Romney crop “circle” in Iowa

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Jennifer Jacobs reports for Des Moines Register, Oct. 22, 2012, that this huge Mitt Romney political “sign” on Jim and Nancy Pellett’s land in Iowa is visible from Interstate 80 eastbound near Atlantic.

This photo of the crop sign was taken by another Romney supporter, Jim Kurtenbach of Nevada, who went up in a small plane with photographer Charlie Lloyd, also a Romney supporter. The word “Romney” in the top left corner of the photo can be seen from eastbound lanes on I-80.


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0 responses to “Romney crop “circle” in Iowa

  1. Beautiful work!!!

  2. Now where are the UFO people to declare that this was a done by Outerspace Aliens? Surely, this “crop circle” was too complicated or sophisticated to be produced by modern man!


    Romney for the WIN!


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn! What a wonderful crop circle!

  4. He can come mow my grass anytime!


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