Robin Makes Church His Home

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Feathered friend of God: This tame Robin has made a church in Portsmouth his home and is one of the most vocal members of the congregation. The nosey bird investigates the church and the bible
Bird of pray
Meet the most vocal member of St Mary’s flock… a tame robin who has made the church his home
By Daily Mail Reporter – Jan 30, 2011
Chirping along with the choir from the church rafters, this tame Robin has become a surprise and very welcome addition to a historic church’s flock. The feathered parishioner is one of the nosiest members of the congregation and plays a very vocal part in Sunday services, weddings and funerals.
Reverend Charlie Allen, 31, is delighted with her new red-breasted friend whose vocal contributions to sermons and hymns are easily audible. Rev Allen said: ‘This robin is just so wonderfully tame – and also wonderfully noisy. If there is a service going on in the church he will be right in the middle making as much racket as he can’

The vicar first spotted the bird inside St Mary’s Church at Portchester Castle, Hampshire, when there was a heavy snowfall last month. Since then the chirpy chappy has made the 12th Century Anglican church overlooking Portsmouth Harbour its home and has received considerable attention from the other parishioners.

Not only does the friendly male bird enjoy seeds and water left out for it by the vicar, but he is even treated to crumbs of cake by people who are visiting specifically to take its picture. The vicar said: ”We have put bird seed and water out for him at the back of the church and the children like to feed him after Sunday service. Some visitors have been coming into the church after visiting the nearby tea rooms with little bits of cake.”

Rev Allen has also revealed how the robin makes a delightful contribution to service with his ‘beautiful birdsong’. She added: ‘the church has very good acoustics so he is always heard. He is generally very nosey. He really likes to get amongst things and some days he goes to sit with the choir. The regular congregation are all quite at ease with him flying around during a service. For weddings it has been very touching and poignant to have him with us. Sometimes I think more pictures are taken of him than anyone else. And even at funerals he has lightened the atmosphere.’
Rev Allen added: “I don’t know a lot about birds but I have been astonished just how tame he is. He eats out of people’s hands and visitors to the church are delighted. He moved in when we had a cold snap. He will occasionally fly outside but if he comes back to find the door closed, he’ll wait by it to be let back in again.”
But while the bird has become a welcome addition to the church, the Reverend does have to tidy up after the little fellow, but she doesn’t mind. She said: ‘He’s a pleasure to have around and we don’t mind clearing up after him,’ adding:’He has become quite a fixture.
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  1. Aww that’s so cute

  2. Lovely story…

  3. Robins in general are not seed eaters but rather meat eaters mostly dining on worms and grubs.

  4. Lovely story for a spring-like Sunday. Where I come from robins are said to be a sign of spring.


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