Rev Manning Talks Truth About Hoodies & Violence

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0 responses to “Rev Manning Talks Truth About Hoodies & Violence

  1. I have seen this already, I subscribe to him, and he has another video where he discussed Michelle Obama’s skanky outfit one of y’all just posted the other day!

    • lowtechgrannie

      Thanks for the tip, Julia! I’ll have to take a look at Youtube and post his fashion commentary

  2. Winston Smith

    In the “Wild West” era a bandana was de rigueur for the cowboy! A primary function was to be put over the face during dusty days on the trail to keep the dust out of the mouth and nose. When worn in that manner on any other occasion the meaning was obvious: to hide the identity of someone planning an unlawful act.
    In a similar vein, the hoodie was designed to be pulled up AROUND the face on COLD days for the comfort of the wearer. However, when the hood is pulled almost to the nose, obscuring the face, it is almost impossible to differentiate that person’s intentions from that of the wearer of a bandana over the face on a clear day! This observation is borne out in the countless news videos of convenience store holdups and such across the country! As Rev Manning said in his Moochelle video, a hoodie obscuring the face is the “uniform” of someone intending an unlawful act!
    With this in mind it can be presumed that (so called) black leaders promoting such attire are, in fact, INTENTIONALLY exacerbating the lack of interracial trust to, by feigned sympathy, increase their own power and influence!

    • Well said, Winston!
      Deception and concealment are the stuff of evil. Deliberately concealing one’s face inside a hoodie is the same as a robber’s full-face ski cap or a Halloween mask. Any one with a clear conscience and no ill intent should be proud to show our face to the world. Only cockroaches scatter when the light is turned on in a dark room.

  3. Harald Sigurdson

    Trayvon Martin was not murdered and he was a criminal thug who would have killed that half Peruvian Indian and half Jewish man if the man had not defended himself.
    These black thug extremely violent criminals are learning their anti-white racism in public schools! The classes taught in public schools are radical anti-white racism!

  4. Harald Sigurdson

    I think that they want to return to their beloved homeland and I think that we should buy them a one-way ticket.


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