Ron Paul: Isolationist or Anti-Semite?

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Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a candidate competing to be the GOP’s presidential nominee for 2012, is nominally a member of the Republican Party. But ideologically, Paul is more a Libertarian (he ran as a Libertarian in the 1988 presidential election), which explains his stance on foreign policy.
Libertarians do not favor the U.S. government’s (vs. Americans as private citizens) involvement in other countries and the world. Libertarians therefore do not support foreign wars (that is, wars fought not on U.S. soil but in foreign lands) and foreign aid.
That being said, there is a difference between (A) advocating a libertarian foreign policy, versus (B) being anti-Israel and blind toward real dangers in the world.
Paul has labored to convince us that his views on Israel are entirely consistent with the general beliefs of Libertarians. But the evidence is mounting that Ron Paul is more (B) than (A). Republicans and Conservatives need to be informed about this and act accordingly.
Here are some facts we need to know about Ron Paul (h/t Debbie Schlussel, Patriot Action Network, Dec. 26, 2011):

  • Despite the Libertarian opposition to foreign aid, Paul voted against a measure that would end U.S. aid to HAMAS, a Palestinian terrorist organization.
  • Paul had questioned whether the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by Muslim jihadists. He several times voiced his belief that 9-11 was an inside job, conducted by the CIA and directly planned and ordered by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Most recently on November 20, on CBS “Face the Nation“, he still insists that America had “provoked” the 9/11 attacks because “we’re over there” in the Middle East.
  • In the most recent GOP presidential aspirants’ debate, Paul says Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is not a matter of concern.

Now, Ron Paul’s personal assistant for 17 years who had worked on Paul’s campaigns and fund raising, is going on the record that he believes Paul to be an anti-Semite. His name is Eric Dondero.
In a statement he sent Debbie Schlussel, Dondero unequivocally describes Paul as:

“He is . . . most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general.  He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.  He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations.  His view is that Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the America taxpayer.  He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs…”

“Ron Paul is most assuredly an isolationist.  He denies this charge vociferously.  But I can tell you straight out, I had countless arguments/discussions with him over his personal views.  For example, he strenuously does not believe the United States had any business getting involved in fighting Hitler in WII.  He expressed to me countless times, that “saving the JWews,” was absolutely none of our business.  When pressed, he often times brings up conspiracy theories like FDR knew about the attacks of Pearl Harbor weeks before hand, or that WWII was just “blowback,” for Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy errors, and such.”

So, it appears that for Ron Paul, it’s not just 9/11 that’s America’s fault. World War II is also America’s fault!
I like Ron Paul’s pro-life record and his opposition to the Federal Reserve and the United Nations’ Agenda 21. But his foreign policy sure gives me pause.

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34 responses to “Ron Paul: Isolationist or Anti-Semite?

  1. I also usually concur with his economic policy but his statements and his views on foreign policy are dangerous. Though he is well educated and a physician he often seems irrational. I do not understand why he is garnering so much support.

  2. This is in complete opposition to what Dr. Paul
    has stated about 9/11 Truthers (being a little nutty)
    to which I personally took offence because IMHO
    it was with Mossad and CIA complicity (source: )
    that our modern Pearl Harbor (a documented conspiracy
    is not a theory) was perpetrated by a rogue State Dept.
    with a duplicitous FDR to bring us into the war in Europe
    against the Nazi Axis by declaring war against Japan….
    else we would have been neutral Britain AND Russia
    would have fallen.
    Dr. Paul is wise enough to look (and has access to info)
    beyond the propaganda that some committees are fed
    (and which I believe Bachman will,too,when she gains a
    bit more experience) and limits his official position to what
    are the Constitutional limits of the government. Influence
    through example and leadership….not interference.

