Retired CIA Agents Say Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake

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On June 13, 2011, on the Terry Lakin Action Fund radio show, retired Major General (and Fox News contributor) Paul Vallely confirmed what we already know.

Gen. Vallely said this: [beginning at the 5:35 mark]

“I’ve had retired CIA Agents and Investigators look at Obama’s birth certificate and 10 out of 10 say it is fraudulent.”

Vallely also said this, beginning at around the 13:55 mark,

“[Obama eligibility] is probably the biggest fraud perpetuated on the American people ever in our history, at the highest level of government…. Obama was not vetted properly…on his eligibility…his college records…Social Security…his background, his life…. I hold Congress responsible…[and] the states validating candidates….

There was an organization funded by one individual named George Soros who wanted to insure Barack Obama become chief executive of the United States and take this country down a different path, a socialist path….

All of those things we’ve said and observed prior to the [2008] election have now come true, but yet we have a Congress, we have a Supreme Court that will not take the tack…. I am sure the FBI did not investigate Barack Obama….”

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


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66 responses to “Retired CIA Agents Say Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake

  1. Unfortunately, even if Obama is not eligible to be President nothing will even be done about it. We need to just put our efforts in to making sure he does not get a second term.

    • It sure looks like that, doesn’t it, mcoville?

      But that won’t stop Fellowship of the Minds in exposing the fraud and uncovering the truth. Part of FOTM’s obligation/responsibility is to The Truth, to American history and to future generations. We are compiling a chronicle for historians to come.

  2. sheesh…….
    I saw this last night on World Net Daily…..
    it’s absolutely flabbergasting and beyond comprehension.
    There was also a piece about Hawaii refusing a subpeona filed by Orly Taitz to show the supposed existing vault copy of the “certified” actual document that the shiny new POS long form certificate of live birth is a copy of… that exists!!!!! Anyone with even one brain cell would know that the only reason anyone hides something is because it is a lie, an untruth…not true.
    Somehow Hawaii can go along perpetrating a total lie and it’s okay.
    I called Douglas Vogt last week…..he is the man mentioned on WND that is helping Jerome Corsi, who has a scanner business in Bellevue, WA, who has torn apart the new “BC” as a fraud and has submitted a complaint to the FBI. He had just submitted the complaint when I spoke with him, I think I will contact him again today…just in light of this piece by Major Vallely saying the FBI agents are protecting Obama’s lie.

    I wonder if these CIA agents would come forward, that would help.

    I don’t really believe that Congress etc are afraid of letting this all out because of “black backlash” though…they are only 13% of the population and I don’t really worry that they would become that organized, I believe that a lot of blacks and not just Manning & Co. are a bit disillusioned with Obama. A disastrous economy, jobs market and housing market is bad for everyone, regardless of skin color. I think a lot of black Americans feel bamboozled by Obama as much as they wanted to believe the Hope and Change BS.

    I haven’t given up hope yet, but it does seem amazing that even with the mountains of evidence that Obama’s Scam is still considered a fringe conspiracy theory………
    Often one is sorely tempted to quit because they can’t see that their goal is just over the last hill, just around that last bend….. nearly within reach.
    Onward & Upward!

  3. Artist-this is a good idea,as the ex-CIA have far more credability. If you remember,when the fraudulent POTUS took office,the first thing he did was dismantle the CIA and FBI and put his criminal thugs in. A backlash from blacks is a sorry excuse wait till they encounter Millions of pissed off Americans. Civil unrest takes to the streets,revolution is when we go after the Government. This is something they had better think about.

    • Never forget what happened at Kent State…American soldiers did not hesitate to open fire on defenseless students. I have not heard of any military leaders standing up to this prezident so it may be that if he did give an order to open fire on Americans again I am not comfortable that they would hold their fire…..

  4. Thomas Morato

    What would our founding father’s say and do in a situation like this?

    • You already know the answer, Thomas.

      They aren’t our Founding Fathers for lack of courage or conviction or wisdom or integrity. I miss them so much, it hurts.
      Obama is ineligible

  5. There is no birth certificate with the name of Barack Hussein Obama, because it was destroyed when he was adopted by Lulu Soetoro. What we need to see is the birth certificate with the name Barry Soetoro on and I bet this certificate does exisit. Obama had to have a birth certificate to apply for a passport, and other things so we need to see that one, which has been authenticate by a forensic expert. This man is a low class con artist who only speaks well and has not other talents. Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi, should be held responsible for this debackle.

