Resident in liberal utopia of Seattle who has been targeted by homeless: “Our community is just falling apart”

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I’ve blogged about the homeless crisis in Seattle that is exacerbated by bureaucrats who do not punish the homeless for their criminal activities. See the following examples:

How many convictions does it take for Seattle City Attorney to place a homeless criminal in jail after his latest assault?
“Devastated by what Seattle has become.” Homeless squatter ransacks & ruins woman’s apartment & belongings
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Police punish homeless man who threatened business owner with…cheeseburgers
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Squatter terrorizes homeowner, gets 30 hours comm. service & court-appointed treatment program
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Prostitutes flooding the streets due to lack of law enforcement

A woman who lives in the Ballard area of Seattle told that she feels “terrified” and “vulnerable” after the latest incident in which someone broke into her garage. One morning she came out of her house with her daughter and noticed her garage doors were open and didn’t know if an intruder was still on her property.

Turns out no one was in the garage yet she is still fearful. That’s because this is not the first time she’s had intruders on her property.

More of the story as reported on

“The Old Ballard resident had reason to be scared — she said that this is not the first time that criminals have targeted her home. A drug addict tried once tried to break down the French doors to her bedroom. On another occasion, a prostitute came to the door.

She believes the reason for this uptick in crime on her street lies in the city’s decision to demolish three homes surrounding her house. That opens up opportunities for squatters, she said.

“It just seems like, once the city puts up that yellow sign in the yard that says, ‘Hey, here’s a property’ … it’s like advertising for crime,” she said. “And it just seems to work like clockwork.”

The concerned mom said that the streets of Ballard were not always like this — in fact, it is just in the past four years that crime has become so rampant.

“I’m a freelance writer, so I used to camp out at Bauhaus [a coffee shop on Market Street] until midnight and walk home and not think anything of it,” she said. “But boy, a lot has changed in the last four years.”

She wants to be clear that “it’s not all of the homeless people who are doing this — it’s a small percentage, and they’re making our lives miserable.” The Seattle resident would like to see drug addicts and homeless people get the rehab and housing they need, but worries that until this happens, because of city policies, Seattle’s law-abiding residents are the ones who are most at risk.

“What about the families just trying to raise kids in the community?” she said. “Our community is just falling apart because of this.”

Read the whole story here.

Elections have consequences…


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11 responses to “Resident in liberal utopia of Seattle who has been targeted by homeless: “Our community is just falling apart”

  1. Did the resident vote for the Demonrat mayor & city council?

    • Doesn’t say who she voted for yet odds are good it was a demorat.

      Many in her district have voters remorse over their council rep O’Brien. Course they did re-elect him at one point.

      I’m fresh outta empathy for Seattle Demorats…

  2. They can only blame none other but themselves for making the wrong choice “you deserve what you voted for”. They still have the opportunity of redemption, the vision is 2020! Don’t let others do it for you,
    V O T E !!!

  3. They voted for a Liberal Utopia: Enjoy living in it !
    BTW, all the public and subsidized housing is occupied by new immigrants, which are flown into Seattle during the night hours and resettled there and surrounding cities with loads of cash and furnished apartments.I heard this directly from a military guy. There is no help for homeless. They’re literally out in the cold. many families with children living in their cars in church parking lots. Church people the only ones who are helping. Where is the outrage over this.

  4. Why does it take people so long to figure this stuff out?
    It’s too late, idiots. Please don’t move looking for a better life, you’ll just screw up a decent place somewhere else with your voting habits.

  5. I don’t know why I have to say it, but I do. Regardless of them electing these idiots, not EVERYBODY in Seattle voted for them. Just like anywhere else one may live. Not EVERYBODY in California votes for insane socialists.

    The reason I say this is that there are a couple of things wrong with this premise. One is that voting is real and accurate (it isn’t). And two, that when liars and thieves who don’t work for us acquire office it’s the “people’s” fault.

    I do not believe either of those two things are true. I DO believe that something needs to be done, but you won’t get it done in a voting booth. There are too many foundational issues that must be fixed.

    I love this country and I love the IDEA of this country. The problem is that the execution doesn’t match the idea. Theoretically anybody can run for office. Realistically that can’t happen. There are a number of reasons for this but money is the principal one.

    Neither of these alleged political parties represents “we the people”. They both work for The Odor and the Odor’s not going to have any voting here today. So, before you can even run someone you have to get money out and arrest the interlopers.

    So, my short term plan is to build a wall around D.C., declare it a federal prison and not let any of them out. Move down the road to Terra Haute or somewhere and open a new government. Then we can put thousands to work farming hemp. We’re gonna need a lot of rope.

    • Sort of like the John Carpenter movie, “Escape from New York”.

    • I agree with your comment. I’m tired of “the people” getting demonized for who is elected. I don’t know if voting is even a system that we can trust – we can’t trust anything else! Why are liberal crazy people getting elected everywhere? Why suddenly so many LGBQT? They’re now way over-represented in government than they should be according to their population. And if it isn’t manipulated, then there’s all the other factors that have to be considered – a person can’t just run for office because they’re a good upstanding citizen. They need money, and they need power. We had a person running for City Council in Seattle who was more centrist, and decided to drop out of the race due to the threats he and his family were receiving. Everything is controlled and manipulated. I lived 20 years in West Seattle and the main media source there was a blog that everyone tuned into. They would only publish comments that went along with the liberal narrative, so people are left thinking everyone thinks the same way. It can really start to make you crazy after a while. I ended up moving out of the city and haven’t missed it yet – just wish I could have gotten out of King County!

  6. Welcome to the Wonderful World of liberal-socialist councils

  7. chemtrailssuck

    If we ever get enough $$ to go on vacation, we’ll definitely be avoiding Seattle, as well as some other cities. We wouldn’t even think of going anywhere near New York.

  8. Vote stupid, get bad effects.


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