Ron Paul. He's Crossed Off My List. Sheesh What A Boob.

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Did he really say that?
Posted by Judson Phillips on May 12, 2011 at 2:40pm in Tea Party Nation Forum
There are a couple of things you can say about Ron Paul. First, there is little middle ground with him. People either love him or hate him. Second, he is not shy about talking about what is on his mind.
Ron Paul earlier this week was talking about the Bin Laden operation and said, “I would suggest the way they got Khalid [Sheikh] Mohammed. We went and cooperated with Pakistan. They arrested him, actually, and turned him over to us, and he’s been in prison. Why can’t we work with the government?” He is of course, referring to the government of Pakistan.
Then, when asked by WHO radio if it was necessary Paul said, “I don’t think it was necessary, no. It absolutely was not necessary. I think respect for the rule of law and world law and international law. What if he’d been in a hotel in London? We wanted to keep it secret, so would we have sent the airplane, you know the helicopters in to London, because they were afraid the information would get out?”
If there is any doubt that Ron Paul should not even get near the Oval Office, even on a tour of the White House, he has just revealed it. Such insane comments now raise the issue if he should even be in the Congress.
Ron Paul supporters will always rush to his defense. They will point out some good things he has said and done, such as the demand to audit the Fed.
That is all well and good but his isolationism and naïveté are simply too much.
Perhaps Ron Paul should be reminded of a few things. Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11. He is not a combatant in the sense of the law, where the law of warfare applies. He is a terrorist. The best legal analogy to a terrorist is the pirates of old. Under International Law, a country that catches a pirate is pretty much free to do anything to the pirate they want.
The same should be true for terrorists.
For Ron Paul, he should know much better. As a Congressman, he should have access to some classified information that we do not have. Every American who watches the news and can fog a mirror knows that the Pakistani Intelligence Service has been a silent partner with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. If we had tipped Pakistan off that we were going to go in and try to “arrest” Bin Laden, when we got there, all we would have found would have been an empty house and maybe some booby traps.
For a Congressman to say the raid to kill the man who is one of the greatest mass murderers of Americans in history was, “not necessary,” is simply nuts.
Ron Paul thinks that if we simply pull all of our military out of every other country and hunker down behind our borders everything will be okay. No, it won’t be. We are dealing with madmen in this world. Some of them are bent on world domination by their particular religion and others are simply nuts. Ballistic Missile technology and nuclear weapons are spreading faster than anyone can control. Kim Jong “mentally” Il can push a button and thirty minutes later one of his missiles hits America.
We cannot have a leader who does not believe in protecting America. Socialists hate America and do not want to see America defend itself. What is Ron Paul’s excuse?
Yeah, he’s nuts too.      ~Steve~

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0 responses to “Ron Paul. He's Crossed Off My List. Sheesh What A Boob.

  1. I totally agree that Ron Paul is nuts. Anti-American and anti-Semitic, too. I’m sorry that so many intelligent people are taken in by him.

  2. Well from your post that would mean that you believe the official story of 911, and who is the idiot?

  3. I don’t like saying-“I told you soo” BUT I told ya so Steve! he thinks we should be a Nation of “Tolerance” that in itself speaks volumes.

  4. Oh Ron, still the “crazy uncle” at the picnic.

  5. There are things I like about Ron Paul.
    This isn’t one of them.

  6. Mad Angel is on FB

    OHHH I get it… Judson Phillips on May 12, 2011 at 2:40pm in “Tea Party Nation Forum”
    I guess you tea baggers haven’t read the history of 911…or the constitution or you wouldn’t be saying this drivel…. it almost had CROSSING FELLOWSHIP OF THE MINDS OFF OF MY LIST

    • Please don’t threaten us with your leaving this ad-free no-revenue blog. After all, your departure will leave such a gaping hole in our readership, seeing how this blog is not even 1.5 years old and we’ve already had over 1.5 million hits.

    Yes, I’m quite sure that would just distress everyone here to no end.
    I mean, it might even cause Eowyn to be so distraught that she drives down to her adult beverage retailer and pops for a bottle of bubbly.
    Maybe even two.

  8. Mad Angel is on FB

    wow….(shaking head)

    • Candance Moore

      y. a. w. n.
      I really hope this puts an end to Ron Paul mania.

    • The Nuremberg Trials were unprecedented, and settled little in the way of case law, as the charges presented were somewhat vague.
      Crimes against Humanity? Conspiracy to commit war? Crimes against peace? War crimes?
      I wonder if those who helped spark the American Revolution would have survived a trial with similar charges in a British court.
      Most would not have.
      BTW: The Nuremburg trials took place after the war was over.
      We are still at war with the Islamists, and according to the tenets contained within the Geneva Convention, taking out Osama (if that is, in fact, what they did) was perfectly legal, as he was a non-uniformed combatant, and he was not a citizen of Pakistan.

