RIP – Joan Rivers

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Joan Out? –

Joan Rivers dead not long after outing Barack and Michelle Obama

Are we watching another mysterious Breitbart style death?

“Riddles in the dark…” – JRR Tolkien

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0 responses to “RIP – Joan Rivers

  1. I had really hoped she would make it through….

  2. Me three. R.I.P Joan. She had a set of brass you know what.. 🙂
    What a shame that we actually have to wonder if our POS might be involved.

  3. O. M. G.
    I was hoping she’d pull through. I read on National Enquirer online yesterday that an official investigation has been launched and that Joan Rivers might have been given propofol – the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. Doctors say given her age (81), height and weight (5’2″, 102 lb.), history of bulimia, and many plastic surgeries, she should not have been under anesthesia, most certainly not the powerful propofol, a respiratory depressant that can cause cessation of breathing.
    Rivers had checked into Yorkville Endoscopy, a medical clinic on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, for a minor endoscopy procedure on Aug. 28. After she was sedated, a tube was passed down her throat to examine her vocal cords. But she suddenly stopped breathing.
    My guess is after she was transported to the hospital and put into a medically-induced coma, she was probably already brain dead for these past days.

    • Dennis H Bennett

      Dr. E….having practiced anesthesia for 30+ years, with endoscopists galore, I have a pretty good idea of what happened; Gastroenterologist’s scope of practice is confined to the alimentary tract…they must PASS BY the vocal cord structures for their exams/treatments. Sometimes they stimulate vocal cord spasms ( a normal risk) in the passage of their gastroscope. That can be taken care of by an expert in airway management, not a gastroenterologist. There are some aggravating circumstances here, one being anatomic variance following several plastic procedures.
      Propofol is routinely used by experts, like me, in providing correct dosing AND expert airway management for the patient’s safety and prevention of catastrophies… pre-op assessment is routine anesthesia procedure…outpatient clinics such as Yorkville Endoscopy will be investigated as to whether they provided the standard of care acceptable in their region, including the presence of qualified healthcare providers, something Michael Jackson did not have.. At least two of the gastroenterologists at that clinic have staff privileges at Mt. Sinai…both have been noticeably silent on this unanticipated death, a sure sign of posturing
      against litigation. I just hope the media does not compound the family’s grief
      with their incessant and often savage drive to sensationalize tragedy.

      • Thank you, Dennis, for your professional opinion. You wrote: “There are some aggravating circumstances here, one being anatomic variance following several plastic procedures.” Shouldn’t the clinic have taken that into consideration before undertaking the “routine” procedure on Rivers?

  4. Good Riddance. She disrespected our President, and was full of hate. The world is not a better place.

  5. I hope she wasn’t “Breitbarted”. It’s unlikely – because of what Eowyn says – but it was minor surgery I heard today.

  6. Oh Lawd. She was EIGHTY ONE ok?? Someone in my family was the last one to spend time with her before she went to the hospital. They took a long walk and had dinner together and joked around. There was no conspiracy to get rid of her- in fact my own grandmother passed away from a similar type of “routine” procedure, it HAPPENS. No CIA conspiracy, no death squad, things happen and people die. Obama has as much power as an AAA battery. No one CARES if he is or was gay, or whether or not Michele is rumored to be a tranny- believe me. The joke about Michele Obama being a man is as old as the hills. NOBODY CARES and it is NOT A SECRET.

    • “There was no conspiracy to get rid of her”
      HOW do you know that? Just because your own grandmother died “from a similar type of routine procedure” (whatever that means) doesn’t mean Rivers’ death was also routine. If that were the case, such types of “routine procedures” should be banned for old people.
      And if nobody cares and it’s not a secret that Obama is gay and Mooch is a tranny, then why don’t the media say so? Um?

    • Nobody cares? Now that’s wishful thinking. Not a secret? Really? Then why isn’t Michael Obama celebrated on daytime TV by Elen and Oprah? Simply, because most of the country would immediately reject Barry and Mike in any electoral politics from this point forward. You might be a happy citizen of Sodom, but most Americans are not.

  7. Very unfortunate to hear of her passing. I hope she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, somehow, I don’t think so.
    She had a very long career. I’m not surprised to hear of her passing; when she made that comment, I knew her days were numbered. I hope she rests in peace.

