Revenge Warning from Jihadists-Beware June 8

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This warning of revenge was posted as an Alert on Bare Naked Islam website with instructions to distribute widely.  ~LTG

Allahu Akbar. We are A Thousand Sleeping Martyrs and this is our proclamation of 4 May 2011.


Subject: jews and infidels be warned

Date: May 3, 2011 10:13:10 PM EDT


For 5 years we have been preparing for this day.

The death of one unarmed martyr cannot prevent the death of a nation of unbelievers. America and her infidel supporters will pay a great price when the nuclear dust storm arrives in the pockets, hijabs (for the putrid French) and keffiyehs of one thousand awaiting martyrs to disperse the yellow cake for Allah, praise unto his name. Holy Qur’an 26:[208]

The Great Satan and each nation of whores celebrating the death of our unarmed Brother by the cowardly assassins of Abbottabad will know the wrath of Allah, the true God. There are no radical Muslims, only Muslims. An attack on one is an attack on all and every believer knows what is commanded according to the Holy Qur’an 4:[89-91]

Since 2006 we have collected more than 6,236 tonnes of (now dried and finely pulverized) pure fuel rods and Pu derivatives. With loyal cooperation of many Muslim technicians and truck driver teams we have perfected the ultimate deception. In only four years we have successfully coordinated the exchanged of identically welded and labeled stainless steel canisters containing beach sand of exact weight, for the original RBMK, CANDU, PWR, QUADRISO and BWR waste canisters being delivered to Sellafield, La Hague and Yucca Mountain. The techniques we still employ are derived from an incredible “disappearance” trick purchased from Muslim magic show professionals in Las Vegas in April 2005 and magiclegends online in 2010. Holy Qur’an 20:[68]

With the help of long-infiltrated devout Islamic security guards, 1kg packets of this dust will be released when appropriate in the Chunnel, food manufacturing sources and water supplies of jewish populations, sports and anti-Islamic political events, cruise ships and Western celebrations involving fireworks. The ventilation systems of New York’s 19 largest jewish-owned buildings have already been “repaired” and are awaiting remote detonation commands. Unbelievers will blow on knots and an outbreak of lung cancers will appear within weeks after Allah’s dust has been dispersed. Holy Qur’ran 11:[7] These offices will blessed with Np237, Pu239, I129 and Tc99 and will remain infidel-free for thousands of years. Holy Qur’an 5:[44-46]

Between 20-25 May 2011 there will be 114 letters posted to Imams of the most venerated mosques around the world. Holy Qur’an 27:[28] Each letter contains particles of the most sacred religious artifact ever found.

We have in our possession a portion of a blood-stained battle shirt worn by the Prophet Muhammed, blessed be his name, during the second battle of Islam at Uhud in 625. Small 1x1mm fragments of this priceless holy relic will be included in each of the 114 envelopes. The incredible results of C14 age dating and blood analysis will authenticate the shirt to the world. More importantly will be the recent miracles attributed to those who have touched it. Holy Qur’an 8:[17-19] Holy Qur’an 100:[1-5] Holy Qur’an 56:[4-7] Holy Qur’an 20:[96] Holy Qur’an 20:[105] Holy Qur’an 18:[8]

On 8 June 2011 three fantastic miracles will be revealed and all who believe in, or wisely turn to, Allah, the most merciful, will join the world in rapture, healing and adoration. Unlike the Shroud of Turin, priceless Islamic holy relics are meant to be shared among all believers.

Blessed is Allah, the Lord of the worlds!

Commencing on 8 June 2011, we promise unto death, that all disbelievers who openly disgrace or dishonor the Holy Qur’an or our Prophet Muhammad, the Holy Messenger of Allah, will be punished. Holy Qur’an 4:[140-141] Our success will be VICTORY, by the will of Allah, in our failure we become MARTYRS, also by God’s will. Holy Qur’an 9:[51-53] Holy Qur’an 26:[4-7]

There will be kidnappings and video recordings of these infidels begging for mercy like old women. Their beheadings will be sent to the internet to chat with Nick Berg. Holy Qur’an 4:[33-35] and Holy Qur’an 24:[30-34] Muhammad is a Messenger to mankind. Allah is your All- Sufficient Witness.

