Revenge of the Tolerant

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Attacked by Tolerance — How same-sex “marriage” hurts people

Frankly, I don’t know who TPF is, or even if I support them on core issues. But in this video, we see the fascist face LGBT activism. If it seems hard for you to believe that homosexuals could morph from a gentle demeanor into complete fascism, it’s hard for me to believe also.
In the 1990s in Boston we had a gay conservative radio talk show host named David Brudnoy. He often frustrated the gay activists by refusing to become a “poster child” for gay rights. I respected him greatly and prayed for him often. Brudnoy would be as appalled at the actions in this video as I am.
In my life I have had a number of friends who were gay. I was saddened by their choices, but prayed for them, and remained a friend. The new breed of violent fascist gay activism is something entirely different.

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  1. Tolerance is a one way street with these people, it’s more like you will comply or we will get violent. I refuse to be forced into a favorable opinion on gay marriage. I will be respectful as long as the homosexuals are respectful back. I will NOT tolerate their BS though and I have a right to my opinion. There is nothing life sustaining in these gay relationships, they are all roads to nowhere.

  2. Ya know-if homosexual people really WERE “tolerant”and kind-hearted,they’d find life a lot easier. I can only say that they show a LOT of the characteristics of Democrats. Look at how they operate. Like one of the guys in the video says,when they can’t win their verbal argument,they resort to personal insults and violence. Who does THAT remind you of? Of course,probably over 90% of the homosexual lobby probably ARE Democrats,because the Democrats always favor the anti-American,anti-Bible,anti-pretty much everything really GOOD in America. Makes sense.

  3. Yup, progressive “tolerance”…

  4. TFP, stands for Tradition Faith and Property, great group whom I donate to monthly. They are in the thick of the fight to save our Nation.

  5. The lavender mafia is getting a little too uppity.
    Funny, as here in Atlanta, we have a fairly sizable gay population, but they don’t seem to be anywhere near as militant as gays in other parts of the country.

  6. Sigh—among my first degrees, I have 2 in art—BFA in studio art…and BS in secondary art education…for sure–during my studies (& I hope you all don’t think I’m stereotyping…) I had many, many academic friends and professors who were “gay.” I loved them then, as I love them individuals (hate the sin & not the sinner…). My “parting point” with my gay friends & co-workers was when/if I encountered a gay who embraced a (to me) “sexually irresponsible” lifestyle…such as visiting “Glory Holes” in San Francisco (don’t even ask me to describe this) or hopping from sexual partner to sexual partner…….We’d have quite the discussion…& I NEVER could make them understand that—if I disapproved of the lifestyle that used and discarded people right and left for sexual gratification (or allowed oneself to be “used and discarded”) that to me…it was the SAME as a heterosexual who did the same thing with heterosexual partners: I’d think of them as whores, pimps, users, exploiters… But, my gay friends and co-workers only saw me as “anti-gay” for not embracing their choices….(does this sound familiar? LIke—does it NOT sound like the Obama crap–charges about “racism” if you don’t accept the choices/actions of—say…..a Ferguson, MO, Black kid who just robbed a store, assaulted the store clerk, and assautled the police officer who encountered him……). Lately, I’ve just devolved into a posture of “whatever” with these people…the miltant Hispanics, the militant Blacks…the militant Gays/Lesbians/Transgenders..etc. I’ve sort of decided that “they” can put some sort of order to “their’ own world….and I will try to live by the order of my own world & stay away from them. I’ve withdrawn more and more b/c it’s too much of a hassle to deal with their public displays and demands (which are as a group..and not on the personal level) and I am pretty sure I am the poorer for it..but so, TOO, are THEY for allienating people like me…

    • Calgirl, I see it that way, too. It’s a sad state of affairs. I remember hearing from my friends at RISD, that the faculty was excited at the beginning of each new school year to look for young impressionable potential sex partners.

  7. Democrats/Progressive/Liberals/Left’s self-characterization as “tolerant” is a bigger myth than the tooth fairy.


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