Righteous Blacks speak out against Ferguson riots

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Tempting though it may be, we must eschew generalizing from the blacks who rioted, looted, and burned after the grand jury decision, to all black Americans. If we do that, we are descending to the same irrational and passion-driven level of the rioters.
Instead, we must be SPECIFIC — distinguishing the rioters, the agitators and inciters (Missouri State Sen. Maria Chapelle-Nadali and Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head), and the forked-tongue demagogues (Barack Obama, Eric Holder) from rational and righteous blacks like Rev./Dr. James David Manning, media personality Johnathan Gentry, and Project 21, the national leadership network of Black conservatives.

Project 21’s Comment on Ferguson Grand Jury Decision:

Ferguson, MO / Washington, D.C. – After a grand jury chose not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death last August of local resident Michael Brown, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are speaking out about the ruling, what it means for the black community and how protestors might redirect their energies to find some redemption from the loss.
Stacy Washington“Now that we have a grand jury decision, may the process of healing begin in earnest,” said Project 21 member Stacy Washington, a St. Louis resident who hosts a local radio talk show. “I truly hope for a refocus of protest energy towards reflection and away from blaming the police for the difficulties facing black Americans today. We must begin to look at improving ourselves instead of blaming groups of others for endemic problems that plague the black community. May God grant the Brown family peace and closure.”
Joe Hicks“The grand jury’s decision shows that facts do matter,” said Project 21 member Joe R. Hicks, a former executive director or the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Los Angeles City Human Rights Commission. “From the inception — and despite the hyperbolic rhetoric from national black leaders, local protesters and political opportunists of all stripes — my position was that the facts and a thorough investigation would tell the story of what happened on that street between teenager Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. Now that Officer Wilson’s actions have been deemed within the scope of a lawful police response to the dangerous actions of Mr. Brown, it’s now important to watch how the so-called black leadership responds. Will they irresponsibly reject the decision, along with the facts it revealed, and continue to claim that Brown was the murder victim of a racist white cop? To what extent will Ferguson protesters defy the orders of authorities for lawful behavior? We don’t need a replay of the violent, pathological riots we saw on the streets of that small suburb of St. Louis.”
Michael DozierIt amazes me that there are so many who dismissed the fact that Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and attacked a police officer prior to being killed,” said Project 21 member Michael Dozier, Ph.D. “Once again, the black community largely turned a blind eye to the real issues affecting the very lives of our youths. Black-on-black crime is an epidemic and thousands of black children are brutally killed every year, yet we do not see the Al Sharptons or Jesse Jacksons protesting their deaths. The President doesn’t proclaim their lives would reflect the life of a son he never had. The black community needs to stop with the excuses and victimization and stop allowing antagonists to come into their communities to promote their own agendas.”
Kevin Martin“Now that the grand jury has rendered a decision, people on both sides can now peacefully debate the result. The decision does not give anyone the right to engage in property destruction, physical assaults and general chaos if they don’t agree with that decision,” said Project 21 member Kevin Martin. “The grand jury looked at all the evidence, and it surely did its best to render a judgment respectful of all parties. It is long past the time for those who might seek to use violence to achieve an outcome to decamp from Ferguson and allow the community to heal.”
Since August, Project 21 has issued six press releases and posted numerous news-related blog entries addressing the death of Michael Brown and related events. Project 21 members have already completed over 150 radio and television interviews on the death of Michael Brown and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and have been mentioned by Cal Thomas in his nationally-syndicated column. Several Project 21 members have visited the area in the wake of the initial rioting, and two members live in the immediate area and another is currently there to chronicle events as they unfold.
Additionally, Project 21 member have been interviewed or cited by the media over 1,500 other times in 2014 – including TVOne, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox News Channel, Westwood One, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, SiriusXM satellite radio and the 50,000-watt radio stations WBZ-Boston, WHO-Des Moines, KDKA-Pittsburgh, KOA-Denver and WJR-Detroit – on issues that include civil rights, entitlement programs, the economy, race preferences, education and corporate social responsibility. Project 21 has participated in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding race preferences and voting rights, defended voter ID laws at the United Nations and provided regular commentary during the Trayvon Martin judicial proceedings in 2013. Its volunteer members come from all walks of life and are not salaried political professionals.

Rev./Dr. James David Manning:

Pastor James Manning, of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, tells his people that if they want to progress, they must “break the demonic ancestral spirits” — the Barack Obamas, Nelson Mandelas, the Louis Farrakhans, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, who offer blacks nothing but “food stamps and cell phones” instead of helping them to be owners of homes and businesses. Instead of the Holy Spirit, these so-called leaders to whom blacks look up, are all demon-possessed.

