Rockefellers’ ICLEI Agenda 21 – Environmentalism Required for Graduation

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The “save the planet” meme behind the United Nations / Rockefeller-funded ICLEI/Agenda 21  “sustainable development” mandate is clearly demonstrated in the curriculum changes in the public school system.  As this article demonstrates, when legislation adds a curriculum requirement such as “Environmental Literacy,” it takes time away from other studies.    This article also addresses the “School to Work” issue that is the key component of the UNESCO-based Lifelong Learning that the US Dept of Education has been implementing since it was made a cabinet level department by the Carter Administration.

Maryland is the first state in the country to impose a new requirement to graduate from high school — something called environmental literacy.

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Charlotte Iserbyt blew the whistle on the US Dept of Ed when she served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Dept of Education during the first Reagan Administration.   Her 14 page article The Death of Free Will  explains the origin and implications of  Education Reform in this country that began when the Rockefeller Foundation set up the Southern Education Board in 1913 that evolved into the General Board of Education then the International Board of Education that merged with UNESCO after formation of the United Nations.

75 min video  Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America                                (Note: A transcript of this video is in process and will be available as a pdf shortly)    ~LTG






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10 responses to “Rockefellers’ ICLEI Agenda 21 – Environmentalism Required for Graduation

  1. I have listened to Ms. Isserbyte’s videos, in addition to the one linked here, and have read with great interest her many scholarly papers and publications. She has made me truly afraid for the younger generations. What started my explorations of her work was my horrifying experience teaching young women to become legal assistants. These women, mostly from inner-city Chicago schools, were functionally illiterate, had no concept of the Constitution or its place in American government or jurisprudence, and had little if any clue how to deeply read an article, book or even how to listen to a video. I have never left that state of discomfort or panic at the state of education in the US.

    That was during the 1980s. Reagan was president, and his advisers (using the term in a damning sense), had convinced him that eliminating civics education would be good for government. True, it would make people easier to govern, because they would not realize that people should make the government afraid of the power of the people, but it would also make people easily subject to tyranny. (Can you say TSA?)

    Look where we are today. Agenda 21, which really got going in the Clinton years, has taken off to a point where we are already under world government economically with the financial system. We are also losing sovereignty by the second, due to the misbegotten Agenda 21. Our only recourse is to fight, to galvanize true conservatives and true patriots, that giving up authority to any person, entity or agency, outside the US for any reason whatsoever (especially taking back finance into the Congress where it belongs), is suicide for the Republic of America.

    The only reason we should look at some of the goals of Agenda 21 with favor is to preserve the environment for the purpose of preserving life. Ceding authority to any non-US authority, whether the UN or the Martian Planetary Plutocracy, is tantamount to treason. Go ahead. Check out the Constitution on treason. You’ll be able to see I’m right on using that word.

  2. I am so grateful for my Catholic education of many years! It has served me well, and continues to serve me well-true excellence! It is so sad that many of our young people are coming out of American schools illiterate. Anonymous, you sound as though you have some experience in this regard – how disheartening!

  3. lowtechgrannie

    In the mid-1990s I met a veteran teacher in the eastern part of Washington State. She had a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University and her Masters was in Spanish. When the state legislature voted in the Outcome-based Education reform in 1993 it specified that all teachers MUST use the OBE method and teachers who had trouble would be assigned a mentor.

    With over 20 years experience teaching traditional academics, this woman just could not switch to the OBE skinnerian-style curriculum. The district fired her for “incompetence” just 2 months before she was eligible for retirement. She sued both the school district and teachers union and went to work for a private Catholic School that had real academic standards.

  4. in the chicago school system they bragged and thought what a great job of teaching when a school for black males managed to average a 17 on the act test a 17 equates to something akin to a D minus. and yet with that 17 test score they are accepted into colleges across the nation. if a white or asian presented a 17 they would be considered functionally retarded. Example at a trial locally a white woman is being tried for murder she had scored a 20 on her act test so her lawyer is saying because of her low intelligence she didn’t know what she was doing. odd isn’t it a white with a 20 test score is stupid but a black with a 17 is considered college material. welcome to the brave new world where stupid rules. and do as we say not as we do because we are watching you.

  5. Joan, my experience was in Chicago. Igor has, sadly, nailed it. I remember taking the ACT test, and I remember thinking it was incredibly stupid for a test, because it was way too easy. Then again, I went to an average public school, read the entire Great Books list on my own before 10th grade, read Newton’s Calculus, studied the Greeks to learn geometry, and so on. I also got straight A’s in high school, all while cutting numerous high school classes, auditing classes at the University of Minnesota, and was spending vacations and summers studying a Juilliard. All things considered, I didn’t even break a sweat, but I had learned how to answer the questions to make the test writers happy. What I learned in high school never occurred in my classrooms. It was all independent study. Today, it’s just a matter of degree, but a big matter, and it’s worse.

    I get very frightened for the children that live in my apartment building. They cannot read, cannot speak, cannot exhibit manners and have no clue who is Secretary of State. They know Obama. That’s it, and I think they believe he is King.



    Wednesday, June 29, 2011
    Posted by Erica

    By Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


    “Remember the hit song by Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On”? Patriots, what the heck is going on with U.S. public schools and our kids? There is a deliberate effort to diminish our children’s respect for God, country, freedom, liberty and our culture. The schools are BANNING, in essence, Christianity, patriotism and individualism.

    Just a few examples:

    U.S. Open, NBC cuts ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance
    American Flag Art Banned in classroom
    Bible Banned From School
    Teens Banned From High School Graduation for Wearing Military Sash
    High school Valedictorian, Banned from saying “How God changed my life” in his speech

    Meanwhile, celebrating Gay and Lesbian Pride Day is considered an important part of the public school curriculum. (This video will blow you away!)

    While I can not confirm how wide spread, I do know many public schools are filling our kids’ minds with a belief system opposite of their parents. The public schools’ “Operation Dumb Them Down” is step one in preparing our children to drink their socialist/globalist kool-aid.”

    Read More Here:

  7. Suspicious....

    While I believe in environmental policies…we truly are not living sustainably for sure, just look at the miles of garbage in the ocean….I fail to understand how the Rockefeller family “fits” in this. They are responsible for most of the pollution, their greed created many of the environmental issues today, from plastic, to the reason cars use gas instead of other substances, they have colluded to stop free energy from being created/used…now they are in charge of an environmental plan? It’s too ridiculous to believe…I just don’t get it

    • Suspicious,

      If it doesn’t compute, then the obvious answer is the Rockefellers do not really care about “sustainability,” which suggests it’s a smokescreen for some other agenda. But the elites somehow have convinced themselves that we, the commoners, are stupid!

  8. Suspicious....

    Just one more thought….If the Rockefeller’s are truly interested in environmentalism and feel eugenics is important in their process they will have to eliminate those that have tendencies to be greed driven as that is where most of the environmental problems lie….guess they will have to conclude their own family would have to be among the first to go if they are honest and fair and believe what they are preaching to the rest of the world

  9. Suspicious....

    BTW, I do not wish anyone harm, even the Rockefeller family. If they want to be honest, it would be obvious that many of our problems can be tied to their family and it’s history including the problems they are claiming control over…it all seems so strange…and it shows their true feelings of entitlement. If greed were not rampant, most of the problems we face environmentally, financially and medically would not exist….I would not want their karma. I do feel if they should be charged for cleaning up much of the mess they hand a huge hand in creating…


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