Romney debates POS – Open Thread

Romney KO’d the POS in their first debate tonight! 😀

See the polls and the Left’s meltdown, here!

In a little over an hour, at 9 pm (East coast) or 6 pm (West coast), the first presidential debate will begin.

Reluctantly, I will watch the debate — reluctantly because listening to the POS is worse than hearing fingernail scratching a blackboard.

Here’s an Open Thread for us to share our thoughts and reactions, to vent our frustration, or hopefully, to celebrate a victory.

And Prissy is beside himself.



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0 responses to “Romney debates POS – Open Thread

  1. Sigh…I will be watching too. Going to need an aspirin or two for this.

  2. At least we’ll be suffering…the POS together. LOL

  3. Great idea!! Hoping Mittens puts on some boxing gloves!!

  4. I think I’m developing colitis just waiting for this thing to start…I can’t imagine how Mitt and his family must feel, especially with that poisonous press corps in the audience.

  5. Don’t know if I can stomach this or not.


  6. “Economic Patriotism”??!! PFFFFTTT!!

    • “Economic Patriotism” is Orwellian Doublespeak. What the POS means by “economic patriotism” is to hire more teachers (like they’re doing such a good job!) and pump more money to govt schools & universities, which would make teachers’ unions just so happy, and to have an even BIGGER govt!

      • Buffet defines it as saying guys like him should pay more taxes but not actually doing so ’cause he already did his part.

  7. I can’t watch. I’ve decided I will pray.

  8. I can neither watch, nor even listen on radio because of how much I loathe the Kenyan mullah comrade Dear Ruler POtuS fraud from Hell.

    I think I’ll load up FlightSimulator 2004 and fly over St. Louis to see if the Arch is still there.


  9. Is it just my imagination or is Skippy getting his a** kicked???

  10. Just my opinion, but I think Romney is coming on fairly strong, and I see Obama with that same look on his face as he had when Paul Ryan nailed him on obamacare. Now Lehrer is ‘cuing’ Oblahma. He’s stumbling early.

    • Happily, the first debate is on domestic policy, beginning with the economy — and that is Romney’s strong suit. 🙂

      Have you noticed how when Romney is speaking, the POS looks down most of time and occasionally looks at Romney with evil eyes? In contrast, when the POS is speaking, Romney looks at the POS the entire time, with kind eyes and a smile.

      The POS is hitting all the standard tiresome leftist memes: teachers, college students, rich people esp. corporations are bad, Romney’s plan would hurt the elderly, the chill-ren, and the disabled. In other words, fear-mongering.

  11. “Forty years ago when I was going around talking to people about healthcare…” HUH??!! When he was 10? What a liar…

  12. Don’t you just love Romney getting even the POS refer to the (Un)Affordable Healthcare Act as Obamacare? LOL

  13. I’m having a hard time listening to the illegal lying POS too!!!! I am watching this one debate hoping Romney is going to take off his gloves and pound his a$$ right straight into the ground. Take it to him, let him have it!! So far Romney sounds good, the POS is bumbling,lying and trying to tread water. I want more agression from Romney!!!! This will be the last one I watch if Romney doesn’t come through here.

    • Tina, just my opinion, but I think Romney’s coming through really strong, making complete sentences, & he’s not intimidated by the pos, On the other hand, O is stumbling and trying very hard to remember what the coaches told him. AND…he keeps saying “Let me finish…” crackin me up big time.

      • The POS also keeps saying “the middle class” and how much he’s done for “the middle class.” I’m middle class — but the only thing he’s done for me is …. [omitted due to vulgarity].

    • you are right Grouchy! the difference was huge. Thats what we want. Can you imagine being any member of this communist-illegal administration? I mean really, the many reasons they may not sleep well at night. I would not want to be them once all truth prevails,and it will. God Bless America!!

  14. If you like how Romney did in this debate, please consider sending him a “Well done!” message by donating to his campaign, no matter how small a sum.

  15. Ohhhh, the Abe Lincoln reference….like that’s gonna help, LOL!! I’m laughing more at O tonight than I would’ve if I’d been at a comedy club!!

  16. Whoa!!!!! Romney is going for it,he actually stood for the “Constitution.” It is about time.

  17. Well, I have to say that Romney came on strong, addressed several key statements and issues, whereas Oblahma looked at his shoes a lot, and I cannot wait for the next one!!

  18. I did pray for our country and Romney during the debates but I just switched to fox to hear the commentary. Every commentator said that Romney was better! 🙂

  19. Dr.Eowyn-everybody that has seen this picture is rolling on the floor!!! Ha- good job!!!:)

  20. Dr. E, thanks for the open thread tonight, that was invigorating!! Now, I’ll shush and go to bed. 🙂

  21. Romney pulled it off-I thought he was awesome and then some!

  22. Woo-HOO! LOVE it! :0)

  23. Bill Maher ✔ @billmaher
    Romney looks more confident and energetic – he’s about a minute away from holding Obama down and cutting his hair.


  25. I loved it…Romney was right, again, Obama looked like a fool… cowares hi head Down….spoke without his telepromter… no spirit… no hard facts… on and on and on…

  26. You got ’em Mitt. We weren’t planning on staying up and watching the whole thing, but it kept getting better. Obammy bounced his thoughts all over the place: same worn out platitudes. Yawn.
    We slept well last night.

  27. I told my husband 5 minutes into the debate, Obama looks scared. He never lost that look! Romney wiped the floor with him! I feel much better about Romney now!


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