  6. I totally hate BO but I’m betting he wins again. Of course I will immediately jump off a bridge! But I have a horrible gut feeling he will win. This scares the hell out of me.

  7. “Of course I will immediately jump off a bridge! ”

    Please do.. For the love of god, please do. When he wins, please take the rest of the birthers with you off of that bridge.

  8. pfff… “here was an organization funded by one individual named George Soros who wanted to insure Barack Obama become chief executive of the United States and take this country down a different path, a socialist path….”

    this is such a load of ***. when are these nimrods gonna realise there’s nothing socialist about Obama. It’s not socialism, it’s fascism, just as with Obama’s predecessors.

    • How it can be faschism, when fashism is a nationally orientated way of organisating a society? And how it can be socialism in the classic sense when that movement aims to redistribute from top to bottom or at least aim at all times at
      fair distribution? – not to be mixed up with Jewish Comunism! The American problem is that the citizens of the US have allowed their society to be usurped by an exotice oriental minority, who practices a mixture between Comunism and predator capitalism coupled with a camouflaged agenda that spells worse to come for the white founder race of the US!

      • wolfgang,

        If you’re gonna speak as an expert on types of political systems, you might wanna try getting the spelling of FASCISM right first.

        Just a modest suggestion! LOL

    • It’s not exactly socialism, it’s not exactly fascism, and it’s not exactly communism, corporatism, crony capitalism, or any other specific form of collectivism. But it is essentially all of the above. I started using a word back in the day sof Herr Klinotn to describe it, and it is all the more fitting under The Obamination: Sociofascism. However, I consider whatever you call it to be relatively unimportant, because all of those things are relatively alike, and all of those things are drastically different from Americanism, and that’s the point as far as I’m concerned.

  9. The REAL objective

    If his performance isn’t enough to demonstrate his “sock puppet” position in the scheme of breaking the USA to pieces? Tyranny for the Public is well deserved. Our Armies, our police, our Congress, our President are ALL acting against the rule of law given to us by our Constitution.

    My question is: “Is power and greed so seductive that, ALL men and women in positions of any level of power, abuse their control so as to mock the Constitution?”
    We’ve all allowed this destruction to happen. Our forefathers would have been VERY disappointed in how we’ve disrespected their dream of freedom for us!

    If you want to point fingers to blame someone, point them in the mirror.
    This has happened during your watch!

    • Point your finger somewhere else.

      I didn’t vote for Obama. We here on the Fellowship have been sounding the alarm and screaming till our faces turned blue.

      This has happened IN SPITE OF our watch.

  10. How does it matter ? Bush was a bona fide US born president and undertook illegal wars that killed hundreds and thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq and Afganistan. Obama is likely to do the same in Libiya and Syria. There is something so evil and decadent about the power structure in USA that both legal and illegal presidents end up doing the same damage to the fabric of civilisation on this planet.

    • How does it matter?

      Because the integrity of the Constitution of the United States of America matters!
      Because what the Founding Fathers shed their blood for matters!

      We will always have bad presidents — from both/all political parties. But when the elites and the people give the finger to our Constitution, then we’re finished.

  11. Obama didn’t do this by himself…he had a lot of help by people with deep pockets. Isn’t it time we looked at those people very closely? should get this started quite nicely. Then it’s off to:

    Go to any organization with any clout at all and look at who’s in charge and who’s controlling the finances…connect the dots and you will be able to decide for yourself EXACTLY how far the rot goes. And these people are in touch with each other so be cautious. And some people, like Johnny K, are paid to come online to try muddy the water; when you read something as childish as his comment above, he’s just doing his job!


    • Booknut Historian

      Well I examined the TONA research page. And I can say someone needs a few more lessons with MS Paint. I am a collector of old scripts/books. I have beautiful ones going back as far as the early 1700’s. The print on these pages looks nothing like what they have posted. Nice try… until you click on the “onion skin unfolded.” The signature right below James Adams breaks where the paper breaks, but it continues to the remainder of the page on the right. No problem except the page edge is folded over showing the back side. No other signature does this on that page. Besides all the print lacking depth and only having been smudged with a Microsoft editing tool. As for the manual of reference, the font is all wrong for the year. Try again, guys. This time, for Pete’s sake, let the truth speak for itself!

