Ridiculous road sign wastes taxpayers' money

This is just one tiny example of how our government — national, state, local — wastes taxpayers’ hard-earned money.
My friend, Mark S. McGrew, who wrote the first “birther” exposés back in 2008, sent me this video. He is running for El Paso County Sheriff in Texas. This video exemplifies one of the problems in El Paso which Mark, if elected sheriff, will rectify!
Check out his campaign website, HERE!

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Winston Smith
Winston Smith
8 years ago

Cute video … BUT, the technique has been used effectively for DECADES! Now, with conventional speed control methods a Cop car would need to be on the road in question somewhat visible and subject to being spotted by eye and/or radar detectors, right? Have you ever seen pairs of 1′ x 2′ rectangles painted on the edge of the road a few hundred yards apart that didn’t seem to have any practical use (in Indiana they used to paint silhouettes of airplanes, instead)? Well, those are a measured distance apart. So, a Police Officer in a fixed or rotary wing… Read more »

8 years ago

That’s why I don’t go to Texas with my husband any more 😉

8 years ago

ha, too funny!
They’ll probably have drones doing that soon…

8 years ago

These have been in Virginia for at least ten years now that I know of.