Johnathan Gentry:

On Gentry’s Facebook page, he writes this to the rioters on Nov. 25, 2014, a day after the grand jury decision:

“You showed absolutely No Respect to Michael Brown, his family, your community, or yourself! But yet, you demand respect as a human being. His family asked for a “Peaceful” protest. Yet, you disregarded, dishonored & disrespected their wishes & burned down your own city anyway. It’s your own actions & behavior that’s keeping you bound, stuck & not getting ahead. Everything you stood for went down the drain last night by burning down your own community. That’s no ones fault but YOURS!! Your behavior confirmed everything I been speaking on #Accountability #Responsibility.
“Your iniquities have turned these blessings away, and your sins have kept good from you.” (Jeremiah 5:25)

In the video below, Gentry says the rioting, looting, and burning “is not helping…. Change is not going to come unless we change it…. All we know how to do is march, and riot, and loot. This is not helping…. All we know how to do is to blame the police and white folks for our action…. ‘They mistreat us. They beat us up. Oh, slavery still exists.’ I’m sick of it! … Let’s change as black people. When is this going to stop! … How are our kids going to grow up when we out here are acting stupid! … [To the black civil rights leaders who converge on Ferguson chanting] ‘No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace.’ Shut up! When there were 60 plus [black-on-black] shootings in Chicago…, where were you? No where to be found… When little Ray-Ray kills little Lucas, where were you? No where to be found. When the little girl riding her tricycle in her front yard was hit by stray bullets, where were you? No where to be found. Police beat up on the black man — Aw, slavery exists! Slavery still exists!”
Listen to the rest of what this impassioned man has to say for yourself.

H/t AJG and FOTM’s maziel
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0 responses to “Righteous Blacks speak out against Ferguson riots

  1. Very well written! Thanks for quoting the truth (from Black leaders) if only the black community and the so call black person in our White House would listen and quit promoting the tension in black communities!

  2. Fabulous post! May God Bless each of these courageous back leaders for having the courage to speak out, and tell the truth regarding these tragic acts, all committed in the name of seeking justice for Michael Brown. We need to hear more from these folks and a whole lot less from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and men of their ilk. Unfortunately, these race pimps live from the burning and smashing.

  3. this country is big trouble

  4. Praise the Lord for those Blacks who are standing up for the “right thing.” They are standing firm against a tidal wave of Black culture, led by the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of this world, of hate, robbery and other crimes and being called “whitey” because they simply do not go along to get along.
    We need to lift them up and keep them in our prayers.
    Praise the Lord for them.
    By the way, those Blacks standing firm against this tidal wave of hate and robbery are doing so at a great cost.
    Question: Remind me again where are those so-called “moderate” muslims/islamist/terriorist? Their silence is deafening in my ears.
    May the Lord come quickly!

  5. Plus this:

  6. Thank you for this post, Dr. Eowyn. And how I thank God for these good people. They are the “salt of the earth,” and are exactly the force that prevent’s President Lucifer’s behind-the-scenes efforts to incite a race war. With them, and God’s other people, including us, no antichrist will succeed at destroying our country in our day.

  7. What a proverbial ‘breath of fresh air’ to hear reason from Christian conservative mouths erupt from this sea of madness and demons known as ferguson..

  8. I fear for those of the black community that are speaking out. The criminal element of this community seems to not care who they “take out” to scare the decent from speaking the truth.

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  10. The one thing many black people cannot stand is being publicly criticized or shamed for their shortcomings. It is precisely the ability to take shame and condemnation for one’s faults that constitutes the key to Redemption.
    Kudos to these preachers and people for standing up for the truth! Kudos to Rev. Manning, who hits them out of the park every day!
    NOW: HOW do they take the message to Obama and make him take it?

  11. After reading them all, I went down the comments and gave you each a ‘thumb up!’ as you earned it for yr clear thinking on this topic.
    I understand that emotions run high here, but sentimentality must never win over true sentiment, else we lose EVERYTHING. If you don’t believe me, then read Dr Weaver’s ‘Ideas Have Consequences’ and then come talk to me.
    As an old Chicago homeboy, I knew the Obamanination was bad news as soon as it was declared that a dark horse had come out of ‘the butcher to the world!’ which title he certainly deserves.
    His campaign finance director was Penny Pritzger, and right there all the bells should have gone off: her father is Sam Pritzger, biggest private slumlord and real estate developer [among other ‘enterprises’] in Chicago. Just go to this site, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Pritzker, and mind that this looks upon her favourably! LOL LOL LOL!!!