  12. When you look further you will find out that Obama is not the only one with a phony birth certificate. George HW Bush was born in Germany and his real family name is Schraff. Just sayin…

  13. The 9/11 truth is out on the internet.
    This is the truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government who used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.

    Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Will you help to tell the truth to the world?
    Be sure to watch the 26 part video there.
    #4 is on the built-in nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC
    #14 in on Building 7, which collapsed even though no plane hit it.
    #24/25 is on the chronic radiation sickness of the WTC responders)

  14. Corruption is the problem and there is no longer a mechanism to stop it.

    We can change that however by starting a new “Titles of Nobility” amendment.

    It will work as even the sheep dont like corruption.

    Problems solved..

    tona2009. com

  15. sonamericanrevolution

    No one here has mentioned the complicity in silence of the USA mass media which is entirely owned by Jewish interests in allowing this outrage to take place.

    Many WND readers have a blind spot when it comes to the Tribe.

    Obama is Israel’s Manchurian Candidate/ now POTUS, completely owned and operated by Israel, making the USA available to fight and pay for their wars of aggression in the Middle East.

    Obama works for the same people George Shrub Bush worked for.


    • Obama is some Israel’s Manchurian candidate!

      He recently “proposed” a peace solution that requires Israel to retreat to its pre-1967 borders, thereby reducing Israel to a narrowest width of 9 miles, which renders Israel without strategic depth, which makes the country indefensible.

      Yup, that Obama sure is a puppet of what you so charmingly call The Tribe! With friends like him, what need Israel of enemies?

      Now please crawl back into that dank black hole of anti-Semitism — the longest oldest bigotry.

  16. geez you idiots are some scary people.

    cant you skinheads stop the hate ever?

    and explain why the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY has gone along with obama faking all this?

    lol what a bunch of fools you all are…………

  17. What low-grade moron would vote a “Thumbs Down” to this post?!? Whoever that idiot was, back up your brainlessness by refuting it in some way, or else post an admission of your stupidity.

  18. That’s right Jade, just keep screaming racism and never consider the facts. Jade, the racist is YOU. As far as the “fool” part of it goes, we all know who that is as well.

  19. This is great while we go back and forth about whether the president a job that is nothing but a puppet position with no real power, the bankers and global cabal must laugh, because nobodies pressing them for their credentials according to constitutional law to print funny money, while the congress and senate who we know are american born sell off everything that is left to be sold in this country people focus on whether the President was legally able to be elected. Look people this game has been played over and over again. You focus on the black guy and his credentials while the WHITE MEN steal everything that’s not nailed down. Take a look at the next session of congress, and the senate, and a look at the top Fortune 500 and the key bankers in this country. It has always been WHITE MEN for time and eternity!!! There is the problem not the first Black Man elected. Stop being played a fool by these people.

    • You can’t be bothered to find out about us on Fellowship of the Minds. You can’t be bothered to read our many many other posts — in which we take Congress and BOTH the Dems and Republicans to task. Then you come on here and say outright our problem with Obama is that he’s black. Are you such a racist that you can’t see beyond the color of his skin? We can!

      And you call us fools. LOL

  20. The first thing the gangsters from Chicago did was buy off Congress and Supreme Court Judge Roberts. Reports of Chief Judge Robert’s slush fund at the Vatican Bank to the tune of one billion dollars, that’s with a “b,” have been around for months now. If this wasn’t true you would think Chief Judge Roberts would have slapped a libel suit on them in a heart beat. Not to mention putting them in jail on some charge. To date, only sounds of silence from the govenment, Supreme Court and the media. To beat all, the reports also mentioned Geitner’s U.S. Treasury as the funding source. Barry’s kids have trust funds to the tune of millions. So do the Clintons. The smallest Congressional member account was a million dollars.

    The government is rogue, inside out, top down, and bottom up.

    It makes perfect sense for criminal mafia to buy off Congress and the Judiciary. It’s nothing new, criminals have been doing this and forgery for a long time.

    • Yankee in Beijing,

      Please be so good as to give us your source(s) for your assertions about the slush funds of Chief Justice Roberts and Obama’s kids.

      Thank you.

      • Google “slush funds, Vatican Bank” you will find plenty of links.

        The story broke on Bob Chapman’s newsletter. My research seems to head in the direction of a disgruntled Chief Operations Officer at Baer Bank Switzerland.

