Rigged Elections – Computer Programmer's Testimony

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H/T  Doug at thereaganwing.com

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0 responses to “Rigged Elections – Computer Programmer's Testimony

  1. Democrat victory plan for 2012.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    In Washington State 99% is mail in ballots. How secure is that? Remember when people got off their behinds, went to the polls, signed their name and got their ballots in an orderly manner? It’s just a distant memory now. From what I understand, Gov Gregoire just signed into law a filthy piece of legislation that abolishes a primary. That means the Rino incumbents who kiss up to the fatcats are shoo ins. In other words, we don’t need no stinking tea parties! Yeesh!

  3. there is a web site truethevote that is working for getting paper ballots back. This is where I think new technology has no place. As we have seen in Nevada,Wash,Calif, soros is behind this. These voting machines were actually traced back to Venezulea, and Hugo Chavez. No kidding. Mail in ballots are a sure way to fraud also. Actually, I walked my ballot in this year,and the girl says,without getting up. “Just put it on the counter and sign the sheet” she did not check my I.D. or nothing. This is wrong folks. I believe in mail in ballots for totally disabled folks,but that is it. We need paper ballots back. Between the Secretaries of State and the electronic voting machines,soros has made this a project. Soros needs to be tried,and hung or executed. Forget banning him.It does not work.

    • lowtechgrannie

      I have a profoundly handicapped nephew who is chronologically of voting age but has the comprehension of a young child. They registered him, and all the young people in his special ed classes to vote as soon as they turned 18 because the Literacy Rate is tied to voter registration. (You could read a book a day, but if you’re not a registered voter, demographically you are considered illiterate.) The powers that be suggested that my sister just fill in his ballot, as if it was no big deal!
      I wonder how many elderly dementia patients have their ballots completed by kindly SEIU caregivers?

  4. Donald Gaines

    No surprise here the crocks in DC will never do the right thing no matter how many times the tack an oath that is why it needs to be keep the oath or face the firing squad all the way to any president.


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