Roe v. Wade Spawned New Industry

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This is a companion to Dr. Eowyn’s previous post entitled Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines and Cosmetics that lists corporations involved with the use of fetal cells.  After reading that eyeopener, I did further research.  This video is based on information found in a 2010 article on medical ethics entitled “Commercial Markets Created by Abortion.
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72 page doctoral thesis on which the article, “Commercial Markets Created by Abortion” is online with searchable links:
Other articles on the Fellowship of Minds have more detailed information about the education establshment’s goal to sexualize  little children. See The War On Childhood Escalates .

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12 responses to “Roe v. Wade Spawned New Industry

  1. Well, Sage, I wanted to simplify it down to the essence. There are some issues that are just indefensible.

  2. Joseph Mengele would be proud.

  3. Sickening. Pure evil.

  4. And Planned Parenthood allowed in classes without parents’ knowledge. Happened to my eldest niece. Sis was furious…PP told class you don’t need parent’s permission to go see them. Just downright wrong!

  5. I just don;t know how any mother can treat their child…developing or developed. unborn or born like yesterday’s garbage. Even so Lord Jesus…come quickly!

  6. Are we becoming cannibals?


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