Road to Ruin – Cradle to Grave

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0 responses to “Road to Ruin – Cradle to Grave

  1. Having a job or actually being employable is a disqualfier for some of these programs. People are lining up to get on SSI for non-physical disabilities.
    While riding a bus home from work a few years ago, I saw a woman go ballistic for no apparent reason, making a big scene stomping up the aisle and screaming obscenities. The man next to me explained it was a con. He had worked for the state Dept of Social & Health Services and instantly recognized her behavior.
    Her monthly state disability check was based on unemployability due to”intermittent explosive disorder” a minimum of 3 times a month. He said they’re always careful to have their hissy-fits in front of security cameras to document each public outburst and all the witnesses. Our buses all have security cameras up front.

  2. A girl I know works 36 hours a week at $9 an hour with one kid, lives at home and got a $6,ooo tax refund. How his this happening.?


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