Ron Paul Gets Vicious

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Ronald Reagan says there’s an 11th Commandment for Republicans: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”
On Friday, Dec. 16, 2011, appearing on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the nominally Republican (but really Libertarian) candidate Ron Paul was asked what he thought of his opponents with whom he’s competing to be the GOP presidential nominee.
Paul described Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as, respectively, a former Massachusetts governor and former Speaker of the House.
Then, stripping off his genial avuncular mask, Paul turned vicious.
About Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, he had three words: “She hates Muslims.” About former U.S. Senator Rich Santorum, Paul had five words: “He hates gays and Muslims.”

So Ron Paul now can read what’s in another’s heart?
By the way, Ron Paul supporters like to tout their man as being a Constitutionalist. Do they know that Paul thinks it’s “irrelevant” whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President?
H/t FOTM’s beloved Sage_brush.

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19 responses to “Ron Paul Gets Vicious

  1. Dang, could they all stop making it easier for the Demo-rats in 2012?

  2. Someone needs to give a copy of a Muslim schoolbook from any Muslim country to Ron Paul and our vice president, they want us dead.

    • True, our stuff may’ve ticked them off from the past, but now the current corp of islamists sees our freedom as evil and corrupting, and they really do hate us for what we are (just like left/liberals do) so we have to defeat them and THEN go around not offending everyone… the reverse (as in the left/liberal apologize-for-America schtick) will just get us defeated and eventually our way of life that we enjoy destroyed.

  3. In case no one has noticed…if ANY mooslims have bombs,
    they ALL have bombs. If they REALLY wanted you dead,
    you’d already be dead. This isn’t a battle against flesh and
    blood ,but a spiritual battle against dark and evil forces
    whose members infiltrate EVERY organization. They have
    no intention of killing you if they can turn you to their cause
    of hate and terror and subjugation. The ones supplying
    the weapons don’t care about sides…

  4. BINGO!!! That’s what they don’t seem to get. Why do I always feel like I just landed in Jonestown, Guyana, when I’m talking to Ron Paul’s supporters?
    Note to the listeners: Jonestown Kool Aid is not a healthy choice.

  5. Paul scares the crap outta me.

  6. TSA and Homeland Security ….CIA and FBI…
    IRS and FED Reserve Inc ….The military industrial complex
    and the fascist corporate oligarchy and el douche (Barry Sotero)
    all concern me greatly,but I don’t fear men and what they might
    try to do. Jesus said it would be like this and that though we might
    pass through travail, he would always be with us
    and never desert us.

  7. I hate to say this but romney , grinch blah,blah blah..obama. no diffrent. one just moves faster than the other.
    maybe it’s just me but if u think anyone but paul can beat obama think again. ron paul voters(most) will not vote for anyone else.. it is what it is
    I may vote for Obama atleast it will excellerate more people to the side of liberty…Gays,abortion? really? that is all that we have to worrie about.
    Iran ? let’s keep this in the correct context what is nat. defence? striking another country ? Enough war!!! we can’t aford it!!!!

    • Anyone not voting for Ron Paul will vote “any way fox news winds blow”
      Ron paul voters simply will not . all other canidates will need Ron Paul voters and will not get them. And will be stuck w\ Obummer another 4 yrs.
      But the funny thing is people will blame RP and not the FAILER of the Canadate running V\S Obamma.

      • Really, I vote the way Fox News blows?
        Rather insulting to assume me, and others here, don’t have a brain and can research candidates ourselves. Perhaps you should take a look at our many posts on the candidates.

      • “What does this say about Paulbots-that they will get their panties in a knot and run off to vote for a socialist in power, rather than another republican?” these republicans are socialistic , they just choose to go slower but it will get there. I will vote for no socialist hardcore or watered down..

        • No. lol.., not a left wing plant. that is just it. My lib. friends call me a republican my conservitive friends call me a liberal..
          smaller gov. lower taxes . state rights. mind our own buiessness over seas.
          But most importantly to keep America great,while we still can..

    • P.S I love this site…. Merry Christmas too ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Paul has fallen (or maybe approves of it) for the SRM’s playbook…focus on attacking your “opponents” instead of the REAL opponent in the WH.
    If he goes Ross Perot on us, we are doomed…

  9. after 30 years in office and being nearly 100% consistent in his
    views, I doubt seriously that he’ll flake out. As far as Leno goes,
    you have to admit that his sense of humor is a bit acerbic , but
    when others are taking pot-shots at you….you tend to be more
    defensive than you would like….
    (we ALL struggle with that passive resistance thing :))
    When the media is in the corner of ANYONE who opposes you….

  10. He just got Rick Santorum elected.

  11. If us people that vote for the only man that will bring America back are Paulbots*******I guess that makes the rest of you Obamanuts!!!!

    • Here you go, again, proving my point.
      Andy, you have demonstrated you are simply incapable of being civil with fellow conservatives and patriots who disagree with you on something. Keep this up, and you will be banned from FOTM, once again.


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