  12. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  13. [Greets, FOTM. I ran across the following on the net. Interesting?]
    Obama Enslaves & Destroys Inner Cities
    ( I experienced all this while trapped in a large American city.)
    The suburbs are booming, but not fast enough. Yessir, you ghetto folks
    in inner cities have started a good thing, but there are still lots of acres
    outside the cities without any houses on them. So you’ve gotta move into
    “untouched” city blocks and do the following:
    Throw trash everywhere. You’ll insure that your friends who pick up trash
    and distribute free rat poison packets will keep their jobs. And folks can
    predict the weather by the direction the trash is blowing!
    Walk down the street. Better yet, rhythm down it. And when I say street
    I don’t mean sidewalk. Save sidewalks for your friends on cycles. Besides,
    it’s hard to fit many cursing, screaming, drinking, pot-smoking kids on a
    sidewalk, and it’s also hard to spot keys and other things left in cars when
    you’re walking on a sidewalk!
    When walking down a street, turn your head when you hear a car coming
    and stare at the driver. For all you know, it might be one of your enemies
    out to get you. On the other hand, it might be only your neighbor and all
    that hateful staring might make him want to move out.
    Be sure to beget lots of unloved, unsupervised, unwashed two-legged
    “Obama welfare meal tickets” – either through wedlock or (preferably) out of
    wedlock. And let them often ring doorbells, begging for money.
    Turn quiet streets into noisy jungles. Have a blast – a
    long blast with your car horn under your neighbor’s window at
    3:00 a.m. Let folks know who the real honkies are! Blow your horn when (1)
    you see the police coming (2) you want to buy some dope (3) you want to sell
    some dope (4) for any other reason. Play your stereo so loudly that folks can’t
    hear sirens going to the latest holdup or arson. Be noisy, man, noisy!
    Be cruel to animals, especially “man’s best friend.” Tie your dog on a
    short chain under a blazing sun with no water or food or love or license or
    dog shots. Make him as mean as you are. Better yet, let your dog run loose.
    Neighbors love to find freshly killed cats (after hearing their screams) and
    other goodies on their lawns. Pit one dog against another in bloody “canine
    cockfights” while friends lounge on car hoods and cheer and make bets! And
    what madness is it where folks move out and abandon pets in the house,
    leaving them nothing to eat but their own droppings? This happens often in the
    ghetto, and almost no one will help the animals.
    Keep a good supply of Saturday Night Specials – also Sunday, Monday,
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Night Specials. Your criminal
    presence will improve your neighbor’s light bill; when he isn’t watching you
    at night (with his lights off), he will be able to read books at night by
    the light of the police helicopter searchlights!
    Here’s more insanity: Uncle Sam spends millions of our tax money to
    move you into our neighborhoods where we lose much when we sell our homes.
    So you have your nerve when you glare and swear at us when we don’t move
    out quickly; but you’re the reason we can’t find good buyers! I really wonder
    what you and Uncle Sam will do when lots of folks move to the wilderness and
    live off the land and consequently don’t have to pay taxes to support such
    Finally, spread the rumor that all of your troubles are associated with
    skin, even though you and I know that your problem isn’t skin. It’s sin!!!
    What makes a ghetto? It’s not the paint on a house (or lack of it) but all
    of you two-legged pains in the neck!
    For more information on Blockbuster Obama, Google “The Background Obama
    Can’t Cover Up.”

    • Lou, well written and well stated. Fortunately for us NOT ALL Blacks live like this, think like this or act like this. Far too many do. As a Black friend told me many years ago: “That is the difference between being Black and being a n—-r.” This is also the reason that Blacks who lift themselves up out of this lifestyle and make it, hardly ever go back and try to change things. They know from experience that it is impossible to change this behavior from the outside and they do not want to listen to the name calling they would get from the other Blacks. Then you have the race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton telling these people that it is all “whitey’s” fault.
      As a person who grew up being considered “white trash” I have to laugh at those Blacks who live, think and act like you described. We were dirt poor, but my mother had access to soap and water and she always said: “We may be poor but we can be clean, tidy and neat.” Unfortunately my father was not as into that as much as she was. Yes, I have been profiled by the police. Another interesting experience when they find out they have stopped a lily-white, anglo-saxon, brown-hair, green-eyed female! This happened frequently when I use to drive my father’s trucks and we were more than fifty miles away from the homestead, especially in Illinois. Their reaction was priceless!

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  15. I have come to the realization that as a Black Man,living in these days wanting and needing change that will not come unless I myself first make a change within.ACCOUNTABILITY,is something that we all have to claim,we all are to be held accountable at the end of the day.The question will come and we must answer”What did I do to make life worth living for”? Was I part of the problem or solution.Was I a MAN? Until we as black people gain control over ourselves and our children , we will continue to loose our rights and our lives,and no amount of marches,or protests will mean a thing.
    Find yourself a Higher Power , stop checking yourself out in the mirror,and take a “LOOK” in the mirror.


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