Specifically warned are the families, spawn and relatives of Kurt Westergaard, Molly Norris, traitor Anwar al-Awlaki, Pastor Terry Jones, slanderers Robert Spencer, ‚Ä™Zakaria Botros‚Ĩ, Salman Rushdie, the swine blooded black whore Oprah Winfrey (inside HARPO our operatives await!) and filth eating jews Bernard Henri-Levy, Markus Pardes and Joe Lieberman. Holy Qur’an 5:[51-53] and Holy Qur’an 8:[11-12] These 12 will be the FIRST to witness the severed bloody heads of their children, grandchildren and relatives served upon a granite platter, their dead eyes gazing up, forever frozen in terror. Holy Qur’an 47:[4] Glory be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds!

Between 7 August and 7 November internet viewers will be treated to a live streaming video of soon-to-be missing NYT nymphomaniac Katherine Zoepf, jew-loving H.D.S. Greenway and syndicated liar Geraldo Rivera. This broadcast will conclude with the beheading of Rosaleen Tallon and her 3 bastards beginning with Paddy.

All who have prepared the envelopes or touched the beloved Uhud Battle Shirt now have recurring dreams which reveal the end of the Western World. Holy Qur’an 54:[4-5] On 21 December 2012 a nuclear hell storm will be precipitated by the Cowardly Black Vanity Obama. Holy Qur’an 54:[40] After a humiliating defeat on 7 November 2012 he swears the woman will never take office. Holy Qur’an 17:[10] On 18 December 2012, under pretense of global conflict and a contrived attack upon jews, he escalates all American military forces to highest alert levels. After discovering that sleeping martyrs been dispersing pulverized radioactive into the ventilation systems of skyscrapers in Chicago, New York City, Beijing, Paris and London, the Black Vanity proclaims that an attack is imminent and, between 6 and 7PM EST 21 December 2012, the last American President launches the end of infidel world. Holy Qur’an 10:[100-101] Specific details of this prophecy will be contained in the 8 June 2011 6:32PM

EDT internet message which will transmitted from Makkah in concurrence with the chosen 114 Imams. Holy Qur’an 20:[72]

We praise the great Jihad warriors Anjem Choudary, Paul Rockwood, Nidal Malik Hasan, Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, and the martyrs of 11 September. We curse the shoe-licking cowards who, against all international law, invaded a sovereign country under cover of darkness without permission. We curse those at have slept with jews at Guantanamo to betray our leader, a son of Saudi Arabia. Your punishments in Hell will be unspeakable.

On 8 June 2011 at 6:32PM EDT we will reveal how this World Holy War will end with 3 fantastic miracles.

We are A Thousand Sleeping Martyrs

Allahu Akbar

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  2. great. take Obama, please……

  3. Bring it, dirtbags. We got somethin’ for your lousy butts.

  4. I guess my question is, why wait until June 8th? What’s your point!

  5. These shit-eating ragheads must be deluded to think that all Westerners are cowardly and weak-willed. They truly are a moronic bunch if they think they can bring down tens of millions of die-hard Americans that would slaughter them if they tried something over here.

  6. It’s just propaganda.

    • Yeppers, and the worst kind, showing these are very nearly insane wannabes. Maybe it’s a new false flag operation…. Guess we’ll wait ‘n’ see!

  7. Just nuckin’ fuke ’em already.

    • Steve,
      I have to confess I sort of stole that from a Usenet site I used to frequent way back in the day.
      LOL – It took me a few passes to figure it out, too.

  8. If I were president, I would warn these people that Mecca will be destroyed

  9. John Blackburn

    be vary wary… they are in your neighborhoods Now !

  10. These guys are simply frustrated.


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