RNC’s surprise speaker Clint Eastwood

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For days, we were told that there’d be a mystery guest at the Republican National Convention who might speak before the GOP presidential nominee former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The mystery man was Clint Eastwood!

If you missed his speech in the form of a hilarious ad-libbed conversation with the POS, here it is. Enjoy! 😀

By tomorrow morning, the videos of Mitt Romney’s and Marco Rubio’s speeches to the RNC should be uploaded to YouTube for me to post on FOTM.

Both Romney and Rubio moved me to tears.

Rubio, with his description of his hardworking blue-collar immigrant Cuban parents. Romney, with his faith in and appeal to the best of Americans and America, and his confidence that we can remake and rebuild this country for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

Even if someone other than Romney was your candidate of choice in the GOP primaries, one thing is clear:

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan truly, sincerely, dearly love America.

All rancor aside, I do not believe that Barack Obama loves America. In every way, he and the Left show that they loathe this country and everything America stands for. Good grief, Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security identifies Americans who love liberty as “domestic terrorists”! For Obama and the Left, the Founding Fathers are domestic terrorists.

The choice before us cannot be clearer or more vivid.


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0 responses to “RNC’s surprise speaker Clint Eastwood

  1. I was nervous about Romney’s speech; I know that’s not his strong suit. But I was very impressed with all the key speakers tonight and I think they spoke from the heart. The best part was at the end when he contrasted BO’s bloviating promises with the one simple thing he plans to do…”help our families”. Perfect!

  2. I thought his speech was good and funny.

    Libs are already calling his skit w/the empty chair and Obama raaaaacist, of course.

  3. Thanks for putting this on the FOTM blog, Dr. Eowyn. What a hilarious presentation by Clint Eastwood!

  4. I thought Clint did an excellent job of skewering the Kenyan POtuS.

    LOL – and the reaction of liberal Hollywood confirms it.


  5. What a bunch of idiots you are.


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