Romney vs. POS sign in Michigan

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Sign at intersection of M40 and Blue Star, near Saugatuck, MI

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H/t FOTM’s beloved Ginny!


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0 responses to “Romney vs. POS sign in Michigan

  1. This rocks! And I read in one of my vast plethora of online conservative news subscriptions that Romney gave more to charity in one year than Biden gave in a decade!

  2. Great sign–wish there were signs just like this sprinkled all over the Country!

  3. I posted this poster on my facebook account yesterday. It is pure statistics with no room for arguments from liberals.

    • patriot with facts

      Seems like the good pastor was smart enough to only list the Bain companies that had jobs that couldn’t be shipped to China.

      Making donuts, that’s a bright future for American youth.

  4. Uh, “MI” is the abbreviation for Michigan, not Missouri. Duh!

  5. too bad that so many obama supporters are too dumb to understand this and any other anti obama sign

  6. Why isn’t Gary Johnson on the comparison? It acts like there are only 2 choices.

    • Because in fact there really are only 2 realistic choices. Gary Johnson doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of winning. A vote for him is a vote for B.S. Obama. Period. Stop living in NeverNeverLand.

  7. Wish this sign was posted everywhere…


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