RINO Alert! Rick Perry No Different Than Dems on Illegal Immigration

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Former Congressman Tom Tancredo sends us this warning about Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) who announced his 2012 POTUS candidacy on Saturday:

When I ran for president in 2008, I tried to pressure the Republican candidates to take a hard line against illegal immigration. For this, Perry called me a racist.

When he first took office as governor in 2001, Perry went to Mexico and bragged about his law that granted “the children of undocumented workers” special in-state tuition at Texas colleges, the first state in the nation to do so.

“The message is simple,” Perry concluded, “educacion es el futuro, y si se puede.” Education is the future, and (echoing Cesar Chavez’s slogan) yes we can.]

Just a few weeks ago, Perry defended his decision to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. He said “to punish these young Texans for their parents’ actions is not what America has always been about.”

Perry opposed Arizona’s tough anti-illegal immigration law SB 1070. “I have concerns,” he explained, “with portions of the law passed in Arizona and believe it would not be the right direction for Texas.”

He spoke out last year against using E-Verify to prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs as state employees, who get their paychecks from the taxpayers. He insisted it “would not make a hill of beans’ difference.”

Numbers USA, a group that supports immigration control, gives Perry a “D-“ for his positions supporting amnesty, open borders, and opposing border security.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/61076.html#ixzz1UxX37N4U

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0 responses to “RINO Alert! Rick Perry No Different Than Dems on Illegal Immigration

  1. Tancredo speaks the truth. Furthermore, Rick Perry is another morally challenged man who has a thing for male chefs, the way Barack has a thing for athletic built men of a certain age.

  2. I have at least one person unhappy with me about the way I feel about Perry. He tried to mandate the dangerous gardsil vaccine for girls 8 and above in our state. It has made some permanently ill, brain damaged, uterine tissue damage has occurred, and at least one has died from it. Fortunately we here in Texas objected vehemently to this mandate. Boys carry the HPV, yet girls were to be used as guinea pigs for the vaccine.
    Perry sgined a contract with Cintra-Macqauarie and another entity to build the 1200 foot wide Trans Tex corrider linking it with the Mexican highway that goes all the way to their west coast ports. They only check point for all the Mexican trucks and US trucks in and out of the southern border would be at the proposed Smart Port in Kansas City. We had townhall meeting after meeting and got it stopped. But there is no guarantee it won’t go foward someday. My objection is that NO foreign entity should own and operate any road or any other infrastructure in this state or any other.
    I know that none of those running for candidate for the GOP is perfect, and should he be the nominee; I will have to support him at that point. We cannnot afford another 4 years of Obama.
    I am going to hold my water for now. I will never say never, except I will NOT EVER vote for a democrat ever. They are too far to the left and the marxist bent is too dangerous.

  3. Yeah, I have never gotten the fascination that so many “conservatives” have with the former Al Gore-supporting Rick Perry.
    I actually asked on NB today if Perry and Romney wear the same sized elephant suits.
    I just can’t decide who is the bigger jackass.

  4. I am feeling very pragmatic about this race, I have to read up on every little detail about Perry but I do believe that he has a lot better chance than Bachmann or Romney. I like that he has balanced 6 budgets and Texas has created a LOT of jobs, unlike any other state.
    What is this about male chefs Zorro? Please publish some links.
    Whether or not we like or approve of “anchor babies” is one thing, they are born here regardless of their parents’ illegal activity. There is no way anyone is going to put millions of people and their children on buses and ship them back to Mexico. I haven’t heard anyone come up with a good solution for the people that are here…..and I think that what needs to happen is good border security for the future.
    I am not particularly happy about Bachmann’s “submissive” comment or her explanation about it…….and her husband is simply peculiar in my book. He is a counselor , Reparative therapist??(w/o credentials ) to help troubled gay youth pray their gay away. This sounds like a lot of hooey to me.
    Romney has never impressed me and I’d be surprised if he suddenly began to.
    The main goal here seems to be to remove the current idiot from the White House…….and make absolutely certain that he doesn’t get re-elected.
    Unfortunately I can see 50 different factions of Conservatives and Republicans splintering apart and supporting various different unelectable individuals…thereby shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN & delivering us 4 more years of Obama, the biggest flop and fraud in American history.
    No candidate is perfect or experienced at everything.
    Until America’s economy is roaring again all these issues like immigration etc will never get solved and Obama will surely only make everything worse.

