Romney launches "White Americans for Romney" campaign

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How did the Lame Stream Media manage to miss this piece of shocking news?
On February 1, 2012, Mitt Romney announced the launching of “European Americans for Romney”, and called on all white-skinned people to vote for him for president this November 6th.
This is part of what Mitt said:

“Today, we’re announcing the 2012 launch of European Americans for Romney.

There’s no better time than European American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now. 

Visit for more information about all the ways you can get involved—from attending HWCU (historically white colleges and universities) organizing workshops to becoming a Congregation Captain—and say you’re ready to keep making history. Thanks, and see you out there!”

Unlike the Lamestream Media, Fellowship of the Minds is at the forefront of cutting-edge news. Our fearless reporter, Lady Wendy, found this must-watch video of Romney making that historic announcement:

You mean it’s NOT Mitt Romney who’s launched a racist “White Americans For Romney” campaign?


It’s our Post-Racial President, Barry Soetoro Stephen Dunham Barack Hussein Obama Jr., who’s launched a racist “African Americans for Obama” campaign!

And the reaction from the Establishment Media is:


And the reaction from the American sheeple is:



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0 responses to “Romney launches "White Americans for Romney" campaign

  1. This is absolutely outrageous! How does he get away with this? It makes me sick!! I always knew he was just out for the blacks. He’s taken this opportunity to stick it to Whitey whenever he can.No one has the guts to call him out on this!!!!!

  2. edward oleander

    In America, EVERY month is Euro-American History Month. Seems I remember getting a similar response from my dad when I was whinging about why there was no Kids Day… We Tighty-Whities still hold most of the cards, and a lot of folks still hold on to their racial biases.
    Of course, I can be blase’ about it since MY euro-root group is the Irish, and we DO have our own day! 😉
    Besides, Obama knew he was gonna alienate a lot of black voters when he came out for gay marriage… He knew he needed the suck-up points with the black community… I think it was a smart move politically, but so blatantly obvious that you have to wonder if he bungled it and made it worse…

    • You missed the point of my post. Why is it okay for a biracial president to call on black Americans to reelect him, but if a “white” president did that, the screams of ‘RAAAACIST’ would be endless. Why is it not just acceptable, but something to be promoted, for non-whites and especially blacks to engage in Identity Politics, but if whites did that, they’d be called ‘RAAAACIST’?
      And who are “we Tighty-Whities”? I’m not white.

      • Yup. It’s deliberate. His self-description on Facebook:
        1. His religion is “Stewartism” as in “Jon is my Stewart, I shall not want.”
        2. His political views are “Liberal”: “believes George W. Bush WILL go down as the worst President (n)ever elected, and as the man who destroyed America. I believe Supply Side economics no longer has anything to offer our modern, consumer-spending driven, demand-based, service economy. The Bush years bear this belief out. The Tea Party is made up fools, made gullible by their greed, and is exploited ruthlessly by the wealthy.”
        3. Atheist
        4. “In Goth we trust”
        Given all this, I don’t know why he persists in commenting on FOTM. In one of his comments, he maintains that he comes here because he wants to bridge the gap with Conservatives. Either he’s a fool (how can the gap be bridged with a “Stewartian” atheist Liberal?) or he’s so grandiose he thinks he can change us.
        He’s also quite scary looking:
        Edward Nims

        • And Dan Savage is listed as one of his “inspirational” people. Hey, that’s some high standards there…

          • edward oleander

            You know Savage by his more ribald and infamous quotes. He also does a lot of work for the gay community, which is what i admire there. I don’t read his sex advice column…

