RFK human rights charity bailed out reputed Bloods gang member

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From NY Post: He’s a reputed killer Bloods gang member recently accused of toting a loaded pistol onto a city bus — but that didn’t matter to Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights when the foundation bailed him out.

In October, the group sprang 18-year-old Asa “ASAP” Francis — a violent member of the Bloods-affiliated Martense Beverly Bosses gang, which has been wreaking havoc on southeastern Brooklyn streets while duking it out with the rival Folk Nation-affiliated Collect Your Guap crew, according to a July indictment charging the suspect and 17 other accused gangbangers.

Francis — who was sprung by the charity after allegedly being caught with a loaded, .40-caliber Smith and Wesson gun in his waistband when he tried to skip out on paying bus fare — had pledged to kill on behalf of his gang, court papers charged.

During a phone call to an incarcerated cohort in 2016, he bragged that when he shows up somewhere with a gun, “That’s a murder scene,” the indictment said.

“It’s just total lunacy — it ­really is,” Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told The Post Tuesday of Francis’ bailout by RFK, headed by Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry Kennedy.

“I think the RFK foundation should be held accountable if these individuals go out and hurt anybody else.”

A high-ranking police source raged of the charity, “They don’t care about the public’s safety. They’re just trying to prove a point,’’ referring to the group’s mantra that the city needs to revamp its bail system.

Francis was busted in June on charges of second-and fourth-degree conspiracy for plots to obtain illegal guns and use them to murder gangland enemies.

He and his cohorts “cavalierly discuss shooting at rivals as if they were keeping score at a basketball game,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said at the time. “But this is not a game. There is a trail of dead and injured victims.”

Francis’ $10,000 bail on those charges was posted Aug. 8 by his mom, Nicole Brown, a clerical associate for the city Department of Transportation who makes just $48,000 a year, according to bail receipts and payroll records. She forked over $8,000 in cash but had to put the rest on a credit card, a receipt shows.

On Oct. 12, Francis was back in jail on the weapons incident on the bus, according to a criminal complaint. His bail was again set at $10,000, despite prosecutors’ request that it go up to $50,000, according to sources.

And despite it all, RFK plunked down the $10,000 needed to free him again. He was released Oct. 30.

The suspect has been staying with his mom, stepdad and their two young kids in Flatlands, according to Francis’ grandmother Lorna Lunan. “He has a potential but followed the wrong company,” Lunan, 63, told The Post.

“And if he just sticks by himself, he will make it. I’m just hoping and praying.”

RFK did not respond to a request for comment.


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7 responses to “RFK human rights charity bailed out reputed Bloods gang member

  1. “I think the RFK foundation should be held accountable if these individuals go out and hurt anybody else.”

    Not just the foundation, RFK himself should be held legally accountable. Sue the bastard.

  2. I see a concept here… He is now their endentured servant. He’s potentially their future hit man. What if we find out that is how the deep state works?

  3. They should make them stay with the ones that sprung them. Guys like this are a big hit in The Hamptons.

    • That idea would put an end to a lot of this social justice remediation nonsense.

    • My thoughts as well, where this guy could joun the rest of the Hispanics cleaning the toilets or cutting the grass at the estates of the officers and board of RFK Foundation. Merely accusing the latter group of hypocrisy is putting lipstick on a pig. There’s a portrait photo of RFK’s daughter Kerry holding a sign reading “Speak Truth to Power,” which, considering the deep state power players assembled on the board and her being a lawyer married to Andrew Cuomo, is, to me at least, such a stupefying inversion of “Truth” that it almost takes my breath away.

      At least the photos flesh out the truism that progressivism (=communism) is strictly a top-down charade, not just because it takes tons of money, but because it finally adds property in human beings to ownership by the elites of all other resources, also held as property, but absurdly claimed to now be owned by the state. Not to forget it also allows these New Age gnostics to get off playing god to the rest of mankind, and, unnoticed, go about supplanting Christian alms giving with animal husbandry methods they apply to people and conceal as “philanthropy.”

      Chesterton was on to these monsters a century ago, noting that only morally evil people could be so power mad—in this case using human beings as playthings they wouldn’t themselves touch without having sanitizer at hand. Today we’d call such stupefying hypocrisy psychopathic.

  4. For those who may not believe that we’re in the midst of a coup:


    I ask you, how does a judge get away with a clear violation of federal law? Why wasn’t he arrested? What’s more important, SAYING we’re a country that respects the law, or ACTUALLY respecting it? Unless there are consequences for these little “virtue signaling” episodes, we’re through.

  5. Another “model” citizen the Kennedy Foundation bailed out:

    “Bail reform poster boy busted before meeting with Obama: A poster boy for bail reform will miss out on meeting former President Barack Obama at a Manhattan gala awards ceremony Wednesday night — because he was busted during a traffic stop hours earlier.

    Pedro Hernandez was stopped while driving a BMW in The Bronx around noon Wednesday, cops said. A computer check revealed that the plates on the car were stolen and Hernandez’ driver’s license was suspended, and he was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and related charges, a law-enforcement source said.

    The incident marked at least his 13th arrest and the third time he’s been stopped for driving without a license in the past two years.”



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