  3. From what I have read and observed Ron Paul’s followers are anti-semitic and it appears he is also, IMHO. I cannot support someone like this and I will not. I truly believe that he will not get the nomination. His paulbots may rebel if he doesn’t and it may get ugly. I find his followers are usually offensive when anyone says something against him. They act just like liberals and tear into anyone in a most disgusting manner.
    Ron Paul is on the far left of the GOP and Rick Santorum is on the far right, they make every one else look moderate in comparison…

    • He’s not any more anti-semitic than I am….
      just a bit non-zionist . The STATE of Israel is a
      creation of the Balfour Agreement…but the STATE
      should not abuse what would be (except they’re
      political pawns of the Mooslims) it’s citizens. It’s a
      mess that isn’t made any better by having too
      many cooks in the kitchen . It’s an internal/domestic
      struggle that should be worked out by Israel and it’s
      citizens. We should tend to our own problems instead
      of interfering in and subsidizing their disagreements.
      We follow the advice of G.Washington and should not
      get entangled in foreign affairs.
      Sounds pretty conservative to me. 🙂

      • absolutely,sage….I was thinking of my use of the term zionist
        when I remembered that we are all concerned and pray for
        peace in Jeruselam ….that being Our Father’s favorite place
        on earth and which will be the seat of Our Saviors government.
        But being His people ,the manner in which we conduct ourselves
        in the occupation of His city is a witness to the unsaved. If the
        righteous are to flee to the mountains where He hides them from
        the wrath .. He will return at the Final Trump when His foot sets
        on the Mount of Olives and cleaves it in two no matter who claims
        to hold title for the earth is the Lord’s and all in it for He is King
        of Kings.

  4. If he is truly anti-Israel, I totally disagree with that position.
    His campaign specifies eliminating all foreign aid from the budget does not single out Israel. I agree with his position that we should make no demands on Israel that impedes their national sovereignty in any way, i.e. that they should give land for peace or pursue a “two state solution” that will not result in defensible borders.
    As defined by CIA experts, Michael Schreuer and Robert Baer, the “blowback” theory of the 9/11 attacks has validity. That’s not the “truther” version of 9/11 being an inside job; but, that radical islam views terrorism as an economical and valid tactic.
    My hope for his candidacy is based on the Plan to Restore America that cuts the budget and eliminates the cabinet level departments tasked with implementing Agenda 21.
    I’m not aware that any other candidate’s platform addresses Agenda 21. If Paul’s not viable candidate, we might as well save our breath and resign ourselves to Agenda 21.

    • Grannie:
      “If he is truly anti-Israel, I totally disagree with that position.”
      All I can do is report what other people write and say. Ron Paul will need to address the claims made by his 17-year personal assistant, Eric Dondero.
      I just wish readers wouldn’t crucify me for my reporting….

      • Eowyn, I’m not crucifying you at all. I only wanted to clarify my own thinking on the Paul candidacy.
        I just consider this the politics as usual– the MSM looks for dirt on every candidate who rises in the polls….. the only exception being their annointed candidate Obama.
        If Santorum does better than expected in Iowa, he’ll be next on their hit list.

        • Grannie,
          I didn’t mean you! 🙂

          • Sagebrush, I love the Scriptures, God’s inspired Word! I read the daily readings set forth in our weekly bulletin that is given to us after Mass on Sunday. I was not aware that people get angry with you because you quote Scripture. Shame on them! i am a Lector at Mass, which is a great honor, as is Dr.Eowyn. However, as you know, Scripture can be thrown around and taken out of context, with presumptuous one-liners. One sentence Scripture quotations can be used to dismiss and end a conversation which might include answers and responses to queries, and so on, and so forth. I am sure you would agree that such a practice is misuse of the Scriptures, given your extensive knowledge of the Scriptures. And, I wonder if people just feel that they are being spoken down to or being dismissed especially if they are not familoiar with Scripture. You must afford them some empathy and slack. Perhaps they really don’t “want to be God.” (LOL). Take care.

          • Sage, i want you to know that even if I argue a Biblical interpretation with you, I love seeing your Scripture posts. I’m not Christian, but you have some VERY good knowledge of what is in there, and what it means to conservative Christians. I have already sharpened my Biblical knowledge from looking up passages you quote from! 🙂 ~Ed, Self-appointed Gadfly of God.

    • Got my reply in too late and in the wrong spot
      …I agree with you, LTG.

  5. but the assistant’s (?) comment is unverified and
    inconsistent with a thirty year record of voting and
    speeches on the Congressional Record…It’s well
    known that some people can be bought and others blackmailed…end even more misquoted. I believe
    Ron Paul thinks that HE will protect and bless Israel
    and that the US might back off a bit and let HIM.

