Rev Manning Calls for Investigation on Breitbart's Death

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0 responses to “Rev Manning Calls for Investigation on Breitbart's Death

  1. A “John Hernandez” just left a comment on FOTM’s Facebook page calling me “an idiot for even suggesting such a notion” — which makes Rev. Manning an idiot too. LOL
    Nothing like gratuitous name-calling when one doesn’t have a cogent argument to make.

  2. Let me tell you this! Reverend Manning isn’t the only one who thinks this is all too fishy So I am glad that the good rEverend has spoken up! And there are forces at work here in the United States that will go to a lot of trouble to make sure the autopsy comes out to their liking. Let’s face it Breitbart and others are a danger to Obama and his minions. I fear for the health and safety of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as well. Sooner or later these evil people will go too far and tip their hand. But will we have the power to put them where they belong, in prison forever. That’s a good question.

  3. If it was something “other than” natural we will never know. That is the sad thing. But either way you know the liberal left is celebrating big time. I am saddened for his family and for all of us who admired him. A great loss.

    • Yes, hollowpoint…so sad his family lost him too early.
      And the vile from the left is absolutely horrendous. You should have seen the tweets. Made me want to throw up.

  4. I imagine the coroner has already received a rather large cash bonus. They should demand their own people to do this autopsy.

  5. Hmm, Vince Foster died “mysteriously” as he was about to close in on Clinton, Obama BRAGGED about ASSASSINATING* “enemies” – NOW it’s Andrew Breitbart? Not to mention several other “suspicious” deaths. Is there a pattern, here?
    *Since when is assassination an acceptable part of our international “Diplomacy”? Saddam Hussein was FAR more a threat than these “heinous murder victims” and HE was captured, tried and THEN executed by Law!


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