    • Artist,
      Call it the DREAM Act or not, what you’re proposing is Amnesty for the illegal migrants who are now here in America, whether it’s students (children of illegals born in the U.S.) or their parents. I agree with you that deporting millions of illegals back to Mexico is not feasible. But I’ll support amnesty ONLY if the federal government has done (note the past tense) the following FIRST:
      1. Close down and secure the U.S.-Mexico border and the U.S.-Canada border.
      2. Identify all illegal aliens in the U.S.
      3. Remove all illegals from welfare, by whatever program it’s called, whether food stamps, Medicaid, AFDC, subsidized housing, etc.
      4. Specify that Amnesty will be granted only if the illegal alien learns the English language and provides proof that s/he has a job.

  5. this guy is as dangerous as Romney,they both along with Newt,have been picked by thee “Establishment Gop’ers” same as obama. Please do your homework. Pick someone who will stand up for America,and go against all of this B.S.. so far I see Michele Bachmann.

  6. Given what happened over the last several elections… does anyone think the American people have any control over what politicians are doing to this nation?
    Someone once told me that the only thing that could be counted on was taxes and death. In this world of cut throat politics and a growing immoral and agnostic citizenry… selection of a true conservative grounded in Christianity for the Republican nomination will undoubtedly lead to another crushing four years of Hussein Obama.
    What do you want… an imperfect Republican candidate and take back the White House, or a perfect one who will let him keep it?

  7. Sagebrush,
    Deleted his redundant comment to spam, which means any future comment from him will go into our spam folder unless I retrieve it. 😀

  8. It’s so early in the campaign season I’m not going to get too het up about any of them until at least next year. Literally anything can happen between now and November 2012. Clearly, Perry and Romney are the MSM choice. I don’t like it when pundits tell me who to vote for.
    Romney is Obama-lite and Perry’s a Bilderburger………………… sh*t!

    • Precisely!
      I believe our nominee has yet to jump into the race. When Reagan ran he did not jump in until November.
      Pray for John Bolton to jump into the race. He said he would overturn everything Obama has done.
      Put Alan Keyes in charge of the Justice Dept!
      Tom Tancredo in charge of immigration!

  9. I believe in the strong and hidden influence of the Bilderberg Group. They have been busy with Rick Perry. On the DL side, Rick has been linked to his former Secretary of State and a chef.

  10. The only thing to keep in mind now is to get get these leftists children out of the white house, it may well be our last chance. Four more years of Obama unrestrained by election worries may well doom our country.

  11. Folks, babies born to illegals in this country are NOT US citizens. Research “author of the 14th amendment” and you come across the Congressional Globe 1866. That is where the proceedings for the writing of the 14th amendment was recorded.
    The gentleman who wrote “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was recorded as saying , “this will not include babies born to foriegners, aliens,..”.
    If we had a president that said you have 30 days to get your affairs in order and get, after that we will arrest you and fingerprint and photograph you and you will never be allowed back into this country. Watch them high tail it out of here. Then you go into areas with a lot of illegal alien gang members and you arrest and deport them. Drop them off 500 miles south of the border. No court date. They need to be deported immediately.

  12. Pray John Bolton jumps in the race. He said he would overturn everything Obama has done.
    Robert Spencer has a good article on Human Events today, August 17, 2011 on getting a president that understands and is willing to stop the Islam thing. Perry doesn’t get it.
    We must get a president that will stand against Shariah law.


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