Rockefeller & Carnegie Helped Communists Takeover of China

I just found a juicy new item on Youtube.  It’s an old radio show that discusses how the Tax-Exempt Foundations engineered the successful Communist takeover of China by double-crossing Chaing Kai-Shek.  Rockefeller Foundation is specifically mentioned starting about 7 minutes into the program.  Dr. Monteith mentioned that the McCarran Report documenting this had been suppressed. 

 That was then, this is now—the complete 262 page McCarran Report is here!    

Download the complete Reece Committee Report discussed by Director of Investigation, Norman Dodd at American Deception

Put together the 1952 McCarran Report with the Reece Committee Report and you’ll have the proof of 100 years of treason by the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations safely stored on a flash drive you can carry in your pocket!  Isn’t that kule? 


The Janitor, the Rockefellers and the 40 Year Plan


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John Molloy
John Molloy
7 years ago

Secretary of State George Marshall bragged that he had disarmed
Chiang Kai Chek, thus paving the way for the communist takeover of
China. Patton knew that Marshall was an incompetent and a traitor.
We have been duped by our ‘illustrious’ leaders for too long and
may soon be paying the piper for Americans’ ignorance and indifference.

RTR Truth Media
5 years ago