Restorative justice in SF: DA Boudin drops charges against one suspect in viral attack on Asian man

Apparently the victim decided restorative justice was the best outcome for this case. I’m sure no influence was put upon him…

From SF Gate: San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is withdrawing charges against one of the two suspects arrested in connection to a shocking viral video that shows an Asian man being robbed.

Twenty-year-old Dwayne Grayson, who police say recorded and uploaded the disturbing clip to social media, will no longer be charged with elder abuse, and will instead face “restorative justice,” which involves rehabilitation and reconciliation with victims.

“We’ve been in conversation with the victim who expressed interest in a restorative justice outcome in this case,” Alex Bastian, a spokesperson for the DA’s office, told The Chronicle. “Specifically, against the young person who videoed the incident. We respect victims and their desires and we will explore a restorative justice outcome.

Grayson was also suspected of violating probation for battery.

Earlier Monday, police arrested 56-year-old Jonathan Amerson, the person suspected of hitting the victim with a metal pole. He was charged with robbery and elder abuse, and is also suspected of robbing the same victim of his recyclables about two months ago in the same area.

Read the whole story here.

There’s almost 500 comments on this article, the majority of which are not positive. Too little, too late demorats. You gotta learn the hard way:


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Dr. Eowyn
6 months ago
6 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Just remember.The Color of the perp is not the problem. Although the ethnicity of the victim may have been. People need to understand that racism is not the victim’s fault. You can’t help being the color/age/person you are. This ass-hole does this stuff because he’s never been held responsible enough to prevent this kind of behavior. He’s already irredeemable. Either lock him up or give him the needle.

6 months ago

these slime balls need a few lessons in breaking rocks.