  6. Thank you, dear Grouchy. But then, the messenger getting shot at and blamed is part of political blogging. Nobody promised me a rose garden, though what I do is made so much more bearable by your sweetness. 😀

  7. Sagebrush, what do you mean when you say that “God is a Zionist?”

  8. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for this informative post about Ron Paul. Not only did you set out the serious problems he has with foreign policy and how he interprets America’s role in world wars, which further substantiates what I have read about him, but you have also set out what you like about him on the various issues of pro-life, the United Nations and the Federal Reserve. The balance is refreshing and I find that it helps me to decide in terms of priority of the issues, what issues mean the most to me, as to whether or not I support a candidate. I also learned a great deal about “Libertarians” and important distinctions in their positions.
    And by the way, shame on anyone who crucifies any of the writers of FOTM, AS WELL AS those who respond and participate in the dialoguing upon the site. May they be “drawn and quartered!” (LOL)
    I also want to publicly thank my Guardian Angel, James, for his incessant encouragement and help these past two days, directing me to participate in FOTM. He is so persistent and active in my life, and he has helped me through this time of extreme suffering.
    In the past, (I believe it was in October of this year), I asked people, both writers and participants, to pray for a dear friend of mine who was in the process of dying. (I had spoken with Dr. Eowyn about him over the phone, and she very kindly said she would pray for him.) However, I asked on three occasions for your prayers upon this public site, but remarkably, I received absolutely no response upon the site of FOTM! Now, I am asking you, once again, for your prayers. I have had some medical tests performed yesterday that are important. I ask for your prayers and good thoughts to help me get through this time of extreme suffering. Brother Pain is always with me, and I accept him with open arms, but he hasn’t been as incessant in any time of my life as he has been these past few days. It is my hope that this time, I will receive a loving response from the participants of FOTM.
    I want to wish everyone a very happy new year! May you have the courage of your convictions, may you receive many blessings from Our Lord and may you invite the Church Triumphant, your family in heaven, to help you in this battle against evil. I have said on various occasions most emphatically, that this battle we have on “Middle Earth” will never be won by ourselves, no matter how much one dialogues upon any kind of blog or internet site, or performs any other kind of activity that battles evil. Therefore, I ask for the help of Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, Mary, all of the angels and all of the saints in this battle against evil. May you extend the same invitation in your lives!
    I have been studying the great and wonderful St. John of the Cross. I have found much wisdom and assistance in his communication, “Detach yourself from anything that is not of God, and for Christ’s sake, love suffering.” The more I live, the more I understand what Jesus said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

    • Dear Joan,
      I’m delighted that this post on Ron Paul meets with your approval! But truth be told, I can’t promise I’ll do a “balanced” post on every candidate or issue because sometimes I can find nothing to like. But then, that’s what the comments section of each post is for — readers can write what they like about a candidate, as many have done about Paul, Gingrich, et al., even Skippy!
      I am offering my day to you. I am also offering all my sufferings to you. My sufferings are not physical like yours, but mental/psychological in the form of great unrelenting stress from all my many responsibilities that include this blog, some of which as you know are onerous and without relief.
      You are also in my daily prayers, as you have always been.
      Your sister in Christ,

      • I thank you Eowyn for this action of love and support from “Your Godsister.” There isn’t a day that does not go by that I do not offer my day and suffering for you, whereupon my suffering is not only physical, but psychological and emotional, experiencing the suffering of rejection from family for standing up for my Catholic Faith, just as you have done, experiencing that same suffering. I have always publicly acknowledged and complimented and thanked you for your hard work, your determination, your brilliance and the love that you offer upon FOTM. I also admire you for taking care of all of your other personal responsibilities at home. I do the same, but as you know, I am very slow now, I struggle to cook and am most disabled. But I thank God for my wonderful husband who assists me. I thank God every day for you, for my husband, my family, my friends, my Why Catholic family, for my beautiful home and everything that God has given me.
        And, of course, you are always in my daily prayers as well.
        Your Godsister,

      • Thank you Steve! You are a dear and wonderful man!