  21. Actuaslly the biggest fraud is the lie of 911. It’s alos the worst crime in U.S. history.

  22. Illegal President, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • NO TO ron paul!!! Career Politician

      • Ron Paul does not serve to be a career politician, he serves because someone has to speak the truth in Washington. There is nothing on his resume that points to him being a typical career politician and your label is unfounded.

  23. Tony Lopez-Cisneros

    When One Reads The Long-Form “Birth-Certificate” Of Obama (The One That He Recently Released Supposedly From Hawii), It Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist, Or A Retired CIA Agent, To Tell You That IT’S A FAKE !

    Just Look At The Racial Classificaton Of Obama’s Father: “African” ? ? ?

    Back Before The Civil-Rights Days, A Kenyan Or Any “Black” Person Who Had Racial Or Genetic Ancestry In The Continent Of AFRICA Was NEVER Racially Classified As An “African”–He Was ALWAYS CLASSIFIED AS EITHER “NEGRO”, “NEGROID”, OR OF “THE NEGRO RACE” &-OR “COLOURED / COLORED” !


  24. Gotta Love Birthers! Racist Bozos way out of touch with any form of reality! Comical Small Minded Clowns who can’t admit to being racist clowns!

    • You can take your deck of race cards and stuff them deep inside a large void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.

      It’s brain-dead lefties like you who have so overused that charge that it has no real meaning anymore.

      Questioning the eligibility of Obama is not being racist – a term I doubt you could define correctly at gun point.

      I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t disagreeing with a person of color.

      Now run on back to Kos, little turd, because I think comrade Soros is ready for his daily wax job, and your empty, mindless charge of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism isn’t going to fly here.


    • Gotta love these leftists with their one-track minds!

      Hey, Karla! Are you suffering from OCD? ‘Cause you sure are obsessed with race. Seriously, can’t you work just a little harder to come up with an insult other than racism to hurl at us? You’re getting really really boring.

      You must think Harry Alford is racist too. He’s the president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Alford calls Obama a “Marxist, brown shirt, and fanatical.”

  25. wow, this thread is amazing……..who are all these new names showing up and commenting here? Who knew that this blog had such a large and silent following!!?

    I think that calling people who want to see the valid, non digitized documentation that every other American citizen has to have to get through his/her daily life, “racist” is incredibly ridiculous. The person who is occupying the White House is equally white and black, having parents from both races, and could not have been elected if white people had not voted for him.
    I couldn’t care less what color the person in the White House is, I do care that they honor their solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and obey the same laws that I am expected to obey.
    Easy Peasy
    The REALLY big question is really why do both political parties, the Congress, FBI and the Main Stream Media all show a complete and TOTAL lack of curiosity as to why Obama’s CV is sub rosa, hidden and altered. That’s a peculiar thing…..people with nothing to hide, hide nothing……Obama said that.

    • ROFL! Artist,the fraud is feeling the fire on his feet. Everyone is jumping ship hoping they will not sink with him. The obots funded with taxpayer money are thick,guess he thinks this will help. Remember the “adiminstration” purchased software from the military that they can hook up fake people with on these blogs. The game is almost over for the fraudulent muslim/communist treasonous imposter. The biggest crime in the history of the United States of America! Expect the pieces of sh!T to come out of the woodwork. LOL.

    • Neal P. Murphy

      The applicable, technical terms are ‘mulatto’ and ‘miscegenation’.

      Demicans and republocrats; they’re all national socialists: one and the same. We, the people, no longer have any say in our own governance. The legislative and executive branches abuse their powers to buy votes. The judicial branches have ruled time and again that we, the people, have no standing to hold our government accountable, and have ruled that we, the people, do not have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances (look up Bob Schulz and the “We The People Foundation”); judges routinely abuse their power by making law where there is none.

      In my opinion, everyone responsible for the appearance of the three ineligible candidates the last presidential election’s ballot should be arrested, tried for treason and, upon being found guilty, hanged.

      The Constitution, the rule of law, the republic are dead. Until the traitors are dealt with, the republic cannot be restored.

      • Neal P. Murphy

        Oh, and technically the birth certificate is moot. The HMFIC is not a natural born citizen because his father was a subject of the British Crown; he has divided loyalties. This is the very reason the Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen (among other requirements) and not just an ordinary citizen-by-birth.

        In the same vein, McAmnesty was not born on US soil and Roger-dodger was born in Nicaragua. None of the three can ever be eligible to appear on any presidential ballot under the present Constitution.