        • edward oleander

          I didn’t actually miss the point of your post, it was a reverse racism accusation. I get that. A lot of fully Caucasian candidates court the vote of various ethnic/racial communities as well. Romney just did a commercial in Spanish. I understand the point of all the posts here, but Sage was partially right… The issues I address are often tangential to the main point, which means often sounding off-point. I’m not trying to change minds, but I am trying to give a different perspective on a lot of issues that most here believe are stark black/white, right/wrong. If that sounds “grandiose,” remember that information flows both ways. *I* get a different perspective from you folks. Have you noticed I occasionally agree with posts here? THAT’s part of why I post here.
          A bunch of Libs sitting around a table agreeing with each other gets boring really fast, raises paranoia and blood pressure levels, and doesn’t accomplish anything. Maybe what I do here doesn’t either, but isn’t it worth the trouble to at least try? Isn’t it a worthy goal that even as political adversaries, we would be better off understanding each other than thinking in broad stereotypes? My continued presence here is part of MY attempt to see the humanity in the “other” side. I’m not perfect at it, but I’d like to think I’m getting better. And yes, I need to update my FB profile. It comes across more inflammatory than it should be, which again doesn’t accomplish much. I don’t use FB very often.
          Judging by the comments, everyone understood my point as well, that minority groups don’t have the advantages the white majority has. We disagree, as on a lot of things. I work in the inner city at a Detox, and I see what I consider evidence for my view every day.
          I am a shameless Liberal, just as you folks are all shameless Libertarian/Conservatives. We both believe in America, we both are patriots. We both see a need for change. We both make fun of the other side too generally, too often. Terms like Tighty-Righty are designed to refer to a majority of a large voting block, not individuals. I was going for humor, rather than use other terms that are equally imprecise, but possibly more inflammatory..
          We’re not America-hating commies leading decadent, amoral lives and plotting the overthrow of decency, Mom and apple pie. We’re people, most of whom would welcome you to their front lawn if you wanted to stop in (internet flamers and trolls notwithstanding).
          And I am NOT scary! I’m a big, bald, half-crippled (you can’t see my 10-pound-each orthopedic boots), middle-aged marshmallow. The arm you see me holding was a man too drunk to walk on his own. That’s how I earn my keep, and it serves the poor, as many wise sources suggest we do (the pay makes it almost a volunteer job, which should make taxpayers happy).

          • Edward,
            Do you really think that we on FOTM do NOT know how you on the Left think, feel, and believe — such that you must come onto FOTM to advise and inform us? Surrounded by and immersed in liberal media and liberal pop and elite culture, we are inundated with information on how the Left think, feel, and believe.
            How comforting to you it must be to imagine that Conservatives are simpletons who just don’t “get” the complexities of the world. You must not be reading FOTM’s posts, or you read but your supercilious self-regard renders you blind to what you read.
            That being said, on some issues IT IS BLACK AND WHITE. Killing an innocent unborn human being who had done nothing wrong and never even asked to be conceived — and then calling that killing mere “choice” — is WRONG! For Blacks to blame everything on racism and on whites, refusing to take responsibility for their own behaviors and choices, then insist blacks can’t be “racist” and do “hate crimes”, is WRONG! For anyone to come to this country illegally is WRONG! For Muslims who willingly come to the United States (instead of stay in their native Muslim societies), then insist on supplanting the Constitution and rule of law with Sharia is WRONG!
            Sometimes when you’ve been so brainwashed and mindnumbed with moral relativism and everything is just “shades of grey,” you become not only blind to the black, to evil, you can’t even see the Light.
            Lastly, you say you need to update your Facebook page because it’s too “inflammatory.” What is more important to me is that you didn’t say you should update it because it no longer accurately describes you. Are you still an atheist liberal who demonizes the TEA Party has stupid, ignorant, and greedy?
            Gosh, who’s the one who’s a simpleton incapable of seeing the complexities and “shades of grey”, but see and think only in stark Black and White? I suggest you look into your mirror.
            P.S. I take back my description of you as “scary looking” and I do admire you for your work with alcoholics and drug addicts.

            • edward oleander

              It is exactly the TEA Party bits I changed (along with a few others). They no longer represent the confrontational and monolithic view I once had. Some of the other bits are too snarky, and unhelpful. Ribbing the “other” side is fun, but does more harm than good. I am still an atheist liberal.
              We’re all inundated with data these days. My fear though, is that with so many narrowly focused news sources (say, Fox News and Air America Radio), it is become possible to “tune out” whatever we don’t want to hear. By stopping by places like FOTM, I’m trying to keep MYSELF from becoming too isolated. Hopefully, I can hit a ground-rule double and keep a line of communication open to one tiny portion of that “other side.” I know I’m not moving worlds here. I’m not loud or strong enough.
              Thanks for posting my long one above, even though it slid off-topic.

    • Ed O-you are just another self loathing white person, simmering in white guilt. Whites still “hold most of the cards”–REALLY?? Which rock did you just climb out from under? It’s getting rather tiring hearing the blame for another group’s failure to thrive in advantageous conditions, pushed off on those who actually do carry the weight in providing for society.