  9. lowtechgrannie

    In his defense, I have to say that Ron Paul has been putting out a newsletter for over 20 years. When I was in the thick of the OBE/Education Reform battles with Charlotte Iserbyt in the 1990s, he consistently included our Alerts in his newsletters when all the other change agent/conservatives gave us the cold shoulder or whispered lies behind out backs to shut us out.
    You may disagree with him; but, he is not a guy who changes his tune to suit the audience. He stands by his positions and doesn’t waiver. That he might not be the “Flavor of the Month” doesn’t surprise me. I’ve never met anyone with whom I agreed 100%, including my mom, my sons, my husband or my best friend!
    It’s early days in this 2012 extravaganza. I only know two things, I WILL NOT support Gingrich or Romney . Aside from that, I have my vote to cast in NOVEMBER 2012—– 18 months away—- anything can happen!

    • lowtechgrannie

      Ron Paul supporters call me naive because I’m partial to Herman Cain. Due to the race issue, I’d love to pit a black conservative against Obama. Every time the MSM trashes Cain, we could play the race card! What a blast!

      • Mad Angel is on FB

        Hi Grannie…I just thought I’d let you know that”SHILL” was NOT meant towards you… 😉

  10. Welcome back! LOL
    What we must remember that our differences are dwarfed by our agreements. None of the many groups on the Right can win this battle on our own. We need friends and allies. I appreciate what Ron Paul has done about the Federal Reserve, but disagree with him on some other issues. Come to think of it, I can think of NO ONE with whom I’m in complete agreement — not even myself! LOL

  11. Time for a group hug! LOL
    Fellowship of the Minds

  12. Mad Angel is on FB

    Hi Steve,
    I think you nailed it ….we both reacted emotionally….another side affect of all the ad-nauseum MSM drag on what can’t even be sorted out anymore due to the constant flubbing of facts over the bin Laden fiasco. As for Ron Paul …he may not be a great orator, like Obummer, but then that may be due to not having speech writers doing his talking for him, Have you ever seen what a clown Obama devolves into without his teleprompter?? Nuff said 😛
    I think Ron Paul is old school constitutionalist and if we don’t get that back on track it’ll be gone forever….as they say once you give up your freedoms, you never get them back….well at least not without a fight.
    As for a ‘FAN’? given this country’s track record..if I had to put any amount of trust in any one individual….Paul bears serious consideration.
    Believe me I can relate to reactions of those closest to ground zero, and the way the human brain works, it’s hard to try to be rational when you’re seeing red. One of the ‘conspiracies’ (about the plane that supposedly hit the Pentegon for example) was that it was a missile….and I think a preponderance of the evidence proves it….. in my mind, popped up what I hadn’t seen mentioned at all…..if it wasn’t flight 77(?), then what happened to all of the people on board?? Now THAT has a sinister feel to it that most can’t or won’t grasp.
    Oh… and now that the “polls” are in…I don’t trust the tea party either…. they look just like republicans but take votes away from them….but the Whitehouse Dems REALLY suck……so….what to do? Vote for a guy who says we should follow the constitution to the letter?? Sounds good to me.

    • Mad Angel is on FB

      well since you asked …. I was ALL EXCITED by West…here we had someone who had hands on experience with Islamists and wasn’t afraid to speak out about the threat that is Sharia, and CAIR and ISNA and MAS….. buuut…then he signed to extend the patriot act-
      to me that’s not progress…and if pressed I consider it treason
      Cain?? I have to admit I’ve totally overlooked learning anything about him- yet…

    • While i disagree w\ RP stance on OBL ,I still support him.
      Besides,other than Herman Cain who else is there? Pailin, YUCK. Romney?, next. Huck…..whatever. and i’m not on the Herman bandwagon either….

    • I like West

  13. Mad Angel is on FB


  14. Ron Paul is going to announce that he is running for president. He wants to legalize prostitution and heroin. His campaign slogan is, “Let’s just see what would happen.”

  15. We need a true conservative, not necessarily a Republican.
    This candidate must: have a full deck , not fear military confrontation, have business acumen, be monogamous, pay taxes.
    “To Dream, The Impossible Dream” – Man of La Mancha

  16. What an idiot Judson is…keep sucking in the money, you don’t represent the tea party and you didn’t start it.
    Best you disappear so we can actually have a liberty movement in this country.
    Neo-cons gonna con.

  17. You do realize Judson and others, that RP issued letters of marque on osama after 9/11.
    We would of already had Osama if Ron Paul was president, but you’re too idiotic to go back 10 years I guess? Since invading Iraq and going into Afghanistan really got Osama…yep.
    Isolationism? Lol, typical neo-con dribble, how are you even relevant to the tea party. The tea party isn’t some pet project for you to make money on while pushing your idiotic Neo-con views. Republicans do that just fine.
    It’s called Non-interventionism. You know, the policy Bush ran on in 2000? Yeah, don’t invade Libya, Iraq, Russia, China…so ISOLATIONIST. Get over yourself thief.

  18. This is my opinion on Ron Paul…I think we need someone that is as extreme far right as Ron Paul is to combat the Extreme Far Left liberalism of Obama to bring out country back to the center right…


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