dollars are paying for. This is the part in Star Wars where the last of the Jedis bugged out to Dagobah’s swamps or become water farmers on a desert hellhole run by Tony Soprano as a ginormous slug….but we don’t even have that….pardon moi if I’m not feeling too upbeat right now….

  4. I guess I was a bit of a downer in my last post, though I stand by what I wrote. I certainly don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything, but I like his integrity – the real breath of fresh air he brought to this now utterly joyless campaign, which truly feels like a swan song struggle… A struggle for survival between two POS that just don’t care. That picture (above) of Ron is the worst part, that look on his face speaks exactly to how I feel. It seems like the spark of hope for something really different is gone now.

  5. No ….there are two candidates no matter what the lying MSM
    and power brokers would have you believe. It’s decided
    Ron Paul Has just gone STEALTH….


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