Road to Obesity – Schoolhouse to Jailhouse

Despite the endless food stamp/EBT propaganda and PSAs starring Michelle Obama moaning about parents getting involved in good food choices,many American children receive their first two meals of the day at school, ending the day with a fast food/takeout  meal for dinner.
The website discussing a recent study published “Physiology and Behavior” notes, ” What we eat influences how we act and feel. Besides supplying the vital energy and nutrients essential to life, food helps to regulate behavior by the way it affects certain chemicals active in the nervous system. These behaviors range from mental alertness to pain perception….
…. those consuming a high-carb diet showed increased insulin levels. Insulin is known to induce drowsiness, explaining why you may feel sleepy after a meal containing a high sugar content.

Every school district in the country has federally-subsidized free and reduced price food programs. The guidelines take from the Seattle School District website, children living in multi-generational households grossing over $5,000 a month qualify.
The menus are carefully planned to meet government-approved nutritional targets with carbs and diabetes in mind. This chart looks woefully short on protein and heavy on starchy carbs; but, it meets the government target.

Here’s an elementary school menu from September, 2011

Just for the heck of it, I googled “jail menus” and found this:

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Why do jail inmates deserve a cookie everyday? What a waste of money…
School food sucks, no matter how they try to sell it. My nieces never ate/eat lunch at school. Guess if you’re getting it free you wouldn’t complain. Glad to see they have more veggies and fruits than when I was a kid.


On the jail menu there’s one dinner that consists of a PBJ, sun chips, a brownie and an artificial orange drink…. all carbs! That ought to keep ’em from rioting!