  3. But Romney does call on nearly white-only groups to vote for him! Every time he speaks to a tea party event — he is calling for the thousands of middle aged white people to vote for him.
    (Oh I forgot, there are usually 1 or 2 token black people in the crowd of 2000 tea party people) (Just so you can point your finger at them exclaiming “SEE, SEE ! We aren’t racist! There’s a black person over yonder!”

    • I’ve been to three TEA Party events and while there wasn’t a majority of black people there, those that were at the events most certainly weren’t “tokens”. They are people part of the conservative movement that care about the out of control spending by our government. You insult them by insinuating they have no choice, nor reason, to be at the event.
      If any party plays the tokens to their advantage, it’s the democrats that parade them out as victims.
      Please don’t insult a black person’s choice or intelligence.

      • “Please don’t insult a black person’s choice or intelligence.”
        #1, that’s very racist in itself for you to suggest that kind of free pass. I personally don’t abstain from criticizing or insulting someone just because of their skin color. No one gets a free pass in my equal opportunity world of insult launching.
        #2 Sure, the tea party has lofty and worthy goals (less spending) — But all the good stuff you can credit the tea party is negated by the massive ugly undercurrent of racism that exists from the majority of these people.
        Just read the comments on many of the race baiting WND articles. (Any article that suggests black violence is rising in some inner city somewhere JUST READ the many thousands of responses from your fellow tea party people on WND. Their true nature comes to the surface, when the majority proudly wish aloud that segregation was back and that they miss Jim Crow, etc . (Even worse, some calling for deportation of all blacks/etc) .. No, these type of comments aren’t called out and criticized– most similar comments get dozens of “LIKES” from your people.

        • Raaaaacist!!! Blah, blah, blah.
          Sick of it the bullsh*t thrown our way by those that cannot prove their claim. Prove that the majority of us are raaaaaaaaaaaacist. Show me the MAJORITY of raaaaacists at the TEA Parties that threatened to kill black people. Show me the videos. Show me the posters. Give me quotes. Give me pictures. Prove that the majority of WDN commentors are TEA Party members.
          Your opinion means nothing to me. I KNOW what I saw at the TEA Parties as I WAS THERE. The only ones that were making fools of themselves were the libs still screaming about Bush.

        • Racist this, racist that. Y-a-w-n.
          John Abbott is a racist
          By your twisted logic (“The Taxed-Enough-Already Party movement must be raaacist because few blacks are members”), that makes the NAACP, HBCU (historically black colleges and universities), CBC (Congressional Black Caucus), the NBA (National Basketball Association), and rap “music” raaaacist, since there are few if any whites in those organizations!
          I know why so few blacks join the Taxed-Enough-Already Party movement! — because many blacks are among the 47% of Americans who DON’T pay any federal income taxes, but instead suck on the teets of Obese Big Government. The last thing they want is to reduce the size of Obese Big Government and to cut taxes. Horrors. That might actually force them to get a job.

  4. By the way, there were Native Americans fighting alongside the federal government helping them to round up and enslave their fellow native Americans.
    There were black people aiding the conservative bible thumping south in attempting to keep the northern Yankees from freeing their fellow people.
    Admittedly there are evil people of every color. Next time you point out the little bit of color you can *barely* spot in your usually monochromatic tea party groups, give them credit for having quite a few unfortunate equals in America’s bloody history.

  5. …makes me want to bleach my sheets for the next meeting….
    Eowyn : (sarc/lol’s)

    He’s one of the reasons that blacks think they do NOT have to play by the same rules.

  7. Just a little bit of history, John. It was Democrats who formed the KKK-to suppress blacks voting for Republicans. It has been Republicans who have authored the first laws for black rights. The Democrats-Liberals, want to keep the blacks dependent on Government while the nasty Repulbicans have wanted to give them all the tools to achieve the American Dream! People like you that refuse to use logic and look at facts are pathetic!