  8. I was never what you would call a member of the Joan Rivers fan club, but she wasn’t afraid to say exactly what she was thinking, and didn’t concern herself with the PC sickness that has afflicted so many in today’s Amerika.

  9. Joan Rivers was beautiful and very elegant. Haters are not. The funny people are what makes pain more bearable. Her passing is heartfelt as well as heartbreaking.

  10. I am very sorry Joan Rivers died. I remember her on the Ed Sullivan Show; She was funny. She made you think. Then she began to get a bit, just a bit, risque. Then her beloved Edgar committed suicide. As the years went on, her attitude began to disintegrate a bit, and it showed.
    I don’t know if we can blame her unfortunate passing on clandestine forces. But one feature about your site I like is you show a group of past stories as links in a follow-up story. I wish other sites did this; Yours is one of the few that do, to my knowledge.
    Joan Rivers, RIP.

    • “one feature about your site I like is you show a group of past stories as links in a follow-up story. I wish other sites did this; Yours is one of the few that do, to my knowledge.”
      Thank you, Steven. News that happens that day isn’t isolated. Links to past posts we’ve done which are related, provides CONTEXT and MEANING that goes deeper than the incident that day. That’s why we categorize and archive most of our posts in Pages that you see under our masthead.

  11. Dennis H Bennett

    No matter whether you “liked” Joan or not, you have to respect her integrity, to be herself, despite the Tony B’s out there. She didn’t run on default mechanisms, she loved new adventures and spoke her mind without fear, in fact much of her comedy was what we used to call being “plain spoken”.

  12. For those who may not have seen it yet, Peggy Noonan has written an interesting, informative, and highly entertaining memorial column for Joan:
    I’m sure that any fan would enjoy reading this.

  13. NYPD and the New York State Dept of Health are launching separate investigations into Rivers’ death:

  14. “Good Riddance. She disrespected our President, and was full of hate. The world is not a better place.”
    Are you being facetious? There’s some to respect about him?

  15. I’m not going to make a link, I’ve already been thumbed down for doing nothing more than posting a link to a lovely memorial column, but the New York Daily News has very unexpected news about Joan Rivers’ death in an article time-stamped just 2 hours ago as I write. A partial quote:
    “The routine surgical procedure Joan Rivers was supposed to undergo turned deadly when a doctor who arrived at the clinic with the legendary comic’s entourage performed an unplanned biopsy on her vocal cords, a medical source who was briefed on the case told The News.”
    This is not good. With all my heart I hope that this was nothing more than a tragic and foolish mistake.

  16. “Good riddance. She disrespected our president.” Anyone who knows anything about what real respect is would know that the president disrespects himself on an ongoing basis, disrespecting others as well, the result of which EARNS him the disrespect of others. See? It goes full circle. That’s the way of the universe.

  17. One day after it was revealed that Rivers died due to a lack of oxygen in her blood, the Daily Mail reports that we will never know what action killed Joan Rivers’ after a routine endoscopy surgery, because her daughter Melissa told doctors NOT to perform an autopsy.
    Something stinks!

    • Joan’s daughter isn’t very bright and I bet someone high ranking talked her out of it. I remember when Michael Jackson died and how the media were all over it going after the doctor, conrad murray, who fell asleep while administrating propofol to the star. He was a hated man all over the world. I have heard crickets when it comes to the doctor who unexpectedly wanted to perform an unauthorized biopsy during Joan’s procedure, and as a result killed her. I’ve heard practically nothing from the media about this person, or even possible criminal charges. All I’ve heard is lawsuit, which means “payout”.

      • Melissa is Joan Rivers’ only offspring and sole heir of her multi-millions. Perhaps Melissa refused to authorize an autopsy because she doesn’t want the same fate as her mother?

        • Hmmmmm, sounds very possible Dr. Eowyn, what do you think about the biopsing doctor?

          • Joan Rivers’ personal throat doctor, Dr. Gwen Korovin, although not affiliated with the medical clinic, was present at Rivers’ “routine” endoscopy. Korovin has denied performing an unauthorized procedure (a biopsy) before Rivers suffered cardiac arrest. Korovin also denies having taken a selfie photo of Rivers while she was under anesthesia.
            None of this means anything since Melissa Rivers decided not to have an autopsy done on her mother’s body.
            Gwen Korovin
            The skeletal Gwen Korovin, “specialist to the stars.”


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