Restaurant in NH removes sign after city’s concerns over name

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I got a chuckle out of this.

It’s not the greatest name for a restaurant but sure is a great way to get free PR.

From MyFoxChicago: But what are they going to do with all the T-shirts they made up? The owner of a soon-to-be-opening French-Vietnamese restaurant in New Hampshire is set to meet with the city manager of Keene following concerns that the eatery’s name sounds like a profane phrase.

Pho Keene Great, which is not scheduled to open until March, had already displayed a small sign prominently featuring the name, which is a play on both the Vietnamese dish pho (pronounced “fuh”) and the name of the town (Keene).

City Manager Elizabeth Dragon said the owner, Isabelle Jolie, hadn’t gotten permission to hang a sign displaying the outside the restaurant. Jolie has since had it removed.

The restaurant’s Facebook page has also been polling social media users, asking if they think the name of the restaurant is offensive.

“The issue is pending a meeting with the city manager and her team,” the restaurant wrote in its post, which found that 97 percent of respondents found the name to be “fun” rather than offensive.


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15 responses to “Restaurant in NH removes sign after city’s concerns over name

  1. Lighten up, City Manager Elizabeth Dragon.
    Chicago has way, way bigger problems than that restaurant sign.

  2. I bet all the T-shirts the ymade will sell out quickly – I’d get one myself if they made them in sizes large enough for me.

    If there were an actual furniture franchise called Sofa King (an SNL parody), they probably couldn’t do business in Keene either.

    • The shirts do come in my size…they need to add another color or two – I got enough black shirts already.

  3. Melinda McClure

    One is a clever play on words, this one I’m not so sure about -

  4. Charles H Slate

    There was some sort of store or organization in NYC a few years ago that made it into the national news because its name included ( in large, neon letters ) the ersatz word FUKC.

  5. There’s already a chain of restaurants going back years called Pho King.

    Statistically, Asians are the least likely of all American residents to believe in God. It was around 9% ten years ago.

    • That’s because those Asians who claim spiritual or religious beliefs usually belong to a mainstream body of believers, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, etc., none of which posit a Supreme Being. In fact, the only one that does is Sikhism, usually confused with Hindus, who do not have a Supreme Being.

      I’m a huge fan of the Sikhs, Hindus not at all. I’ve been burned by them financially 9 times; I think that’s enough to say it doesn’t look good.

  6. Pho Keene funny story, DCG!

  7. The_Dr_Is_Real_In

    Here in Mission Viejo, CA, we have a Vietnamese restaurant with an even better name: “Pho King Way”… No PKW! Yes! Really.

  8. Korean Airlines pilot; “Wi Tu Lo”.

  9. Likewise the name Fuk, which is pronounced “Fook,” which has many Orientals who have that name spell it with the double-O.

    Hey, as long as it’s not named after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

  10. I went to a psychologist and he showed me several pictures.
    He showed me the first one and said what do you see.
    I said a man and a woman, making love.
    He showed me the second one and said what do you see.
    I said two women making love.
    He showed me the third one and said what do you see.
    I said two men making love.
    He said you seem to have sex on your mind a lot.
    I said you’re the one with all the dirty pictures.

    What one expresses is not always what another perceives.
    What one perceives is not always what another has expressed.

    To censor language is the first step onto a slippery slope.

    Let the place live or die by its name.
    Keene should embrace it and exploit it. Or ignore it and let it go.

  11. I don’t see what the Pho Keene problem is….

    • I’m doing a deep, long belly-laugh at your answer, truck. And, IMO Pho Keene sounds great to me, what’s the big deal?

      I think I’ve had German ancestors whose names were “Fuchs” or such….and we KNOW that it is pronounced in English as “FOX,” and so……why the middle school twittering about it all? Please. Are we not all adults yet? Are YOU the guys who are drawing “male self-portraits” on my desks/my text books at school. (You know of what I speak, and YOU know who you are.)


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