  8. John and Edward: Good freakin grief! You need to grow a pair, open your pretty little eyes, and realize the left is preying on ppl like you.
    Why do you think they got rid of Herman Cain as fast as they did…the Dumocrats wouldn’t have gotten to play the race card this time around. (let’s be honest here…it’s the ONLY card they got!) They actually knew that most of the tea-party members would have voted for him. That tells me that the Left KNOWS we aren’t racists!
    Hate to break it to ya but this time around the left doesn’t have a pot to pee in…and what’s comical is they KNOW it! 😉

  9. edward oleander

    Gosh, Terry, you’re good… MOST people can’t tell that much about a person from one unposed photo like that (the picture was of the patient, not me, I just cropped it)… But yes, I’ve been married to the girl next door for 24 years (knew her since birth). I’ve had several people ask over the years if I’m gay, since that is the reputation of male nurses. I tell them yes, but since I’m married to a woman, that makes me a lesbian. You were half-right, though, because I am VERY gay-sympathetic, and am proud to count many of that community as my friends. Since you’re on such a roll, would you like to make any more speculations?

    • “(the picture was of the patient, not me. I just cropped it)”
      But in a previous comment on this thread, you admitted the pic is yours, but that you’re just a big marshmallow. Which is it?
      Frankly, I don’t care what you look like, but I do care about lies.
      The pic is you, because it looks just like the profile pic you have on your Facebook page, wearing a t-shirt “Clapton is god”:
      edward oleander
      Yahoo profile pic (l); Facebook profile pic (r)
      You’re a declared atheist, but you think a rock star is god. You’re sick.

      • edward oleander

        Perhaps I wasn’t clear… The subject of the picture was an intoxicated man, whose arm I am holding. I cropped the patient out of the photo because of confidentiality. I am indeed the big marshmallow in the picture.
        The one with the Clapton T-shirt was another unposed shot taken about the same time at a writer’s convention during a sing-along. I’m watching three dear friends performing Peter, Paul, and Mary. That silver medallion I’m wearing has Pagan symbols on it. The copper bracelet you can see has Native American medicine symbols. None of these hold any religious significance to me. The shirt, the medallion, and the bracelet all have deep sentimental value to me, because of how I obtained them. I don’t see how any of this makes me, “sick.”
        Eowyn, I’m not a bad person, despite not being a follower of your God. I’m no saint either. I’m just a guy trying to understand the world around me, all while wishing I could stay on my diet. You know, kinda like most folks…

        • No, you weren’t clear. In your original comment, you conveyed the understanding that it was your patient who’s the man in the pic and you were cropped out. But I thank you for your correction.
          As for the silver medallion with pagan symbols and the “Clapton is god” t-shirt, why wear them if you’re an atheist? Why invoke the word “god” if you don’t even believe he exists? Would you wear a crucifix or a St. Michael’s medal if I gave it to you?
          As for your last paragraph, I did say in a previous comment on this thread that I believe you are a kind man, since you work as an RN at a detox center. But that doesn’t mean you’re not sick disordered in your thinking and your spirituality. [snark]
          And just for the record, I’m no saint either, although my goal is to become one because only saints, i.e., the holy, “go” to Heaven — which I very much would like to because I want to see God face-to-face; explore and understand the mysteries of the Universe; meet St. Michael the Archangel and draft myself into his army; and spend eternity with my beloved G.

          • edward oleander

            LOL… “Disordered” is pretty appropriate some days… Our motto at Detox is, “Normal people don’t work here.” The company I work for (which runs Detox for the county) was begun by a Christian Pastor (a medic in the Viet Nam war) as part of his ministry. Running Detox was a marriage of convenience about 10 years back because of overlapping patient/client populations. I used to work 1st Aid at his tent revivals before he moved away.
            The shirt was a gift from a friend for medical support and advice while he was ill. The medallion, a gift from my wife when we were exploring (but ultimately rejecting) Paganism. The chain it hangs from was a HS graduation present from my parents 35 years ago. The bracelet, a gift from the family of a 9 year old I treated for a foot fracture the very first day of my medical career back in 1988. The bracelet I wear every day; the medallion I wore that night in support of my Pagan friends. The shirt was just the first thing I grabbed that day.
            I would indeed wear a crucifix (and I do occasionally) if the giving of it had significance to me personally, like those above. It is never (and will never be!) meant as sacrilegious, no more than the medallion or bracelet are. The circles I run with understand my meaning, and are approving. If I came to your house for dinner, I would wear a gift from you (whatever it was), knowing that YOU know it was being worn out of friendship. If I was a guest at Sage’s house, I wouldn’t wear ANY religiously themed jewelry, out of sensitivity to her strong beliefs (unless, of course, it had been given as a token of thanks or friendship BY her)…
            Thanks for the reply! 🙂


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