Robotic Chanting Commies at "Occupy Atlanta" Rally

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Today, Oct. 8, the 3-week long “Occupy Wall Street” movement spread to other cities across the United States.
The creepy video below was taken at the “Occupy Atlanta” rally.
A bearded guy in a red (red! get it?) T-shirt leads the protesters in a strange robotic chanting ritual, wherein “the leader” says 2-3 words and the crowd repeats the words, then he says a few more words and the crowd repeats those words, and so on and so forth.
Then, another bearded guy in a red T-shirt in the crowd does the same thing: says 2-3 words that are repeated by the crowd, etc.
Then, a woman in a pink jacket stands up from the crowd to speak, and the crowd behaves the same way, repeating her words.
The Borg-like crowd’s willing surrender of their individuality and autonomous thought is frightening. They even frighten Congressman John Lewis, a Democrat and longtime civil rights leader.


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0 responses to “Robotic Chanting Commies at "Occupy Atlanta" Rally

  1. These zombies have no idea the horror that they are inviting into their lives.

  2. Remember Lenin in the Russian Communist revolution, the street scenes are the same.
    The horrors that followed resulted in 70 million deaths, a staggering number for that period.
    These numb skulls are wanting a repeat.
    It took over 50 years to get the chains off.
    These people will be the first to be purged by executions and it will not end. Dont let these dumb assess lead us all to oblivion.

  3. I have seen “human microphone ” videos of these zombies doing this w/ Frances Fox Piven and Michael Moore………
    Creepy Children of the Corn is all I can say……..
    worse than this even is the photo of the guy defecating IN PUBLIC against the side of a police car……..words cannot describe!

  4. this is not a “borg” or nefarious thing. the words are being repeated so people further back in the crowd can hear what is being said. that’s all.

    • Thinks For Myself

      Yea, that’s all, repeat what the red shirt union organizer says so that the people further back in the crowd can repeat it the same way the red shirt union organizer suggests, nudges, without individual thought, cool. He is paid to be there, as well as other red shirts. Look at protests being staged globally and you will find they are being organized by the same SEIU,and UAW unions, Do not take my word for it, check for yourself. Think for yourself. Feed yourself. Clean up after yourself. Check how tea party gatherings leave the grounds they meet upon. Compare. Think for yourself.

    • Sure it was….
      Yeah, in this age of iPhone and new-fangled tech gadgets up your wazoo, they’re repeating so people further back in the crowd can hear.
      Ever heard of something called a loudspeaker????
      Has the thought ever crossed your gaping gullible mind that this is good training for automaton brainwashing?

  5. I find it hilarious that these zombies are repeating chants by people that they are supposedly protesting against. Anyone who thinks that unions aren’t big corporations needs to do their own homework.

  6. They have been moonblinked!!! There is no other explanation!!! It looks very much like the moonblinked owls in The gardians of Ga’hoole! It sounds very much like my danish classes as well, in which we have to repeat everything the teacher says, but she usually gives us longer sentences to repeat!!! They might have a very short span memory!!!

  7. I can see where they may have started saying that it was to transmit what the person was saying to the back of the crowd BUT! all this consensus nonsense! No wonder Lewis left. You would be there all day if someone didn’t make a freakin decision! The Borg was an organized collective run by a single mind. Not a bunch of goonies sitting on the ground.

  8. LOL… Derp de derp… These pathetic little Obamabots…just silly, and sad really.
    …”I’m wearing a red shirt, (I’m wearing a red shirt), I have no mind of my own, (I have no mind of my own), Where’s my teleprompter?, (Where’s my teleprompter?), I’m as looney as they come, (I’m as looney as they come…wait, what!?)…. LOL….

  9. Gives me the creeps !!

  10. Commie zombies.

  11. This just serves to remind me of those sheeple who followed Jim Jones to Guyana. “Follow me. Drink the kool aide and everything will be okay. “

  12. This is truly frightening to me. I want to know how all these “students” were organized in so many cities – by cellphone? They bring to mind the Bander-Log in Kipling’s Jungle Book – mindless chatterers hypnotized by Kaa, the great snake. Also brings to mind Jim Jones and the kool-aid. And the horrible truth is they don’t know what socialism is all about or that Che was a mass murderer………


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