    • Joan I offer my humble prayers for you…

  9. Khetaamenti, I thank you so very much for your wonderful prayers. I will also include you in my prayers, asking Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, Mary, the angels and the saints, to help you!

  10. Thank you Dear Grouchy Man! I feel bad calling you “Grouchy!” I have said prayers for you just now! I light candles all of the time, as I love them! They symbolize the Light of Christ, and how we are to be His lights in our little worlds! May Our Lord bless you, and may the Blessed Mother, Mary, all of the angels and all of the saints, assist you!

  11. Joan: the prayers of the faithful avail much….
    Seeing my new found friends, brothers and sisters gathered
    together and unified in the Spirit…is priceless.Methinks that if
    our suffering is contributory to that end , then our pain is well
    The time is short for this corrupt world and evil is afoot….
    come Lord Jesus .Soon we’ll have no need for politics 🙂

  12. Thank you, Dan for your words of wisdom.

  13. Thank you, Sage, for your prayers, and the Scriptural quotations. I agree, that if we do His work we surely will be hated by some men and women. However, Jesus gives us great peace in spite of such rejection and hatred, a peace that no one else can give.

  14. Sage, once again, I still do not understand what you mean when you say that God is a Zionist.

    • Wonderful video, Sage. The message can’t be clearer. This is a must-see video for all anti-Semites who pretend they’re just anti-Zionists, as if anyone is fooled by the change of terminology. LOL

    • Thank you, Sage, for your information. God dwells everywhere! Not only God dwells in Zion, but dwells anywhere he wishes, and Jesus came into the world for ALL MEN and WOMEN.
      “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon and touched with our hands, concerning the word of life-the life was made manifest, and we saw it, and testify to it, and proclaim to you the eternal life which was with the Father and was made manifest to us-that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you may have fellowship with us; and our fellowship is with the Fatther and with his Son, Jesus Christ. And we are writing this that our joy may be complete.” 1 Jn 1:1-4 God invites His Fellowship with all men and women, to DWELL in all men and women.
      At the heart of catechesis is Christ! He is not limited to dwelling in Zion! “At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Peson, the Person of Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son from the Father…who suffered and died for us and who now, after rising, IS LIVING WITH US FOREVER.” (Catechesi tradendae 5, Catechism of the Catholic Church 426.)
      “(He) Jesus identified himself with the Temple by presentig himself as God’s definitive dwelling-place among men. Therefore, his being put to bodily death presaged the destruction of the Temple, which would manifest the dawning of a new age in the history of salvation. “The hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in HJersualem will you worship the Father.” Catechism of the Cathoic Church 586; Jn 2:21; Mt 12:6. Again, JESUS IS GOD’S DEFINITIVE DWELLING PLACE AMONG MEN.
      Jesus IS, RESIDES, DWELLS, in His true presence in the Holy Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, according to what Jesus taught us. (Jn 6.) Dr. Eowyn is a Catholic Eucharistic Minister who gives the body and blood of Our Lord to those who come to the altar to receive it.
      I know one thing: God doesn’t just dwelll in Zion.

  15. “The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. Shutting down military bases and ceasing to deal with to deal with other nations with threats of violence is not isolationism. It is the opposite. Opening ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy is the foreign policy of peace and prosperity.” – Ron Paul

  16. Eowyn, thank you for posting primary evidence like the video of Dr. Paul addressing a public gathering. I listened to the video, and found it 100% Constitutionally conservative from beginning to end, and therefore 100% correct for a presidential candidate to espouse. Dr. Paul is clearly the best candidate by far, to include his foreign policy vision for America.

  17. Dear Joandarc,
    I am sorry if I missed an earlier request for prayers. I do try to fulfill any request for prayers that I see. I will include you in all of my prayers today. Trust in the Lord. God’s will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

  18. Thank you, hrmfc, for your kind words and your wonderful prayers.. I have just offered my day for you, hrmfc. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

  19. I sorely miss your prayers, lowtechgrannie. I just want you to know that after your injury, I offered many days for you to Jesus, so that you might heal, and that I have never stopped praying for you and others, such as Legion, tbf, and so forth, and so on. I noticed your participation on this post, and most likely, you have not read my request for prayers.


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