Romney/Ryan sign offensive to Portlanders

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Huge political signs irk NW Portland neighbors In the heart of this political season, one Northwest Portland neighbor is making headlines and drawing a large number of comments for the large way he’s showing his political support.

Scott Niedermeyer put up a Romney/Ryan sign on his NW Cumberland Road home a week ago. It’s a 4-by-8 foot declaration of support he got from the Multnomah County Republicans Office. He liked it so much, he put up a second one on the side of his home.

A disgruntled neighbor sent an email to the city of Portland and the city sent a letter to Niedermeyer. His sign was too big, the city said only lawn signs are allowed in neighborhood zones.

Code enforcement is based on complaint and when we get a complaint we investigate it. We have to draw a line around something, somewhere, and what size works and how it works,” said Tim Heron with the city’s Bureau of Development Services.

“All I’m trying to do is execute my First Amendment right,” said Scott Niedermeyer in defense. “This is the United States of America, this is not Communist Russia.” 

The city said he has to take the signs down by Nov. 4–two days before the election–or face hundreds of dollars in fines and a lien on the home. He says he’s still not taking it down.

I understand there are codes to follow.  Portland says lawn signs are allowed up to 3 square feet. I’ve lived in Portland and I can guarantee you that place is swarming with liberals.  I’d bet you $100 the complainer is an Obama supporter.

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0 responses to “Romney/Ryan sign offensive to Portlanders

  1. I’d bet anyone $5 that there are DEMOCRAT political signs bigger than the approved 3′ x 3′ in Portland, but the city isn’t giving them grief!

  2. Two days before election, I WOULD take it down. Why would I want a frigging lien on my house? Some snaky lawyer would figure a way to take the house.

  3. Does the code say anything about how many signs???

    I’d leave it up until the dead line then put 1oo plus 3 X 3 signs all over the yard!

    Buy the time this liberal made the complaint, time of the investagation, and time given to comply…

  4. And a lien on his house? They take their speech suppression seriously there.

  5. Portland, another Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show!

  6. i will feel sorry for rachel maddow when the muslim brotherhood is strong enough to do in the u.s. what they are doing in europe because she in her unbelief will be caught in the middle of the conflict unaware.


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