Rockets fired by Hamas at Israel sometimes land in Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians

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In the ongoing Israeli-Gaza conflict, some of the much-publicized Palestinian victims turn out to be victims of Hamas’ misfired rockets that were meant for Israel.

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0 responses to “Rockets fired by Hamas at Israel sometimes land in Gaza, killing Palestinian civilians

  1. And you will never hear this on the evening news because it fits their agenda to make people believe that Israel is just hitting anything and everything. Hamas was also the barbarians hanging little boys from fences last week. They are all bat shit crazy. Great post Dr. Eowyn, this truth needs to be reported all over social media.

  2. Anybody else notice that Hamas and Barry are both using children for political gain? Such brave men, they all make me want to gag. I just hope there is a real special place in hell for them.

  3. Israel has got to feel like President Bush, getting blamed for everything.

    • You can’t be that dumb. You just can’t. You have to be crypto-Zionists working the American resistance. If you’re not-get some help cause your the biggest useful-idiots of all time.

  4. Despite the truth of this article, the actions of Hamas do not excuse or vindicate the policies of Israel, which seem to me to be aimed at the annihilation of the Palestinian people.

  5. The question really needs to be asked, if hamas is a legitimate palestinian organization (and if they’re not, could they be just another arm of the IDF to help keep “war” going? that is one theory I’ve heard, outlandish as it may sound), then how are they acquiring arms, especially given the whore of babylon/oholibah’s propensity for extreme border security, how would they even be able to get propellants in there, much less the rest of the constituents for a functional long range weapon? As either 1. they have to make them from scratch (which would be difficult given the items required) or 2. they’d have to import them from elsewhere, and go to the trouble of smuggling them in, surely records of such activity have been logged?
    One other thing I’m curious about is, where are these rockets, and where are they coming from (ground troops must’ve come across some stockpiles, if there is such a number of them)? The “stockpiles”/bases that oholibah claims to hit don’t seem to have any debris of rockets nor the constituents for them (launchers, housings etc. at least I haven’t heard of or seen any evidence thereof). Furthermore, the people in Gaza surely know that any agression towards the whore of babylon will result in such psychotic measures, so they can’t possibly support such actions themselves, especially when there is risk for collateral damage as well. Finally the whole place must either 1. be full of rockets to keep firing, or 2. they must have a constant supply, which should be trackable, unless 3. they can home make them from compounds and scrap. Although this last option is considerably unlikely given such chemical compounds are hard to come by and refine properly, especially in such a controlled area.
    Aside from hearsay or emotional propaganda from either side, is there any actual evidence of actual rocket base areas, or actual rocket parts/labs within gaza that can provide all the evidence mentioned above?


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