Rev Manning – Michelle Obama Wears the Uniform of a Street Harlot

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0 responses to “Rev Manning – Michelle Obama Wears the Uniform of a Street Harlot

  1. Print pattern is of typical Muslim Origin.

  2. It would help if she would just dress her age. She’s a mother for crying out loud

  3. Hookers dress better, and have more class

  4. Stinky Scallywag.

  5. Winston Smith

    I’d almost look at this disgusting show as another orchestrated step in destroying the power and worldwide influence of America! Right up there with the King’s emasculating, insulting and shrinking our military – bowing to and schmoozing with foreign leaders and big-money men of questionable allegiance – bombarding the American populace with crushing regulations and edicts – and more and more and … I guarantee that behind closed doors in the halls of currently friendly Governments around the world there are heads wagging, saying “Do we REALLY want these fools as allies?”
    As far as the outfit[s] (including her other atrocities) Madonna and other hard-rock stars dress more demurely than this!

  6. thugs and harlots…we get the government we deserve.
    Dr. Manning rocks at

  7. Where in the world was she when this photo was taken, The MTV awards? Pretty shocking for a first lady!


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