        In addition to trying, convicting and hanging those responsible for stealing the election from us (treason because such action aided and comforted the enemies of the republic), the rest of the movers and shakers in the political parties should be banished to a small Pacific atoll until 100 years after their deaths and the parties should be disbanded.

        As to the comment about dumb right wingers, they are as bad as brainless left-wing lemmings. If it’s a crime to demand that the law put forth in the Constitution be held as the highest law of this land before any other political agenda are considered, if it’s a crime to think for oneself, then throw me in jail and throw away the key; no trial is needed. I am guilty.

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  27. If you call President Obama a ” negro”, I call you all, bunch of white scumbags, despicable whitey, and we will be rid of you next year with our god blessing!

    • Funny that so many here at FotM don’t reflect a lot of light.

      And I’ll refer to Barack Hussein Obama as a Kenyan Muslim commie puke as many times as I damn-well like.

      And as a heads up, I don’t like white commies, either.

      -Not even a little bit.

      Night, comrade.

      Don’t let the bedbugs bite.


    • BTW, just exactly how many keys to the liberal plantation have your lily-white liberal slavemasters given to you?

      Just don’t try to escape, lest you get a few dozen rounds in the back.

      -And they won’t be keys.

      Just ask Herman Cain, as he dared to confront the first “black” POTUS:

      What followed was one of the most anal IRS audits in history.

      Maybe its time you joined up with those who represent true freedom and liberty in America, or you can continue to allow your slavemasters to forward their genocide.

      How can anyone who purports to care about human life support the above?


    • black guy,you are so childish. Are you real or fake? Actually,the fraud could be called alot of things-mulatto,whitey,black,negro,muslim,fraud.treasonous fraud muzzie,if its the race card your trying to play-DENIED. Quit friggin whining already. Get a clue.

    • To the self-described “black guy”:

      You are the racist because you can only see humanity by their skin color, judging by your comment that is filled with racial characterizations of both yourself and others: “negro”, “white scumbag”, “despicable whitey”.

      As for your threat of “we will be rid of you next year with our god [sic] blessing”, since your IP address is Le Gosier in Guadeloupe, an island SE of Cuba and Puerto Rico and north of Venezuela, I dread to think who your “god” is. But know that your “god” — as well as you — will submit to the magnificent Trinity, even in Hell.

  28. Comment awaiting moderation?



  29. What a wonderful and most informative article. Why didn’t we see this on FOX? or CNN? Thank you for getting this out to us and God Bless the Internet.

  30. “[Obama eligibility] is probably the biggest fraud perpetuated on the American people ever in our history, at the highest level of government…. ”

    No, the biggest fraud ever perpetrated would be 9/11

  31. You Know, maybe this “Fast and Furious” will bring him down??? Do you think that he will leave Eric Holder just holding the bag alone, I guess we will find out, I don’t know what is taking them so long in these hearings , I am sure they have the evidence they need to prosecute!!!!… So lets do it Mr. Issa and while you are at it, lets hold a congressional hearing on his eligibility while you are at it…That’s right, he is playing golf today with Issa’s boss, I sure hope they have a good game, gag me with a spoon please !!!!!

  32. I contacted FBI In Hawaii yesteday and this gentlemen that I talk with was a joke, he wouldn’t let me talk, he just kept going on and on, and then told me that they were not ivestigating this and that this was all rumors on the internet. Then I contacted DC FBI and they told they were not investigating either, they said that he was investgated for 11 months before he took office and that the secret service would be investgating anything that was brought up now. Nice Depts. we have to protect us, but look who their boss is. But the truth will prevail it always does, Mr. Corsi stated that it took a long time for Watergate to come but it finally did and the FBI had to be brought in, kicking and screaming. A question I have for you Mr. Vallely, since you are a Fox News commenator, why won’t Foxl report on this, it just baffles my mind. Thank you for your reporting and best of luck to you. Leslie Simmon

  33. there arer 1000 or more press-tv-radio-congress-judges-govt workers who have committed treason covering up for obama. obama is an illegal alien treasonist who uses a stolen soc sec number 042-68-4425 from a deceased conn man!!!!!!!

  34. President Obama is a disgrace. He knows he’s a fraud and a liar, but then again aren’t all of them? This president is not a president. He is an imposter. He was not born in the USA. He and others have covered this truth up because they had too much invested in his presidency. It’s sort of like Jenny Mccarthy’s story, her son was never autistic, but after she published a bunch of books on autism, well, they just didn’t care. People were making money.


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